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  1. ​​​​​For sale is my mame arcade. Has hyperspin setup. PC inside 17" Screen Speakers ipac 2 player setup with pull out draw. Located in Mooroolbark 3138 Looking for $700 Price Drop
  2. For sale is a Kids Basketball Arcade Works great with flashing leds and music, is set to free play Includes 6 basketballs and has a cartoon theme. Great for kids entertainment. Asking $500 Pick up Mooroolbark 3138
  3. Yeah I reakon it's heaps better then more expensive early buck hunters
  4. Due to medical bill. Up for sale is my Sammy Extreme Hunting Arcade. This Arcade has been great for the years that I have owned it. The screen picture is great and the guns are in good working order. There are some little cracks on the guns but this does not affect the game play what so ever. I have a spare brand new gun Case that I never got around to swapping over. One issue is the power supply power point plug, the tabs have broken off, and can be a easy fix. Looking for $1200 Located in Mooroolbark 3138
  5. Looks good mate. Always loved to to an old wall jukebox
  6. Hi recently picked up a Kids Basketball arcade that has a few issues. Everything lit up and worked except it seemed one of the sensors didn't work so I have ordered a replacement still waiting to receive. As of yesterday it seems to start up and get stuck in a loop, not displaying anything on score board or sometimes displays some numbers in a count down (https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ah07JyfQhEO5gsJB734mTqTsBeTjdQ) The music plays for a little bit then stops and makes a clicking sound and repeats over and over. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ah07JyfQhEO5gsFycI9IwAlKO8lnNg) Motor cable is disconnected. I have have used a multi meter on the power supply and get a constant 24v, 12v and 5v, I have also tested the volts on the main board and they all seem fine. Except for one. In the video you can hear the start up and constant loop of sound and a clicking noise. This seems to effect the motor that drops the platform up and down to stop the basketballs. It will turn for a second then stop and then start for a second and repeat. When I test the Volts coming to the motor it gets 12ish volts for a second then none then 12ish again as per what looks to happen to the motor. the motor does a little turn then stops then turns then stop. It is in the same sequence as the music and click noise you hear in the video. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ah07JyfQhEO5gsgHcDRfScqU32TC0g This is the power cable for the motor on main board I have been trying to find the manufacture of the main board. Any one in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne with better knowledge then me in these sort of things? Thanks.
  7. Are they still available my god daughter would love them.
  8. Thats stuff on arcade punk looks interesting. I will have to sus it out
  9. Depends on if you plan on making it pc based ect, But I setup using a touch pc, decent webcam and used sparkbooth software with great results
  10. GLWS, Always wanted this pinball but never have the funds lol
  11. Im looking for some button decals to suit the round light up buttons happy to just print on paper for now. Need a start, pause, exit,
  12. Cheers, The IEC power socket hangs out of the power supply a bit and I can see that it is soldered on with wires so should be an easy fix.
  13. Hi all, Picked up and extreme hunting arcade a couple of weeks ago and the iec plug on the back of the power supply, the tabs holding it into position have broken off so the cable just sits loose. Model LT-200W, P/NO 071-200w. I was going to pick up and replacement chassis from jaycar to replace it. https://www.jaycar.com.au/iec320-male-chassis-power-plug/p/PP4005 First time actually working on a proper arcade, previously mame pc's and wanted to make sure if I just unplug the cables connected to the power supply there should be no issue. Have seen mentioned about being careful around the monitors.
  14. lol no problems, just picked up and extreme hunter aswell
  15. Haha yeah, just thought some one must have some cool ideas
  16. Hey all was wondering what sort of cool arcade type things people use for placing beverages on? Seen some cool converted fire extinguishes used at bartronica.
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