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  1. So... I have: Street Fighter Zero 2 - Asia Street Fighter Alpha - USA X-Men vs Street Fighter - Asia Definitely not in pristine condition. They're all in the usual used condition. All are original factory mask roms. I will need to pop them open but one or more of them may be running a modbios chip for the security keys as I loathe batteries and what they do when they inevitably explode and leak. Happy to restore to batteries if desired. Not wanting to part with them for less than $150 per piece. https://photos.app.goo.gl/QZMZZ4xhLJonyi7X6
  2. I may be able to help. I'll need to double check when I get home however I believe I have a USA Alpha and Asian Zero, Zero 2.
  3. Grab this, get Shinobi and 16 other games. https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/trading-forum/for-sale/for-sale-arcade-open-for-posting/2125307-sega-system-16b-multi-17in1
  4. For sale: Sega System 16B multi, 17 games. Games: 1. Shinobi 2. E-Swat 3. Wrestle War 4.Tetris 5. Altered Beast 6. Cotton 7. Bay Route 8. Aurail 9. Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair 10. Golden Axe 11. M.V.P. 12. Riot City 13. Ryu Kyu 14. Dynamite Dux 15. Sonic Boom 16. Fantasy Zone 17. Flash Point Games are stored in EPROMs and load instantly. Incorporated LCD screen and tactile buttons to display games list and cycle through / load games. Additionally an infrared remote can be used to cycle and select games. This is a replacement B rom board. You need to supply your own System 16B A board running a non encrypted 68K / Z80 CPU. Installation is simple requiring replacing your existing B board with the multi B board and inserting one wire into the reset pin of CN5 (pin A12). It's a DuPont style connector and slots into aforementioned pin of CN5. Alternatively you can solder the wire to any of the various reset points available. $350 express post inclusive.
  5. Anyone have 5 x 27c040 32 pin dip UV eproms I can buy?
  6. Understood. Shame it turned out the way it did. I'll tell him to relax and ease up.
  7. Did you want me to speak to him? He's a reasonable guy, probably just a bit anxious to receive the board.
  8. Thanks! Things have progressed since the first version. 4 layer PCB with ENIG finish nowadays.
  9. These are 100% compatible with System 24 on account of the button remapping. Additionally, I've wired in the 4th button for a few System 16 games that require it. I don't have one for Wonderboy sadly, I grabbed mine from a Swedish eBay seller.
  10. I can write a review over the weekend, re the S16 multis. There's two on the market at the moment and I have both.
  11. Yeah the PCBs are pretty cool. The idea behind them is to not have to sacrifice an original game. Naturally you still need a cart case though, but there are 3D printed and Plexi cases available. I can do a set for you, will PM you after work with details...
  12. Can vouch for the Sheep Nova brothers. Very decent gentleman and always happy to do a better price outside of eBay. $200 for the conversion is a fair price and one that includes a healthy profit margin. Why the arcade community decides to take that profit margin and double it is beyond me and it has really ruined the hobby. Reminds me of that eBay seller insisting that arcade prices have risen, with dozens of overpriced PCBs relisted month after month after month and yet... NONE OF THEM SELL! Haha guess prices haven't risen to the levels the exploitative sellers would have you believe.
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