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  1. Looks like a good selection of games in the round. Maybe the next round I'll be ready to play again 🙂
  2. Good news in general for battery storage. Even if it doesn't take off for cars, it will be great for firming power 🙂 https://thedriven.io/2023/11/22/byd-to-build-first-sodium-based-battery-manufacturing-plant/
  3. Screw it. Another Octane Boost featuring- me 😄 Finally taxied my ultralight on Sunday for the first time. The differential toe brakes are woeful so taxing mostly consisted of small left landed ground loops 😄
  4. Well, I guess I have to wait for them to move on, or get busted "This email is to confirm that your abuse report to Cloudflare has been received and will be processed shortly. This may be the only response you receive regarding your report. Due to the large volume of reports we receive, it is not possible for us to send a personal response to every report. Cloudflare offers network service solutions including pass-through security services, a content distribution network (CDN) and domain registrar services. Due to the pass-through nature of our services, our IP addresses appear in WHOIS and DNS records for websites using Cloudflare. Cloudflare is not generally a website hosting provider, and we cannot remove material from the Internet that is hosted by others. Regards, Cloudflare Trust & Safety"
  5. I guess at worst it will be gone in a year or so as it seems to be a scam. Those fuckers don't hang around TOO long 😄
  6. Yes and no. With carbies you don't need any of the electrical system to be working. If it totally shat itself the engine would keep running. You have twin magneto driven CDIs in both cases- carbie or EFI . But on top of that, you need to have two alternators for the EFI for redundancy. And the back up one is the inbuilt one. That's all you need for a carby engine, just that one little alternator but it's quite minimal for the EFI system. Remember it has to run high pressure fuel pumps as well as the computer. In comparison, if you have a high wing fuel tank, if your mechanical fuel pump fails, you can get away with gravity feed. Not so on mine though, tank is in the fuselage. Has a 4psi facet fuel pump for backup.
  7. I've been thinking along these lines lately. I suspect my car will be my last. I better stop caning it 😄 https://reneweconomy.com.au/death-spiral-for-cars-by-2030-you-probably-wont-own-one-93626/amp/
  8. Thanks for that! I submitted a report under 'general' so I didn't have to supply as much info. This is what I said, in pseudo legalese 😄. Not to impress them, because they pass these on to their legal department, but just to make it as clear as possible. That is why lawyers talk the way they do after all: To whom it may concern, On the webpage, hosted by you: https://cufflovesm.live/product_details/48318021.html They feature 'BYOCT Cosplaying SEGA's Crazy Taxi Featuring Axel' as a product. That is the heading of a thread I have authored on a forum. They do not have permission to use either that heading, nor the accompanying picture. Furthermore, it appears they are using said heading and picture to sell bogus products on a fictitious storefront. Therefore we ask that they immediately cease and desist from using 'BYOCT Cosplaying SEGA's Crazy Taxi Featuring Axel' and the accompanying picture in any form or manner on any webpage, online shop or any other form of publication. We urge promptness in this matter. Thank you in advance.
  9. https://cufflovesm.live/product_details/48318021.html I tried to send them an email but their contact email is bogus as well..makes sense, if someone accidentally buys something from them, why would the con artist need to talk to you? They've got your money. Job done from their point of view. So how can I get them to cease and desist? Or even better, how do I get their whole site taken down?
  10. Good point. Although I hate to get involved in anything as crass as having a Black Friday sale in Australia. Decisions, decisions 🤔
  11. Thanks guys. While I am looking for a bargain, I am rich enough I'd rather get that 'new console' smell still packaged in 😄 Good tip on your faulty one Trav. When I finally get one, I will make sure I use the screen at LEAST once, and bung an SD card in to make sure that works too!
  12. What do I need to know? At first glance I see there seems to be maybe 3 models- standard, lite and OLED. Have I missed anything? If that essentially is it, my choice is simple - I don't need OLED as it will mostly be plugged into the telly. I'm shy of anything 'lite' as that equals 'gimped' in my mind, so standard is probably the go, not withstanding I haven't looked to see if there are different memory options etc I guess a bigger question is, what's the gossip? If I buy one now, is the price likely to be slashed because the new console is coming out or something? For those of you have bought a lot of consoles over the years, in general would there be a tasty price drop in January? I tend to be oblivious to sales etc, so I'm not up on any 'strategy'. If there is any..most purchases I make is like buying shares- when you want some (you have cash) you buy them. When you don't want them (you need cash) you sell. But just for once if there's a chance I can save a few bucks, hell I can wait a month or two! This will almost certainly be the last console I buy.
  13. As it happened, I was buying a couple of other unrelated things at Total Tools and noticed they had a small range of metres. I ended up buying a $40 Stanley. I know they aren't known for meters, but I figured it will work as advertised If I'm ever looking for other equipment I'll get sure to check that YouTube channel 🙂
  14. Time for another octane boost, this time a Galaga special - finally sorted the carby problem out on my ultralight. Hint, it wasn't the carbies, I had mixed up the fuel IN line and fuel RETURN line 😄
  15. Poor old Valiant never quite took a full hold, did they? Although the Charger - Corr!
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