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Community Answers

  1. Just got an update, It was at the Adelaide depot but they sent it back to Melbourne & Melbourne has sent it back to Adelaide airport. It was so close to being in the receivers hands.
  2. That pix was when I created the trophy at home here in Marnoo. First ever picture of it.
  3. Haah! it live's She's come a long way since new....
  4. I had the high voltage caps throw me to the ground working on a Space Wars vector, That hurt!
  5. Highly likely, CRT's don't usually just die, They do ware out or get broken but their not as fragile as you may think.
  6. Send the Chassis to Joey at Jomac @Jomac He'll fix it for you.
  7. I posted a Parcel to Sth Australia on the 22/11/22 8 kg big box and it's been sitting in Sth Australia for a week not moving. $26 20 postage and it's not moving.
  8. Did you at anytime remove or reseat any plugs while the game was turned on.
  9. This is my problem can we just keep my Wanted To Buy request as that. Thanks.
  10. You can turn ON or OFF the Profanity in the menu on the H6 ROM set. The trouble is it's a freeplay only ROM & If I want the coins to work it wont do it. I want my machines on pay to play to stop the local feral free loaders wearing out my games because they have nothing else to do.
  11. I don't think it is Steve, Just English I'm sure. The H-6 ROM is not a licensed approved Williams ROM.
  12. I've mirrored imaged & flipped 180 degrees just messing around with the CRT yoke wires. Sorry just saw you are talking about a LCD?
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