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  1. From my post over here, looks like you’d need at least lr-mame2010 to play these (maybe newer)
  2. https://www.titanpinball.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=57 🤷‍♂️ Always the way though that you’ll be out of the one size that has just broken, but have plenty of other sizes!
  3. Yep Space Wars is the other vector one you were thinking of with the large number of buttons (they were like keyboard buttons I think...) Here's another one for you, uses a trackball: And a early/mid 90s game similar to Battlezone that was fun in the arcades:
  4. This is the place I sent the file to be printed, I'll send you a PM https://decalspecialists.com.au/home/2917-upload-your-design.html#/6-covercoat-non_fire/16-film_thickness-13um/19-cmyk_cmyw-cmyw
  5. Great range of things you've done to bring this cabinet back to it's glory days!
  6. I drew some up to help a friend and had them printed on waterslide decals, would it happen to be any of these?
  7. Great to see the work in progress in the video, really inventive use of parts for the eject mechanism
  8. The flippers use 24VDC which is rectified on the transformer panel in the cabinet. Since all the flippers use the same voltage, and one side is fine, I doubt this voltage is a problem.
  9. Congrats to Luke and Dan for bringing the IFPA to where it is in Australia! And welcome aboard to the new guys, with what they've done with BPAC we can be assured that the future of Aus IFPA is in good hands!
  10. I’d say it’s worth plugging one of the touchscreens into the raspberry pi USB and seeing if it just works out of the box. If you’re lucky it will just show up as a mouse and you’ll be underway.
  11. Looks like all (even 8000) are in MAME: http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/dettaglio_mame.php?game_name=tm4k&search_id= http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/dettaglio_mame.php?game_name=tm7keval&search_id= http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/dettaglio_mame.php?game_name=tm8k&arcade_only=0&autosearch=1 From these sites looks like they were added in these versions of MAME (useful for knowing which minimum version to run on the Raspberry Pi): 4000: Mame 0.111u2 7000: Mame 0.131u4 8000: Mame 0.125u9 Retropi is a simple way to get started with setting up MAME on a Raspberry Pi, and gives a few different versions of MAME specifically compiled for the Raspberry Pi: https://retropie.org.uk/ Looking at this, looks like you would need at least lr-mame2010 to run these, maybe even a newer one to iron out some of the bugs https://retropie.org.uk/docs/MAME/ Not sure what model Pi would be required for these specific games though, some performance testing would probably be required...
  12. Write up on this prototype here: https://www.pinballnews.com/site/2021/09/29/queen-pinball-revealed/
  13. That Lumilor looks cool, a lot of work for this effect, can’t wait to see the side panels progress!
  14. I remember following your projects on the Arcade Controls forums, didn’t realise you were in Australia 😃
  15. 4. The machine reports "Check switch XX" when the switch hasn't been hit in a while. It can be that you just haven't hit that switch in a game in a while rather than a problem with the switch specifically.
  16. A few tips: 2. Have you checked the shooter lane switch in the switch test mode? It sounds like it may not be detecting that a ball is in the shooter lane 4. Here's a diagram of the two locations from the manual. Test these in switch test mode: 5. I bought a set of cliffys and like them protecting the goal and also the switch drop areas off the ramps, but I haven't installed them in the kickouts or final draw scoop as they can cause issues making those shots and mine aren't too worn. 6. I think mylar can help here, as above, I installed cliffy switch protectors
  17. Here we go 😃
  18. Cricket bats, 11 a side in cricket, seems plausible?
  19. Great transformation! Good reuse of that cab!
  20. Fun fact of the day, the first vaccine was invented over 200 years ago, and yes, they have advanced since then.
  21. They still definitely have value in keeping EMs and early SS machines looking original
  22. Some more info on a similar dual datasette adapter that was used for copying tapes: https://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27030&sid=5f168916f41ce9dff9d51dc44843ffdb
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