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    Pinball machines are Moon Flight, Cleopatra, Wild Fyre, Take Five, Demolition man, Black~Rose, Cue ball Wizard, Revenge from Mars, Stargate, Wizard of OZ le #53 Video's Intellivision, Pong, Stunt Cycle, Tank Battle, Playstation, Xbox, Up Scope, 20" CRT Mame & a 20" CRT Hankin Table.

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Community Answers

  1. Wow! that is one dangerous video IMO, that young man might know what he's doing but he plays with it like a child just found dad's gun & bullets..
  2. I know John at flipper.com owns two Computer Space machines & would probably be very interested in what your doing. Only issue is he is in Canada...
  3. WoW! I hope this is a success, Great to see Computer Space still has a future.
  4. Are you referring to Bob Lazars or did you mean Lasers?
  5. The only other animal I can think of that uses the Gumtree as a food source is Bee's. We have a whiskey bottle of Blue Gum Honey that a local bee keeper here gave us.
  6. Looks to me that the vertical drive Tranny gave up the ghost, easy to replace. But if you don't have the skills to do it yourself Jomac is the place to send it.
  7. It's probably just a low impedance yoke, I have a 20" that measured 3.2 ohm. Ask Joey @Jomac he has all the data for CRT's.
  8. I did my Cleopatra not difficult but a router is required. Mine was rotted out.
  9. The joke is- The bear asks the rabbit " does shit stick to your fur?" The rabbit says "NO" the bear grabs the rabbit, wipes his bum and say's "Yes it does". If your going to post a joke do it right! LOL
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