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  1. OK, what I ended up doing is this: I found a very similar looking board (picture on the internet), with a 24 pin header in the same place. This board is called MSI MS-5158. Downloaded the manual and this is what it said: I just tried the HDD LED and it worked! From then on I connected the POWER LED and then Reset Switch. All three of these are working fine. The only thing which doesn't match up is the PC speaker, it doesn't work. But I am not fuss about it and left it at that! Thanks all for your suggestions! Never thought it would be so hard to find one picture of a Pentium motherboard, but it appears so! I've no idea where I got the board from, but happy that I got it though! Just to give myself a treat after all the hard search, I loaded up LOOM CD-ROM on it - works magic! The Power supply has it's own power switch independent of the PCB. That's how it powers on.
  2. OK, Finally I had more time to look into this. Unfortunately watching the videos I am none the wiser as people there are dealing with clearly marked headers and it's easy. Once again googling the images of the board trying to find at least another one like this did not yield anything. I took a couple of photos, they aren't great as half of the board is obscured by power supply and variety of cables - I did not want to disassemble this all, now that I got it all working (apart from front panel). On the first photo in the left bottom corner you can see the header in question (P1) it is 24 pins and there is no identification on the board on what is what. If anyone can identify this board, would be a great help to me! It has 4 PCI slots, 3 ISA slots, and Socket 7 Pentium I processor. Appears to have Intel 82371 AB chipset.
  3. Thanks, mate. I found it. The two things I was always looking for within these "streams" is the number of views of the post (used to be on the right) and whose post was the newest (member) - this is to keep tabs on my posts and see everything at a glance from one page, rather than go and check every individual post. I don't see these stats - how can I enable them?
  4. There used to be field called "My Recent Posts" and also "My Started Topics" - where can I find these now - I used them all the time!
  5. @haxman PM sent. Let me know if you haven't received it, as the Message Center is playing up.
  6. Thanks all for your tips! I will post the photo of the board and will watch that video.
  7. Hi all! I need some help with this dilemma. I am resurrecting an original Pentium I motherboard from 1997. It is in excellent condition and everything works, but I am not sure where to plug all my front panel gear (like HDD LED, RESET button, etc). The board in question does not have a brand name on it, all it says in big letters that it is "P20" then under it "EP40206R100" then "REV 1.0" under it. Nothing else. I spent ages on Google trying to find any mention of it, or any pic of it, to no avail. I found the double row header in question (P1) where everything plugs on the front of the board, but for once, there is no indication where anything goes, just numbers from 1 to 22 and that's all no other legend. Does anyone have any idea where to go from here? I am kinda exhausted my options. Thanks!
  8. Yep, I go to the main site, go to my Message Centre, and that message (mentioned in the e-mail) doesn't exist there!
  9. I got an e-mail from Aussiearcade today looking like this (minus the pics): When I click on "Read full message" I get straight to here: From then on I can't get anywhere as it would not let me (and locked out now). My problem is that when I go into Messages on the normal Aussiearcade, there are no new messages there for me! So it looks like the new message went straight to new platform!
  10. I have the same issue. It appears all private messaging is now done through the new site, and I need to reply to a message. I could not get in (it did not like my original password) and it locked me out (about an hour ago). I still can't get in...
  11. @haxman Postage is $10. I will message you later, at the moment I can't log in into the new site, and it appears all the messaging is now through new site only.
  12. Williams TIME WARP - saw today at a Antiques Trash & Treasure Shed in Tooradin. Owner said it has a few issues. If you're interested in fixing it, or buying it outright, give Gavin a call on 0415 327 508. Please note, this is not mine and I have no interest in this. Just passing the info on. Good luck!
  13. Now, here is a real blast from the past! "DNIEPER RIVER LINE", a strategy game published by Microcomputer Games (a division of The Avalon Hill Game Company) for IBM PC. The game was designed by Bruce A. Ketchledge for TRS-80. It was released on that platform as well as other US computers in 1982. It was ported and released for IBM PC in 1983 (this is a fact taken from Avalon Hill 1983 catalog). The oversized box looks to be a standard sturdy box that Avalon Hill used for board games. Inside included: Full color 8" x 11" mapboard (hard board backing) 240 5/8" illustrated counters (I counted at least 300 counters, so not sure what's wrong there) Instruction Booklet 5.25" Floppy disk Loading instruction (nothing related to IBM PC though) Registration Card from a local distributor (Mordialloc based - I wonder where they are?) Also included in the box what appears to be the printout of the whole game source (this game is written in BASIC), not shown in the photo. Also there are rims of paper with printouts of map, apparently you could take a printout from the game. So you basically play the game on the board included, placing counters and moving them (as in a normal board game). The difference is that you play for Germans and your computer plays for Russians. You enter your moves (and answer questions) and the PC tells you what's happening and what movements and attacks of the opposing side you can see. The game is text only. You have to load DOS and then BasicA, and run the game from it. Please note there is no guarantee this floppy would work. As it is nearly 40 years old now, you have to adjust your expectations accordingly. This is definitely the oldest PC game I have seen in Australia myself. This game will set you back $60 firm. Postage is extra, unless you want to pick up from VIC 3198. PM me if interested
  14. Both SLAINE and MEGATAPE 27 are no longer available. All other tapes are still around and up for sale. There is a couple of new additions, too: LUNAR JETMAN (1983 Ultimate Play The Game) - an early release from the legendary ULTIMATE PLAY THE GAME (which became Rare Ltd in the mid 80s). This is their first game for the 48K Speccy (all the previous ones were 16K efforts) - $15. MEGATAPE 19 - a covertape from the September 1989 issue of SINCLAIR USER magazine - $5 MAILSTROM (1986 Ocean Software) - complete game BATMAN: THE MOVIE (1989 Ocean Software) - demo version of the game based on Tim Burton's film. No sleeve as issued on covermount. Tapes are untested. PM me if interested.
  15. As per title, I have got the IBM PC version of THE FALLEN, published in November 2000 by Inifinite Loop, in brand new, sealed condition, available for sale. Asking $20 firm. Postage is extra, or pickup from VIC 3198. PM me if interested.
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