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  1. That was a fun video. Was cool to see Kooralbyn. I fly out of Boonah but have never landed at Kooralbyn. I'm very impressed with seemingly how little it takes to get 750 HP out of the Nissan motor 😲 although as someone pointed out in the comments, it wouldn't be too long before you had to rebuild it. The Coltech guy is a unit! Seems like a likeable lad. Was funny to see him basically say that things will be very different in ten years, coincidentally lining up with my bets projection. Steve, racewise it doesn't really matter what an electric car is or isn't good for. People want cars for transport. You talk about traction control, you don't think that most modern sports cars don't have traction control? Did you know that no one was allowed to use derailleurs in Le Tour de France until 1937? Until then you had to stop at the base of a hill, flip your wheel over to use the lower gear on the other side of the rim and then proceed again. Racing should be about advancing technology, not stifling it. Another example is the clutch systems in top fuel drag cars. I believe that they've been computer controlled since the latter 80's or early 90's. There's no gear box as such, just a fuck off big super hard clutch. The computer let's it slip just enough to (gasp) not break traction until the car is at the right speed to let the full torque of the engine do it's thing. Is that not traction control? Pat, that is a fantastic mix of cars in your video 😲 and I agree with the others, that McMurtry car is a veritable slot car! Steve did you notice the Subaru at about the 35 minute mark? 850 hp AWD. Should be a contender by your reckoning.
  2. This was happening to the Suzuki Jimny as well, so not isolated to electric https://www.dmarge.com/kia-ev6-problem-australia
  3. Not directly related to my bet, but pertinent to the future of cars in general https://www.cnbc.com/2022/07/01/self-driving-cars-from-gms-cruise-block-san-francisco-streets.html
  4. Ducks in a row from Ford https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-06-29/ford-motor-loan-liontown-resources-kathleen-valley-lithium-mine/101192804
  5. Damn. It's like deciding which of your kids to adopt out! I have about ten CRTs. Most are not as good as yours, and my storage is about to be downsized but I'm still going to keep them all 😄
  6. Wow, it's like watching a computer game 😲 I don't know much about this track, I somehow always thought it was a giant oval, not windy like that. Also, I guess it's some sort of open day? Id hate to be one ofyf the bike riders mixing it up with the cars!
  7. All hydrocarbon fuels are fractionated (distilled) from crude oil. From avgas to turps to kero to diesel to sewing machine oil to heating oil to bunker oil. Model T ford ran on petrol like all cars, just that petrol octane was quite low back then. Case in point on octane. When they recreated the engine for the Wright Flyer for the 100th anniversary of the first flight they made sure everything was exactly as it was 100 years before. That included using petrol that was about 75 octane. Synthetic fuel would entail making it from food. We need to eat more than we need to go on a road trip.
  8. Diesel in cities is wretched. It's one of the reasons we have a higher asthma rate in the modern era. I personally don't think any vehicle under 3.5 tonnes should be diesel powered. Diesel passenger vehicles have been banned from City centres like London and Paris. And years ago, countries like Holland just did a bit off lateral thinking on the subject. They just banned diesel Bowsers from cities 😄 Back on topic. Those Germans are a complicated bunch https://www.drive.com.au/news/germany-breaks-ranks-on-europe-ice-car-ban/
  9. Trials and tribulations of diesel passenger cars https://www.drive.com.au/news/the-steady-decline-of-diesel/
  10. Going back to go forward- ditching rare earth magnets for wound coil magnets https://www.electrive.com/2022/06/12/vitesco-reveals-motor-with-coils-not-a-magnet/
  11. The biggest two in Europe seem to be ok with a 2035 deadline. I would still lose my bet though 😄 https://www.motor1.com/news/591948/mercedes-vw-ok-ice-ban-2035/amp/
  12. Seems we aren't the only ones worried about lack of infrastructure https://thedriven.io/2022/06/10/eu-votes-to-ban-new-combustion-engine-cars-from-2035-auto-makers-not-happy/amp/
  13. Best you can do is get it registered if you can. Some van driver's will do a dodgy signature, which they aren't supposed to but hopefully at worst you have to go and collect it, rather claim for it. Not condoning van driver's behaviour, but they are really under the pump, so more likely to do dodgy shit. I would never be a van driver...
  14. One of the things that I feel could happen in the future is that less people don't bother with owning cars. I will be sad because I'm off or generation, but younger generations won't care anymore than we care that there aren't blacksmiths on every second corner nowadays. This sort off news could be the beginning of a turn down in interest. I read somewhere that western countries got peak driver's licence uptake some decades ago and it's been in decline since. Less people with licences plus less cars... https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/musks-warning-could-be-auto-industrys-canary-coal-mine-moment-2022-06-03/
  15. Can't remember if I posted this before. Pertinent https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02222-1
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