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  1. I'll see if i can find something to pack it in for you without having to curve it or bend in any way. If you want to pay postage, i'm happy to post it for you, but i'm not sure i have any boxes that will fit it. I'll let you know.
  2. FOR SALE: 2 x Namco Exceleena control panel overlays. They'll fit Exceleena 1 + Exceleena 2 original control panels. They are $60 EACH, not for both. $110 if you want both. They're both unused and unpunched for buttons. Cash pickup only from Fitzroy, Melb. No holds. If you can't be here within 24 hours to pick them up then best to just move on. If you are around to pick them up within 24 hours, and want one or both, message me. Sorry guys, just over stuffing around. No exceptions for now. These are Alberto overlays, and they are cut to fit original Exceleena panels. They've still got the protective film on them, that's what you see scuffed up in the pictures, under they protective film they are like new. These panels are a high gloss finsh. They're made of a medium thick, but flexible laminate plastic. You will need to punch desired holes. They are peel and stick on the back to install. I've got some panels with these overlays on there, they're a nice overlay, i just got more than i needed.
  3. Some free neo geo cart boxes only. Just the boxes, no carts, no arts etc etc. Scuffs, shedded layers and texta included! These need to be gone by Thursday 5th May night. If no one wants them they get stomped and binned. They're already dead to me i just thought someone might like them so i'm ofering them up for FREE. Pickup only in Fitzroy vic, NO POSTAGE, NO HOLDS LONGER THAN 24 HOURS. I've posted them somewhere else as well, so if you want them just message me and ask if they're still available. Will let whoever hits me up first on whatever platform have them. If someone wants them but doesn't show up which happens so often, second person in line can have them. I was just going to ditch them but i thought someone might want them.
  4. This sold outside of this site, it's pending pickup. Will update if it falls through.
  5. FOR SALE: Namco Exceleena repoduction 2 player panel from Alberto. With buttons and sticks. $220 posted Australia wide registered with tracking for this populated panel. Bank transfer payment only, or you are welcome to come to my place in Fitzroy, VIC for cash pickup. If you want it but you don't want to pay via bank transfer, happy to do the sale via ebay, but it'll be 16% on the price to cover their bullshit fees. This suits Namco Exceleena 1 or 2 cabinets. It's in excellent condition. It was installed on a cab for a few weeks and that's it. It's got a few scuff marks on it from sitting around on the shelf for a while but nothing major. I was going to sell it with the cabiner i have but i'm dropping the price on the cab so i took this panel off it and will sell that with the original less nice panel and buttons. This panel has a really glossy thick plastic laminate style overlay on there. It had new sticks and buttons installed when i got it, they're basically new, but again, this sticks and buttons were sitting in a tub with a lot of other stuff and they've got some scuffs marks on them. 2 of the green buttons have heavier scuff marks, but they've prety much never been used otherwise. Sticks are Seimitsu, the same ones these cabs came with originally, they require the 5 pin connector, not the old 2 wires per microswitch wiring. The player buttons are sanwa and the 2 start buttons are seimitsu screw ins. Cost up a new panel and overlay from Alberto 2 x new seimitsu sticks 12 buttons and start buttons. The buttons and sticks will cost you 3/4 of the price to your door alone. Not looking for any trades, and no holds. I'm posting daily at this stage.
  6. Some pics from an old arcade haul back on 2010. It's all gone now, but they were definitely good times. Those were the days indeed! Around 90% of it all worked. The stuff that didn't work was mostly old pre-jamma stuff. Most of the CPS2 boards had suicided but were easily fixed.
  7. It does not seem like 15 years ago at all. I wish i hadn't sold all my MVS when I did, just so i could sell them now, they're worth a lot more now! It was a fun time for sure.
  8. Nah, that was just a buy and sell from 2011. I just shared that as it was in the same emails i found the arcade ones in. Not sure why i have emails archived from 2010 and earlier, but i do! You could have got yourself a Deathsmiles 2 kit for a mere $2598, some brand new cave kits as well. That email was from April 2009.
  9. Not even close 🙂 There will be some members on here that remember coming to my place to pickup arcade stuff with these things setup all around the place. Trying to explain btc to them and what mining was in 2012..... Most people thought I was cooked. At the time it was very unprofitcable with hardware and electricity costs. You just did it because you were a nerd. @dragonlee might remember. 4 of these rigs were mining around 10btc a day at the time. Switching to LTC mining was the best thing i ever did though! Here's some fun screenshots for you from the early days. Got extremely lucky with MTGOX and got my coins out about a week before it all fell over, only to lose around 50% of it all when btc-e fell years later. No complaints though. crypto has been very good to me, even thought it probably is the biggest ponzi scheme ever mixed in with a nice way to transfer money. Anyways, topic for a different thread i guess. It was a lot less serious that's for sure. Pinheads were the assholes then. I guess we're their age now, so it's our turn!
  10. HAHA, "wild ride" indeed (could argue it's more wild now though!) 🙂 The Atomiswave SD cab from Highway was the first cab i ever purchased. I still have that cab! The one i sold was one i'd picked up more recently. I used to collect Dreamcast games and I wanted an arcade machine that I could connect my Dreamcast VGA box to and play Marvel Vs Capcom 2, that started it all. Anything Batrider and Sexy Parodious that you see on there I probably ended up with it. I used to buy all stock of those boards and flip them. Not really sure why I singled out those few games, but you could make $100 per board pretty easy when all was said and done. $100 felt like a lot more money then that it does now. I wouldn't go to the effort I used to for $100. It's funny to read all the old emails between Excellent com, the person I used to deal with was called "fanny". I used to laugh inside every time i read it. I have many more emails and pics from that era, sold ebay stuff, japan purchase invoices. Back then you could buy boxes of 50 neo geo carts at a time for around $5-10 a piece. You'd buy a listing of 20-30 carts in one lot, it would show the carts only, and they'd show up with most of them full kits in their original kit boxes with arts. Had that happen a few times. There were not many people buying bulk lots back then, and there were a LOT of them, shipping was always the killer. Same with CPS2, you could land CPS2 boards in AU for around $30-$40 a piece for most games, except SSF2T and the real scarce ones. Those prices on the lists above are anywhere up to 50% markup from what you could find stuff on YHJ for back then. Not everything, but a lot of it. Here's one from Feb 2010. It was a common site back then! Haha, those boxes with that tape. Those who know know. Those MVS kits came out of those boxes. Stuff like this was dirt dirt cheap, $1-$2 a piece in bulk. There used to be massive bulk console game listings on YHJ. 100 at a time. Again, shipping was killer.
  11. This ones from Welink in 2011. New Astro citys were cheap at least! The Atomiswave cabs were the ugly stand up american style, not the SD candys.
  12. I was looking through some old emails to see if I could find how much the Atomiswave SD cabinets cost me back in 2007. ($2350aud shipped sydney to melb) and came across a few price lists i thought some people might find amusing. CPS2, CPS3/ MVS and cave/shmups were a lot cheaper, but other than that I think things mostly cost less now than they did back then, significantly cheaper on some stuff. TTX had obviously just came out. Excellent com 2009
  13. Yep, that's was me, and yes I still have the Exceleena. The marquee has been removed, the new control panel has also been replaced with the original. I'm about to rip all the electricals out of it and ebay it as a shell with control panel and a tube. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  14. I just listed an Atomiswave SD here with lots of pics if anyone is interested. It's listed in a few places.
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