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  1. I remember following your projects on the Arcade Controls forums, didn’t realise you were in Australia 😃
  2. 4. The machine reports "Check switch XX" when the switch hasn't been hit in a while. It can be that you just haven't hit that switch in a game in a while rather than a problem with the switch specifically.
  3. A few tips: 2. Have you checked the shooter lane switch in the switch test mode? It sounds like it may not be detecting that a ball is in the shooter lane 4. Here's a diagram of the two locations from the manual. Test these in switch test mode: 5. I bought a set of cliffys and like them protecting the goal and also the switch drop areas off the ramps, but I haven't installed them in the kickouts or final draw scoop as they can cause issues making those shots and mine aren't too worn. 6. I think mylar can help here, as above, I installed cliffy switch protectors
  4. Here we go 😃
  5. Cricket bats, 11 a side in cricket, seems plausible?
  6. Great transformation! Good reuse of that cab!
  7. Fun fact of the day, the first vaccine was invented over 200 years ago, and yes, they have advanced since then.
  8. They still definitely have value in keeping EMs and early SS machines looking original
  9. Some more info on a similar dual datasette adapter that was used for copying tapes: https://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27030&sid=5f168916f41ce9dff9d51dc44843ffdb
  10. First board looks like a homemade copy of the Epyx Fastload cartridge? Second one looks like some kind of tape copier? Somehow tapping off the main datasette line to record on a second datasette? Good score I recon, 2 c64s in there?
  11. Looking at a purely manufacturing numbers perspective (from IPDB production numbers which don't necessarily cover all manufacturers), looks like 1978 was the bumper year, with a second spike in 1992. Shame that we don't have more data for modern manufacturers... yet :) This chart includes data for each manufacturer with > 15k total machines manufactured.
  12. Why the weight? A big thing in the way pinballs are played is the weight is required to offset nudging... But then wall mounting it with some kind of suspension in the way it's mounted in the wall to allow nudging may get around that? 🤷�♂�
  13. Just heard one is going onsite at The Basement in Belconnen, ACT tomorrow
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