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  1. Has the Bios battery gone flat, On machines with one a flat 3 volt lithium can cause booting havoc.
  2. https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/4433299625310304/ The ultimate gaming station.
  3. Question really is.... How did they install "Doom" on it???
  4. I've got in storage 1x big 4:3 ratio Panasonic colour Rear projection TV, 1x colour 68cm, 1x colour 51cm, 1x B/W 21", 1x Astor P1 B/w and two 14" colour CRT tubes. You never know!
  5. PENDING. Wow that was fast.
  6. Check out what this guy does with Pinball machines. The atomic clock is amazing. https://www.funwithpinball.com/
  7. Some how I think this is going to hurt! Tell us Doug.
  8. That's okay,Great to hear! We see a lot of newbies on here that think having a multimeter means your suddenly qualified to start destroying pinball machines.
  9. Are you sure you know how to use a Multimeter & do you know the difference between AC, DC, Amps & Ohms? You start messing around with things you don't understand and you can do more damage to the boards than when you started.
  10. As read on FB- The Goatshed EM Pinball Repair Specialists Kim Oswald "So we have heard from a reliable source that Pinball Rescue has been sold to an Australian business. That's all we know but great news I believe!"
  11. I really doubt that completely, these old 50 plus old farts have Wives, Sons & Daughters that grew you with that old bugger & know all to well the money sitting in that Mancave. Bargains are long gone, a thing of the past. A $250 old pinball machine wont happen again in our lifetime.
  12. Still a few stored in sheds. I heard last week about a guy with a Hankin FJ Holden (Very Rough) and some EM stored in a shed. No idea where or even if their for sale, but it goes to show their still out there.
  13. Well done on the restore. Another game saved from oblivion.
  14. Axle, Is that retrace blur on the moving cars the game or the camera doing it ?
  15. Probably go straight into the Customs tea room for their use only. You know Proceeds of crime confiscation.
  16. I don't think they would have Internet access at the Remand center.
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