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  1. 2535 as with Im Sorry, unfortunately troubles at home mean Im not feeling it, but still want to submit something. Pity, this looks like a really fun game 🙂
  2. 800 a really lame score because I haven't been feeling it lately but I still want SOMETHING on the board!
  3. 48700 Nice. I like Visco games. Pity they never made it really big
  4. I recognise that rocket. Is this the machine thats made from oak and all sorts and took years to build? what do the pins do?
  5. My workshop is nearly done, so now I need to build a wooden workbench. I have some ideas, but I would love to see what you guys have come up with 🙂
  6. I doubt very much that the number of electric cars on the road in the UK right now would have a large impact on power supply. In fact I think part of their power supply price hikes is to do with the cost of gas Tesla say the rate of discharge for the lithium ion batteries is 1% power day. Any problems you have with the 12v battery is the same whether it's in an ICE car or an EV. so that is a moot point. Steve, I hadn't pegged you for a 'yeah but' kinda guy. Every thing you've listed there are not insurmountable problems, or even a problem at all since the 12v battery problems are the same in an ICE car and therefore according to newscorp, acceptable.
  7. What could be going on? My phone is getting on a bit, but the other forum I am on https://www.recreationalflying.com/forum/19-aircraft-forums/ is fine on the same phone.
  8. Tesla Model 3 outsells all petrol cars in the UK this month. No doubt because of the fuel delivery difficulties, but more people are going to say 'F this shit, might as well make the leap' https://thedriven.io/2021/10/06/model-3-tops-all-new-car-sales-in-uk-beats-hilux-in-nz-but-in-australia/?fbclid=IwAR0yIXGDCcWQQPqLrNtaA2ivWevIiFGXztDrbmBeqs9JNOGVAFQRpx8V_3k
  9. 95200 a lot like Cabal, which is not a bad thing 🙂
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