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  1. Not a fault you can plan to do on call Travis. It's settled down for me lately.
  2. I only use a single laptop, nothing else. For me the issue has settled down for now. Certainly better since deleting the obsolete logon data.
  3. Funny you say that, I know a lot of members that have dropped out due to the new software. Sad really they didn't give it a better chance.
  4. It's here! One very hard to get "Take Five" MPU board. Arrived from America this morning. So happy it's here in one piece. The board has never been molested, completely clean of repairs & hacks.
  5. I find it so funny that Americans seem to think that 25 cents is the worlds standard arcade coin. As far as I know America is the only place for 25 cents a game. Europe, Asia, UK & Australia were all different to the USA's coins.
  6. Nothing, You got ripped off, just a box of bubble wrap left.. lol
  7. I had a Stern MPU-100 board I sent to Becky with corrosion, Man what a beautiful job he did on that board. De-corroded, repaired & new lacquer. Board came back like new! Worked 100% perfect too. Also something about water.... Today, it's not neutral (7.0ph) most tap water is slightly acid, best use distilled water for any board rinse.
  8. HI Jesse, I don't know whats happening with it as your the only one giving me a some idea your interested. The date has people clashing with other events I think.
  9. I was doing some maintenance on Moon flight (EM) and while removing a small bolt (1/8") I dropped it.... I searched everywhere and couldn't find it. Anyway I replaced the screw finished what I was doing & went to test the game. Well it wasn't long before I noticed the ball count wasn't counting down the balls, I had infinite balls, so no game over! So back into the machine to check whats happened & parked between two switch blades on the ball count unit was my lost screw. I swear you couldn't throw it there deliberately for a million dollars. Glad I found it though!
  10. You could use Ceramic pinballs but you'll kiss your magnet game features goodbye.
  11. The Earth is round & has a core of molten iron swirling around under your feet. It doesn't have any problem creating a North & South pole. I'm glad it does or we'd be toast.
  12. I haven't had this issue happen on my WOZ at all, I'm using gold "Bling" balls if that's any reason why! Woz has the Flying Monkey so if they were to magnetize I'd expect it by now.
  13. I figure as everyone else is doing it so why can't I have a piece of the action, It's only money that will be re-invested on to another game. Only yesterday someone saw my WOZ in a photo & offered me $18K for it. I said NO, and he was pissed off because it's not for sale.
  14. I found moving a machine from North/South to a East/west direction needed a wave. As to technique, I'd move the wand in a circular motion moving it higher with each orbit no more than 20 seconds.
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