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    Pinball machines are Space Mission, Target Alpha, Play Pool, Moon Flight, Cleopatra, Wild Fyre, Take Five, Demolition man, Black~Rose, Cue ball Wizard, Stargate, Wizard of OZ le #53 Video's Intellivision, Pong, Stunt Cycle, Tank Battle, Playstation, Xbox, Up Scope, 20" CRT Mame & a 20" CRT Hankin Table.

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  1. Question really is.... How did they install "Doom" on it???
  2. I've got in storage 1x big 4:3 ratio Panasonic colour Rear projection TV, 1x colour 68cm, 1x colour 51cm, 1x B/W 21", 1x Astor P1 B/w and two 14" colour CRT tubes. You never know!
  3. Check out what this guy does with Pinball machines. The atomic clock is amazing. https://www.funwithpinball.com/
  4. Some how I think this is going to hurt! Tell us Doug.
  5. That's okay,Great to hear! We see a lot of newbies on here that think having a multimeter means your suddenly qualified to start destroying pinball machines.
  6. Are you sure you know how to use a Multimeter & do you know the difference between AC, DC, Amps & Ohms? You start messing around with things you don't understand and you can do more damage to the boards than when you started.
  7. As read on FB- The Goatshed EM Pinball Repair Specialists Kim Oswald "So we have heard from a reliable source that Pinball Rescue has been sold to an Australian business. That's all we know but great news I believe!"
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