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  1. Hi there. When will tickets become available?
  2. Bugger Razor! Had Self Destruct Mode lit. Just one more shot needed into the air lock. Awesome game.
  3. The ship has been diverted to SA due to the VIC lockdown, apparently.
  4. Hi Saber Can you recall where you purchased the good quality USB cables from? There are Cables and there are cables, its a bit of a minefield. Thanks very much.
  5. Hi Mick Can I ask what the differences are between the two versions? Thanks
  6. Thanks for your responses fellas. I have the ASIC and game rom chips from the original if i have to go down the Homepin, Rottendog, Two Bits or Pindora Box repro road (there are probably others ive missed). I will pm you Wayne in regards to what you have on offer. Thanks again!
  7. Hi all Im in need of a WPC89 MPU board to revive a recently purchased FT. I know its a long shot but If anyone happens to have a NOS or spare original in great condition, with little or no hacks preferable, that would be great. Im trying not to go down the repro road at this stage as im a bit of an original nut. Send me a pm with anything you may have. Thanks.
  8. Hi there good idea. I have always wanted to grab the Mantis protector kit for Medieval Madness but could never justify the shipping! Ill grab this set if you get enough interest. Thanks.
  9. The Prodigy!!! I was only thinking this week what an awesome music pin this would make. Take my cash.
  10. Giving this one a nudge. One of the best games ever made!! I am open to reasonable offers.
  11. Dialed In. Its a disaster themed pin with really nice flowing shots. If you get the chance to play one without a phone scoop hole protector, its a little easier to start modes, which opens up the game a bit more.
  12. Hi fellow pinheads. I am putting up my AFM remake Special Edition. I purchased this game new in box and has been home use only, looked after and kept clean. Awesome fun gameplay that has improved features which include a larger full colour display, upgraded LED lighting effects, enhanced sound system and a shaker motor. I will be able to arrange safe transport for the buyer. Any questions please ask. $11k
  13. Thanks for putting on a fun night Andrew, had a ball. A special mention also to Razor for bringing along TNA. What a fast adrenaline rush that game is, and it sounds freakin awesome. The sub woofer in the bottom of the cab is enclosed which takes the bass to the next level. The balls in the physical lock were bouncing around just from the bass. No shaker required. Thunderbirds is built well but falls short from lack of game development experience. Hopefully ‘so called’ has another go as there is potential there for him to make great pinballs at a great price. To have all of the tooling and manufacturing facilities in place and to be able to produce only one machine would be a shame.
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