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  1. Only for the 128x32 and 192x64. But thanks for the thought.
  2. Cool, thanks for the info will see if he has any. Not chasing a plasma one at this stage thanks Rob.
  3. Chasing a Data East 128x16 DMD, prefer colour DMD or may look at a single colour LED version also. Cheers
  4. I have a LAH, Addams, Stargate playfields to name a few. Not stupid prices but will bundle inc delivery. Hit me with a PM if interested.
  5. Have a used but working large sega DMD 192x64 if you want original, otherwise I would recommend either pin2dmd or colordmd. cheap, $300 + postage.
  6. As the header states, chasing one of these locally if possible to resurrect an old sys 4 game. If this isn't available, might look at options to get a sys4 PCB. Cheers Paul.
  7. I had one setup in the simpson's pinball party, the colour file looked really good.
  8. Picked up this Apple 2 "experimenter's" kit, not sure if I will ever get to it, but would like to one day. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/143623250192?hash=item21709ce110:g:Wp8AAOSwWBNelXau
  9. Indiana Jones, pinball adventure.
  10. Morning, I would like #33 #34 GB cliffy's thanks and #40 the cam locks. Will PM postage details. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the tip, I was trying to avoid shipping from OS for now. Keeping my eyes open for a set in Oz. Cheers
  12. Howdy need a pair of these please, let me know if you can help out. Happy to pay postage Aust. wide. Cheers
  13. #11 6 years ago DAV Millz Pinside member Elko New Market, MN 8y 49,900 378 When I click on the photo, I can zoom in and see it clearly, but here are links where I bought: Top is: MAXIM MAX239CNG I bought this chip from digi-key: http://www.digikey.com/product-detai...%2B-ND/1016382 Bottom is: TI (Texas Instruments) TL16C550CN I bought this from Jameco: http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/sto...0001_288809_-1 The original called for a TL16C450, but is no longer available, and this chip is a suitable replacement. Millz Not sure if this helps but they are not programmable chips, pretty much a communications IC and a RS232 driver/level shifter.
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