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  1. Quick post to let everyone know that he's all set now. Thanks to all that chimed in. :)
  2. Sounds good, thanks guys! I'll relay that info. on. Yeah, shipping from Japan would be insane I'd say - unless of course you could manage shared space... My mate who's chasing one is in Adelaide though, so one locally (or even interstate) would be the best bet.
  3. Guys, total long shot, but a friend of mine is looking for a Adams Family pinny. What are these going for now? He'd prefer a fixer-upper, but is happy to look at anything if it's on the market.
  4. Definitely one of the more sucky ones Nama. I might have a spare one, but as the house is getting termite sprayed I won't be able to look for it until next week at some point (remind me if you haven't found another solution).
  5. Any price lists on Arcades as well? I'd really love to know what an LAI 720 cost back at release.
  6. Thanks Wrxrick! Have a bit more time on my hands recently, so it's been good to catch up on the Aussie Arcade threads. :)
  7. Welcome! Got a feeling I might have met you in person at some point. ;)
  8. Definitely interested in anything you might have there Backflipper. Will be far more interested in anything that's complete and boxed if you have it. :D
  9. 8hrs away is well worth the drive Narf! How much were they asking for it?
  10. Thanks DL! Just sifting - slowly - through 7K+ new posts now. A LOT has been happening!
  11. Guys! Been a while. ;) I'm looking for anything Atari 720 related... I'm chasing the C64/Spectrum/Amstrad/NES/GBC games, as well as anything that you guys might have in relation to the beast that is 720. It's definitely a long shot, but hopefully you guys have some stuff laying around. :)
  12. That's an amazing price on that 64 N4sa! Very lucky find there. Nope, I haven't been to Nagoya in years. Definitely worth a try, as Nagoya is just far away enough from the big cities to find shops that have been too lazy to update all their prices. The biggest issue I find is that pricing is often based on what other HardOffs (usually in the big cities) are selling gear for, no matter what the local market is doing. If they haven't gone through their stock though, you may be in luck.
  13. You're not going to find a great deal of gear N4sa... I was in Osaka only a few weeks ago, and things have dried up like crazy. You can still be lucky though, but it's not like it was.
  14. Some gems can be gotten from that Komatsu Chamleon Club, but it's not as great as it used to be. There is another one that is about 20 minutes drive from there though, and it usually has a better range - also, there are two HardOffs, and yet another Chamelon Club near here as well. If you have a car with a Navi then check out my lastest blog as I have put links to a bunch of HardOffs that I went to over golden week. It is totally possible to do all of these in a day by car.
  15. That's a hardcore trip you have yourself there! Seeing as you're coming near me, I can think of probably 8 places that are must go. How long will you be here?
  16. First off I'd make sure I could extend it, then I would do a massive road trip across the country searching for the last remaining bits of gear I want - mainly PCE HuCards, Famicom Titler, and NeoGeo Roms and CDs. Nothing overly special I guess, just gear that I have wanted but never found. Seriously though n4sa, you really should grab everything you can. Even when I say I see things cheaper, that doesn't mean they will stay that way, and even if you pay the prices you have there you won't lose on it at all.
  17. I totally agree with Candy on that one. I still regret not buying things when I had the chance, and I live here! Definitely good prices on the 3DO and Playdia by the way. ;)
  18. Yeah, the PS ended up at about 6,500 yen or so. It was a pity about CD based sound being a bit off, but it's something they would have missed when testing it. At that price though, I'm pretty sure I can move it on and not lose anything. So what was for dinner? On the sign there (in the bottom right corner of your pic) it says that they have a lot of Wasabi... Bit of weird ad, but maybe Sushi?
  19. I'm with Narf on that one - be careful how you get that back. That is one thing I am still looking for actually (the Fami gun I mean). Such a cool bit of Fami-ness! The last time I saw a Megajet was a while back (maybe 8-10 months ago), so they aren't exactly common enough to guarantee a find. If I see one I can definitely grab it though. On a side note, I ended up grabbing that Net Yaroze that I saw the other week. I got it during a 30% sale, so it wasn't a bad price. Only trouble is I gave it a quick test, and although it fired up no problems the music in the game I tested was sketchy - could mean a simple laser adjustment, but I will be selling it on to someone more tech savy I reckon. That's the risk you take buying the Japanese version of 'Junk' - untested but cheap.
  20. The boxed SG isn't too far off the mark, but I've seen MegaJets for much cheaper than that. By the way (based on two posts of yours ago) it's impossible to haggle at HardOffs - they have strict policy against it. Smaller independent shops are better for that kind of thing, but even so haggling isn't really a Japanese thing.
  21. A HardOff near me has a bunch of PSXs. The only trouble with them is that the DVD drives die badly. I have two of them and on one of them the drive works sometimes, and the other one doesn't at all. It's cool going through the TV shows people have recorded on them though.
  22. Actually I found a PS1 Yaoze the other day, and asked the guys on Facebook about it. It wasn't boxed, but it was 9,000yen - I thought it was pricey (specially loose) so I didn't grab it, but seeing as they seem to be quite costly in Tokyo I might grab it if it's there next time. It depends which shop it is, but usually you will see ジャンク on the price tag somewhere. I would usually just ask if it's ok, as asking directly if it's tested will usually get a 'yes' no matter what to save face. Asking if it's ok 'kore wa daijoubu desuka?' tends to get a more direct response.
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