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  1. The people who aren’t banned from that group is shorter!
  2. Tmnt the new one has a couple of solid shots. One loop and one ramp. The loop shot is pretty damn fast and super satisfying to combo. Xmen has a couple of upper right hand shots. Woz has both left and right upper flippers and both feel as good as the other.
  3. I bought my first pin 13 years ago I paid 2k for a frank Thomas big hurt. A couple of years later I bought my house for 311k. Fast forward 13 years my house is “worth” around 700k and that same FTBH would be about 4-5k. I’d preferred to be priced out of pins than buying a house! Bring back 300k houses!
  4. Yeah they’re the official ones. I don’t mind them. Really digging my JP3 at the moment
  5. Yeah it’d suck not having the building moving. Definitely a cool addition to the game. I do like it’s game changing dynamic depending on what height it’s at
  6. You could also take that view into houses. I bought my house 12 years ago for half of what it’s valued for now. I’m being priced out of the Wollongong market where I’d like to live. But I bought my house years ago when I thought that was a tonne of money! Even a year ago you could’ve bought further north in Wollongong for the same price as now is getting to the southern parts. Yeah prices are crazy, fomo and some good games with impatient people waiting in the wings. There’s not much out the at the moment either and I’d much prefer to have a game now for a little bit more than wait for 3-6 months to get it
  7. I think it’s the angle and the colours that make the apron look HUGE!
  8. I was hopeful but it does look like carp. Just have to wait for gameplay I guess. I think we’ve hit the nail on the head it’s a retheme of thunderbirds
  9. Bolted to the floor TWDLE, tough as never been too deep into the game but always aim to get to horde which is SUPER fun and the into is nuts! Taped to the floor are deadpool premium, WH2O, xmenle and tmntle. WH2O was my first grail pin and I’ve done close to a full restore on it (baring some targets) and I’ve only been to the vacation jackpot twice maybe 3x in a decade of owning it, oh and I finally managed to boot @RGR off the GC with a 1.5b score!! Deadpool is a cracker of a game and I want to get a bit deeper into the code. Xmen Le I have never been to danger room or dark Phoenix and I’ve owned it since new, the game flows really nicely and always has that one more game appeal. Tmntle is the newer kid on the block and I like my Borg games, it plays super fast and has a few different wizard modes, team up is a great mid achievement and there’s a few other things in there that Dwight’s coded in which are really fun. Woz, iron man, JP2 and gotgle are all fantastic games but they’re in the out the door are if something else was to come in. Woz I’ve had since new in 2015 and I enjoy it but I’m not sure I’ve got the patience to get to somewhere over the rainbow although I know I’ve been close once or twice, it’s starting to lose its lustre I think the wife likes it the most though so it’ll probably stay. Iron man kicks man Ass every single game but that’s what I like, I’ve been to do or die and Jericho several times but it’s always there as something to get to. Gotgle is also new but I’ve never had it at home yet because I dropped it at a mate before Covid hit… JP2 always kicked my ass at friends places and I’d always get frustrated with it but having at home and the game seems to play differently has swayed my opinion a bit and it’s reasonable new so it won’t be first out the door but you never know. I’ve got too many games for the space at the moment and something really should leave as I’m storing a game at a mates but at the moment I really enjoy all my games and don’t want any to leave. With those 5 bottom games it’s going to be hard to let them go though and it’ll be regretful sales. I do only miss 1 maybe 2 games from the 30+ games I’ve sold and that being Houdini. I did miss Lotr but then played it again a few years after selling it and was glad I’d sold it as my tastes had changed.
  10. Games are good. Service is deplorable. “Warranty” you wouldn’t even want to wipe your ass with it because it’s probably rip you in two. Blaming your customers and charging them for a new playfield that’s damaged from your engineering missteps well that’s just a whole other level! I was thinking about getting a pirates but the damaged playfields and the response or lack there of from JJP made me think otherwise. The playfield shit show continued with wonka and again with GnR. If I didn’t have to worry about my playfield degrading then I’d be all over their games. We all want a fun game to play and I want to play GnR and pirates more but am I going to risk $17k on a game from JJP where if something goes wrong I’m left holding the wheel. No. Stern and AMD on the other hand I’ve had very minimal problems with and when I’ve had a problem it’s been fixed. Id happily put down some money against a Godzilla and any other stern. And I’m looking forward to playing this one.
  11. I like the first one held up with rope of the gutter lol 😂
  12. Best shot in pinball? Isn’t that on deadpool with the right inner to ramp shot?
  13. Haaa one would think with 700 plus AC/DCS in Australia it’s be easy to find them but people like em so I guess they’re bolted to other people’s floors now 😛. TWDLE is bolted to my floor everything else may move for a newer game. Tmntle might stay too but it’d be one of the last to go. Woz and iron man are probably next on the chopping block and that’s hard to imagine them leaving. I need a bigger games room!!
  14. That’s the price increase and the reason why the price increase listed on the AMD website. Although all the other games are still at $12250. Me too. Very interested just want to know the cost but there’s definitely a line where I’m out I highly doubt there will be a $40 per month fee Xbox live and pay platforms aren’t remotely close to that monthly subscription fee and they offer a lot more than that! You’re probably referring to the $40 a year subscription for the insider access. I guess we’ll know in 2-6 weeks how much it’ll cost but hopefully it’s interesting enough to buy and upgrade older games without it
  15. Which is the best JP2? For $1500 they can jam the QR/wifi though, that price is just beyond! Maybe for $1-200 AUD I’d be in but only maybe. I do like that kind of stuff though. And in the current collection I’d be adding it to 4 games. $6k no thank you that’s game of some description.
  16. Ritchie should’ve definitely retired after AC/DC
  17. Yeah it sucks that we get the last release as the new release is shown. Those waiting with bated breath for Mando are now waiting for Godzilla who will then be waiting for the next one. Never ending story. But Godzilla does certainly look different. The things I really like about it are the tower, no pop cluster, the under the flipper shot and it’s different. I’ll waiting to play one before putting down $$ and it’ll give me time to unload something else in saying that the games I have I love so I need a bigger room… Ah the honeymoon phase it’s delightful isn’t it! We all have them it’s just a matter of how long it lasts!!
  18. I don’t like the Facebook groups the moderators on there aren’t worth a grain of salt compared to the guys here. Things get out of hand in a hurry and it’s just a breading ground of wankers. It seems you can’t have a different opinion on there without getting shouted down but rather here a different view is a discussion.
  19. Definitely right here Pat. Jp and iron maiden could flip flop but I think the code pushes JP that little further up the chain that maiden. AIQ is just missing something. I think the thing that annoyed me about aiq was the combo centric nature of the game. Don’t hit combos and you don’t get your portal locks. But you’ve got to hit several and there isn’t much reason to hit those combos other than to get your portal locks. And I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why the game felt a bit meh to me. Shots are great but meh. Loved the spinning disc and raising portal but meh.
  20. I don’t really think you can say this game is quite cookie cutter though. Although KME has used that upper loop in all his games this far. I do however like that there isn’t a cluster of pop bumpers. I’ve never seen the point.
  21. $1500 price rise for QR and WIFI. I won’t be adding those to my games… and for a $1500 saving I’d have them removed! I know I used to be able to keep a tab open in safari on my iPhone and be logged in forever now every time I open it I’ve got to put in my password and I forget it so I’ve got to reset it and it only gives me one attempt before locking me out. So I’ve become less bothered because of login issues add to the fact I’ve moved up at work so less “time” for play 😞
  22. Apparently he’s on his way here now…
  23. Anyone know where Bill is atm he’s meant to be picking up and coming back to me today. It’s already 2 so the day is starting to get away
  24. Is anyone importing these? And how much did it set you back?
  25. Deadpool? Twd? Every game doesn’t have to be sensational. Otherwise nothing would be. You don’t have to like every game. Just try to enjoy it for the difference
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