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  1. https://www.skynews.com.au/business/energy/aussie-road-trips-not-for-evs-as-distances-incomparable-to-europe-and-the-us/video/a55c6a7b098a4e1cda89f17ff8887d12 https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2023/01/31/land-grab-for-lithium-is-just-getting-started-with-gm-expert-says.html Um, I think you posted your homework. Something about a meth lab 😆
  2. Ooh, this airframe is the rival of my airplane. The upshot is, same engine and therefore mounts. Would mean I couldn't fly far, but would be a fun experiment. https://www.kitplanes.com/all-electric-zenith-flies/ As an aside, in retrospect I wish I'd bought a Zenith kit. It's not as nice looking but I'm told the kit quality is first rate. Something that can't be said for my kit 😄
  3. I agree. Hydrogen will have its place, mostly for heavy industry. https://hackaday.com/2023/02/02/chinas-new-100-mph-train-runs-on-hydrogen-and-supercaps/ Latest- I can't believe I can read this article! It's normally behind a paywall https://www.theaustralian.com.au/life/motoring/tax-break-means-more-secondhand-ev-vehicles-will-become-available/news-story/cc31953cd9e19dfa1fd5793596c7f305?amp
  4. https://www.thecarexpert.co.uk/why-hydrogen-cars-are-not-the-answer/
  5. Back to the subject at hand. This company is from the city I live in. They are also MAGA by building factories in the US. So that's good for everyone 🙂 https://thedriven.io/2023/01/18/tritium-lands-biggest-order-yet-for-electric-vehicle-fast-chargers-from-global-oil-giant/amp/
  6. The Economist is doing a special issue on conspiracy theorists. From the preface: Three centuries ago Jonathan Swift wrote that “falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it; so that when men come to be undeceived, it is too late; the jest is over, and the tale has had its effect.” No-one will ever put an end to such theories—but as our coverage explains, by looking closely at them, and the reasons why some people are so keen to share them, something useful may be learned about real-world anxieties. I'd like to learn more about your real world anxieties Steve and Candy 🙂
  7. Big problem for us humans is we are causing changes in atmospheric composition magnitudes faster than most changes we can find historically. I've covered this before but I'll say it again. Those historical times when temperatures were hotter and weather wilder- either there weren't humans around, or at best they were nomads. We are as a modern society firmly entrenched in our environment. Changes in the weather where it gets wilder and sea levels that get higher means huge disruption for human CIVILISATION. To mitigate just flooding will cripple economies. Very rich countries might be able to do something. For instance, the Netherlands is a very wealthy country. It also has lots of flooding problems. Not necessarily from climate change although it can only get worse for them. For decades they have been building flood walls. As you can imagine, it costs billions and billions of dollars. Per capita Holland is quite wealthy. But in the US,most states have to fend for themselves. Per capita, a state like Louisiana is much poorer than Holland. They can't afford the same kind of defense's Holland can. That's just an example looking at flooding. Then there's things like heat waves being longer, hotter. More fires etc. More hail or frost damage to crops because of wilder weather. There's only so much wealth we generate. If we have to spend more and more of it just to protect against climate change, that's less for other things. Steve, for some inexplicable reason you keep accusing me of being a commie. But I believe in free markets. And as they say- follow the money. Just look at what insurance companies are doing says a lot. Insurance is highly competitive, no one wants to price themselves out if the market. Reluctantly, they are raising premiums way out of proportion to inflation etc. You see it most in areas they identify as being most at risk due to climate change. Or even refusing to insure. Some places, they won't take your money! There is so much information from different forms that all come to the same conclusion. It keeps becoming clearer and clearer. The sooner everyone gets on board with that, the sooner there will be solutions. As I said before, it's a pity conservatives are getting all hung up on politics when they should be concentrating on their solutions to the problem. If they don't offer any solutions (other than the UK, where commendably they are getting on with it) then the only solutions you have are from the Greens etc. No use complaining about the Greens if you don't step up and offer your own answers. But no, with all that incredible wealth of information, Candy you just go ahead and keep posting that six year old screenshot of a story that was shown to be incorrect years ago. That's a good solution.
  8. Oh, I think you guys missed the point I was making. If you make a post that climate change is not man made, and I apply Occam's razor to that post, that is the result you get. No statement 😉 Steves last post is the same. If I delete anything irrelevant to the subject at hand, what would be left of that statement? You two are still confusing politics with science. I really don't want to think you two are less than mentally capable. But I'm left with three choices. You are either being obtuse, disingenuous or just plain daft. Its been amusing though. For instance, all the times Steve 'speaks' for farmers and then real farmers on this forum catch him out. Then he has to backpedal. Most amusing. Steve, if you have to commute to your farm, your are not a farmer. You are maybe a hobby farmer. No shame in that. But don't pretend you are on the same level as actual real farmers. A lot of actual real farmers ACTUALLY are concerned about climate change because, naturally if weather patterns change over time (more hail, floods, frosts etc) that adversely effect crops and animals. Shall we look at what real farmers want? https://nff.org.au/climate-change/ No doubt this must mean all large scale farmers are communist conspirators... https://www.australianclimateroundtable.org.au/
  9. I don't want to be rude, but is English your first language? I only ask because when you make statements like that, they don't really make sense. I ask you to show me some articles, and you claim that is suppression? Am I reading your correctly? You suppress information I'm asking about, and sarcastically call ME a class act? I think your brain would be fascinating to study... Anyway, back to the bet. Steve, you can't read this link because it's the dreaded ABC 😄 Australia 'not prepared' for fire risk of lithium-ion batteries used in e-scooters, bikes, cars, say firefighters https://amp.abc.net.au/article/101888598
  10. If you and Candy maintain that Fox News (not other news services that are streamed on their cable network) interviews lots of climate scientists that agree man made climate change is real and something needs to be done about it. Great! Show me. If that is your claim, the onus is on you to show me. Are aluminium cans recycled! Yes or no. Doesn't matter where. Don't be Australia -centric. Are they recycled? I'll answer for you. Yes they are. Pretty nothing you or candy are saying disproves Anthropological climate change. THE ONLY THING THAT REFUTES SCIENCE IS BETTER SCIENCE. Not your hatred of Greta, or the ABC, or EVs If you follow the rules of logic, and assuming you are making a point against climate change, then I must strip out every statement you just made that isn't relevant. So in that last post of yours, I've stripped out all the irrelevant statements to make it easier to read
  11. So Steve, this is what I'm talking about when I say fossil fuel lobbying colours the news of that country. Two stories about flooding in Sydney. Both from Sky News. Sky News UK (very low lobbying power from fossil fuel) https://news.sky.com/video/daily-climate-show-thousands-evacuated-after-sydney-floods-12645805 Sky News Australia (lots of lobbying of Labor and LNP) https://www.skynews.com.au/opinion/peta-credlin/raise-the-dam-wall-not-scare-people-over-climate-change-credlin/video/c81f7a319416f30ffe6d3ea1948ff654 Do you not see a distinct difference in reportage? The former attempts to report facts. The latter just peddles opinions. Normally you would just tell me I'm listening to commie conspiracists and if I would just listen to your news sources... Well, in both cases I'm showing you Sky Frikken News! Aren't they one of your standbys? One major difference between the two countries...
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