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  1. So what kit are you building? Any pixs? It's a brave man to sit next to a big monkey holding a hammer...
  2. Danny, don't mess around with car parts for Aviation. I had a Gemini that had bad trim issues, the fault came down to someone substituting an incorrect aluminum spar component that was flexing. Up to you, but you do legally have to have it signed off.
  3. Well, if it's not power supply related, not the optos, not wiring or plug issues, I guess as Steve suggested it must be a motor fault. Their really isn't anything else left to test. When I had my I.J, I did have a similar issue which turned out to be the Grub screw on the motor shaft was not holding tight enough and was slipping. I doubt this is your problem but worth checking.
  4. I recommend you get advice from your local Insurance broker, they know the industry better & will keep you up to date if anything changes.
  5. Why I'm suspecting the Caps & Filters Paul, Old caps are better warm than cold. So, if there is a Cap issue here, a cold start will be the worst.
  6. I have an original unused never wired up I-Pac keyboard controller. Was purchased from Ozstick but was never used & forgotten about until found again. Comes with full instructions & PS2 2mt cable. Note condition I-Pac is MINT. Sell $65 including free post Australia wide. PM me!
  7. Just don't swap one out, they never re join as expected. It results in a total lift & a relay.
  8. Maybe this is a Power/Driver board issue Paul. Has the 25v 15,000uf caps all been changed yet? if not their 30 years old now, you might be getting ac/dc ripple causing CPU problems.
  9. There is a Gynecologist in Dandenong called Dr Licta 100% true.
  10. Having owed one in the past I was tempted but I don't really own titles twice. I did wonder if it was mine decades later never know!
  11. I have a bag of these Rich, Not sure if their heavy enough or the correct size. I'll need to remove the eye ball from my DM to compare.
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