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  1. There's still a rumour that a new Nexus 7 8GB version, with lower hardware specs (not manufactured by Asus), will be released at a $99 price point. I doubt it myself but if they do...........
  2. Been with Bingle a couple of years now. Had a woman in a 4WD run up the back of me last year. Claim process was a little bit longer but not that much. Took the car to the GIO assesment centre in Artarmon (working in Nth Ryde, living in Newcastle so they actually suggested a repairer down the road initially but didn't suit me at the time). Only issue was it took them over a week to decide on a repairer, once that was sorted all was good. Very happy. - - - Updated - - - My missus used to work for AAMI (and we both worked for NRMA prior to that plus I've dealth a fair bit with Suncorp who now own Promina who own AAMI) so when I saw Bingle was an AAMI brand I was comfortable with what I was getting and the missus rates the AAMI car policy above the NRMA one. Bingle do have a Call Centre, sort of. You cannot call them for sales but you can for claims. I'm 99% positive it's just the AAMI call centre though but based on the number you call they answer as Bingle. Suncorp owns GIO, AAMI, Apia, Just Car Insurance, Shannons, InsureMyRide, Vero, Terri Scheer, Bingle, CIL, Asteron and Tyndall insurance brands in Australia, and Vero, Asteron, Guardian Trust, Tyndall, Vero Marine, Vero Liability, AA Insurance, SIS, CMV/AXIOM, Mariner, Comprehensive Travel Insurance and Autosure brands in New Zealand. Most of these from the Promina acquisition.
  3. Haha, that was pretty cool. Predictable, but cool.
  4. Dunno what to tell you. The letter was from Australian Red Cross and specifically requested my permission to allow them to sell my blood to a private lab for research purposes. Cannot remember the wording verbatim but that was what it said. It did have the date of my donation listed on it also.
  5. The only thing they run now that's different between cars is the engine (which are all hand built race engines anyway so not really Holden or Ford) and monocoque/body so next year will mean 4 instead of two shape/engine combinations to follow. I'll laugh so hard if a Merc or Nissan run away with the championship (although they'll probably get outlawed if they do).
  6. First time I tried to give blood I was listening to the radio in the car and they came on saying they needed A negative. I go in and fill out the questionnaire and the nurse looks at me like I'm an idiot and says 'I'm sorry love, people who have just had a collapsed lung are the sort of people we give blood to, not take from'. I was on sick leave still a week after getting out of hospital, DOH! Have given a dozen times or so since then but usually when I see a bus and it's convenient. Only thing that ever discouraged me going back was when they sent me a letter asking me to let them sell my blood for research. If you don't send it back saying no, they sell it. I figure I gave it for free, so can they so said no. Last couple of times BP has been pretty high though. Took about 15min to calm down and get it low enough to go ahead. I always feel fine afterwards (but still use it as an excuse to do nothing).
  7. This is the 50th year its been run. Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the first running. - - - Updated - - - For me Lowndes hoisting aloft the inaugural Peter Brock trophy in 2006 sticks in my memory most. Besides that, most races that cars other than Commodores and Falcons raced in (Skylines, Jags, JPS BMWs, Sierras, R32s). Variety is the spice of life.
  8. Yep. Can't remember the app they are installing but it's just to sync their corporate phonebook. Doesn't seem to be any telephony app so no corporate phone features like transfer etc. Will see once he gets his (he already has an iPhone but won't say no to a new one).
  9. A couple of people at work already have the iPhone 5 and I have to say it's very smooth and very fast. The 4G screams along too, speed test in our office in Nth Ryde was 20 down and 11 up. If you have to have an iPhone I think the 5 is a good upgrade from any of the previous versions (unlike the 4S). I was at lunch with a customer yesterday and of the 10 people there I was the only person with an Android phone. With the exception of one person who left his iPhone at home and had a Blackberry loaner everyone else had an iPhone (3GS x 1, 4/4S x 6, 5 x 1). They are still the business phone of choice. My brother works for CBA in the CBD and they were advised all the corporate phones in the two main Sydney CBD offices (Cisco hardphones and Polycom softphones) with the exception of the conference room phones are being replaced with an iPhone 4S. That's pretty huge.
  10. Or stick them in the slot at your local library. :shrug:
  11. That's what I heard too. Built to Apple design specs. I don't mind Apple (said it before I have a whole bunch of Apple stuff) and I'm not particularly anti anyone, I just buy what I consider the best for me at the time. I don't particularly like any of the recent iPhones compared to what else is/has been out at the time. The litigation stuff shits me though.
  12. I'm considering it already. So many nice Android phones out there but that Nokia is very tempting and I'm sure other manufacturers will have something nice with Windows 8 also in the coming months. edit. I wonder why the Samsung Ativ S isn't getting more press.
  13. I always have a pack of these in the freezer for emergencies!
  14. Pick the one with the best location. Everything else you can change.
  15. The quad core processor the S3 uses doesn't do LTE, only the dual core does (which is apparently faster anyway). They wanted to go to market with the quad core so no LTE on release.
  16. I don't want to use the cloud. I want to move info to/from my PC or Mac and my phone via a cable if I so wish. Plus it's so easy, plug it in and go (unless you have an iPhone), no apps to install, works just like any usb stick. Not to mention with an OTG USB cable I can transfer files to/from a USB drive and my phone/tablet as well. If any manufacturer decided to force wireless only file transfer on me I'd go elsewhere. Having a USB standard for file transfer and power is just so easy as is having only one cable to be used for both even for charging via AC. Apple are the only one screwing it up!
  17. That's the thing. Changing it is fine. Making it a smaller interface, no problem. But not making it Micro USB, assholes! I love the fact that the European Commission has forced them to supply lightning to micro-usb connectors.
  18. That's my point. Is the video making fun of Apple users or is it having a go at Samsung. For several reasons I cannot figure which. I assume the former. On the surface it's very amusing but I cannot figure out which side he's making fun of.
  19. Haha, I like it. The only thing I can't figure out, is it someone taking a poke at Apple or is it an Apple fan taking a poke at Samsung: http://www.cnet.com.au/samsung-galaxy-camera-hands-on-photos-339341332.htm
  20. Not really, it's not $1000 per item, it's $1000 per order as far as I am aware. - - - Updated - - - For items over $1000 (used to be $250 or something I think) customs do the chasing. If it's regular mail they hold your goods till you pay, or if it's through someone like DHL or FedEX they have to hold it on Customs behalf and collect the tax. It won't mean anything at all to overseas retailers except a small drop in sales to Australia. I cannot remember if shipping costs are included for the GST so you may see a return to the days where they are offering goods to Australia for $29 with $50 shipping. Either way it's all about the customs declaration value they put on the documentation. I foresee many items being listed with 'customs declaration will be listed as gift valued at $25'.
  21. They've been threatening to ban knockoff Chinese imports for years too, that hasn't happened either. This is the sort of thing State Governments do when the opposing party holds the Federal seat. So now the Liberals can say "Look at this great idea we had, the NSW Liberal Government cares about Australian business but the Federal Labour Government doesn't". They both do it and the current Federal government has done the same to the state government, usually over health or road funding. You know the ones "the Federal government will match dollar for dollar the spending of the state government" when they know damn well the state government hasn't got the funds so it costs them nil and they still get the brownie points. Governments, a necessary evil.
  22. It's only NSW (like the federal government ever listens to them) and their own data shows it won't be cost effective. It isn't the piddly 10% GST that is making people buy elsewhere it's the price gouging by Australian retailers. If I can buy something in Australia for $110 I'm not buying it for $100 online overseas to save $10, I'm buying overseas to save $50. Stupid governments haven't got a clue. I bought an item for my daughter from one of those Asian retailers in the local shopping centre, cost $20 (needed it there and then). The son decided he wanted one too but as we didn't need it now I went home and checked out eBay. Got the exact same item (different colour but same material, packaging everything) for $2.99 including postage. Sure waited 10 days for it but so what. That's an 85% saving. Like 10% GST is going to make a difference. Sure they aren't talking about items at this price range but still it's another waste of time and money by a clueless government. If Aussie retailers think it's going to change anything they are also clueless. Most people I know will buy local anyway if the difference is only 10%.
  23. We had the blow in stuff in our first house. Within about 2 years it had settled to about one to two inches thick and is just crap. Bats all the way.
  24. I remember a few years back during a team event we went through where everyone had come from to be there. We had a guy from OS who worked in nuclear medicine, a golf pro, a ski instructor (isn't there always one) and a myriad of other professions.
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