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  1. I'll say the same unhelpful thing I always say... Yaton? Also, while he doesn't have any listed, this guy is worth asking: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1100219482?spm=a2g0s.8937474.0.0.36552e0ebMckEZ
  2. Wasn't a bad movie by any stretch. Anyway, love seeing your collection man; love all the dedicated cabs with unique hardware.
  3. Also interesting that it's a gun game named after Alien 3, which was a movie that contained minimal (if any) guns.
  4. Love this story. I found a 43cm chrome stool on gumtree 2-3 years ago that looked exactly like a sega stool only it had some god awful 70s/80s vinyl on it and a bit of rust. I cbf'd driving to get it and assumed I'd see more in the future. It makes sense that generic stools/stools for other applications would be around.
  5. faarrk $900. I had no idea they were that expensive.
  6. Supposed to be a joke. Your collection is amazing. Your pairing approach sets the standard, although I’d take a Vewlix over Lindbergh, so I wouldn’t change it if I were you. Separately, how hard are Sega cities to come by? I think I saw one in YAJ once, but I don’t remember ever seeing a westerner with one.
  7. I think we all agree that your collection is deficient in terms of Sega content… it’s nice that you’ve acknowledged it and called it out because we’ve definitely all been thinking this for a while.
  8. lol yes kind looks like it might be. Pretty sure you'd be able to source a door from o/s, although then it's not starting to look like a good deal.
  9. $900 atomiswave https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/berwick/other-video-games-consoles/atomiswave-arcade-machine/1298079537
  10. That's what I expect. In comparison to 100yen coins, they're the same size, appear to be the same weight (left my .1 gram scales at my stash house). My coin mech isn't 100yen (or 50 yen or, alternatively, doesn't work for some other reason), so I can't verify the magnet removal as recommended in the item description on Aliexpress.
  11. I got my Candy26 stickers and full ashtray holder setup (holder, bracket and ashtray). Cheaper than just the holder is at gateninety. Also got Mvs tokens which I’ve not looked at yet. In short I agrrr, happy for the price.
  12. The other point is though that I doubt there's much of a market for this particular monitor (by which I mean outside of arcade applications, which is hardly going to sustain LG). From memory someone else (Eizo?) made a 26" 5:4 or something a few years back. That seemed not to take off. It would be worth trying to score a few now ish/after they've been discontinued, is my point, if you were inclined to use them in the future. EDIT: found this a 1:1 26.5" IPS monitor on Aliexpress which, based on one comment, could be used in an arcade cab. Second edit: the Eizo monitor was 1:1 not 5:4 and the model number is EV2730Q. I'd be surprised if it's not the same panel as the one above.
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