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  1. Fake candy going cheap: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/355908352904326/ Oh wow it's legit probably not worth $100 on closer inspection.
  2. It is pretty well known but I've never looked into it.
  3. Hi As the title said, I'm looking for an MV1C motherboard. I'm in Adelaide, but willing to pay for postage if necessary. Cheers
  4. This is definitely not helpful but it's a pretty cool picture. As potentially damaging artefacts go, it's a good one.
  5. Hi 

    interested in captain commando

    and gauntlet legends

    thsnks john

  6. Hi all Trying out the new forum software and cleaning out some my PCBs that I don't ever play. More to come probably.. Gauntlet Legends w/ 4x MCA joysticks and wiring harnesses $150175 OBO This worked in 15khz when I first picked it up maybe 4 years ago. I was waiting until I got a 31khz machine to play it properly. By the time I got a 31khz machine, the board stopped working. Based on my reading online, I suspect the GPU (Voodoo something something) has gone, but that's just a guess. Xevious 3d/g $175200 Xevious 3d/g board for sale. Comes with a marquee and some kind of photocopied instructions as pictured. SP:D Toki/Juju 伝説 Densetsu by Tad (No sound) $100 SOLD Toki by Tad PCB. No sound. Displayed with strange psychadelic colour issues when I first picked it up. That's resolved itself magically, and it seems good except for the sound issue, which I expect means that the encrypted Z80 custom needs replacing. SOLD Captain Commando (CPS1) $250 SOLD Comes with some arts and a manual (LAI copy I assume..?) Captain Commando $225 SOLD Willow CPS1 - $400 SOLD Minor repair on C board(?) but has to be the cleanest CPS1 board I have ever seen in person. I assume it wasn't operated given how it looks. Comes with what I presume is an LAI header. SOLD Sega s-tv black screen with Tecmo Soccer 98 $10 SOLD This was my S-TV board that worked flawlessly for 2 years then stopped working one day, then I got another one from an AA member that also works flawlessly about week later. Based on googling it seems like these boards suck for this, but someone with more time, knowledge and experience may be able to make use of this. (Not doing a good job at selling this am I?) Chucking in the cart that I bought with it way back when that I've never played beyond testing that it worked.
  7. It looks like this: It's a jamma (i.e. not MVS) cab. It has a screen rotate mechanism. They have MS8-26s. They're OG. They're obviously very rare (not sure that's a good thing, but anyway). I don't know how many would have made it to Australia. That's all I've got. Not evangelising anyway, just opening up an opportunity for anyone like minded.
  8. Hey guys I've been offered multiple SNK Candy 26 cabs at ~$1500 USD each in Japan - this does not include shipping to be clear. I will be buying one. If you're interested please let me know. These are 26 inch cabs with rotation mechs. I think this will all have to happen pretty quickly if you are interested. Cheers
  9. Hi Anyone know of someone in Australia who would repair some neo geo cd control pads for a reasonable fee? The problems range from lack of clickiness to not working in some directions, or both. Cheers
  10. Can vouch for MegaIndo being a far easier to deal with seller than Yaton!
  11. I'm after the card reader/headphone port board and cable, the credit counter board cable and the bracket that holds the ashtray holder on. I'm also going to put in the marquee that appears not to actually come with the machine originally. All the electronics are being reproduced by a guy in the UK, but I'd rather buy original and local.
  12. I doubt mister will do many if any 31khz games in its present form (i.e. de10). It's flat out emulating a 486 as I understand it.
  13. Yes, but I am trying to be patient for something that I don't have to become available. Plus I'm still trying get parts for the one I've got, and get it powdercoated etc etc.
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