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    Sega Megadrive 2
    Sega Saturn (Black PAL)
    Sega Saturn (White NTSCJ)
    Sega Saturn (Grey NTSC J)
    Sega Dreamcast
    Neo Geo AES
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    Nec Pc Engine
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    Atari Vader
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    Bandai WonderSwan
    Numerous G&W
    Geez i think thats it.....i think.....

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  1. Would you prefer VHS? Sent from my GT-I9305T using Tapatalk 4
  2. Dude..... that's awesome! Sent from my GT-I9305T using Tapatalk 4
  3. Hows the ms collection coming along Kane? Sent from my GT-I9305T using Tapatalk 4
  4. There's going to be a heap of classic consoles, pcs etc to get your hands on. Also we're hosting a panel on Sunday where we'll be doing a super retro quiz with the guys from Retrospekt.com and Gregg Hansen from Arcade Impossible. Will be fun!
  5. Yup. We're hosting the classic consoles area (retro domination) with 3 other retro gaming sites from Australia. Drop in and say hi :)
  6. The Video Craze Documentary I must have the wrong place, guess no one likes Arcade games here.......
  7. Hey guys, a film maker Dave Danzara has filmed a documentary based on the Arcade scene in the early 80's, entitled "The Video Craze- where were you in 82?" Its on the lines of Chasing Ghosts, King of Kong (minus the drama) and special when lit. Heres a trailer- So he's doing a kickstarter to get the production finished and out there, so if you wanna help, you can. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1198903728/the-video-craze-where-were-you-in-82?ref=search We also did and interview with Dave on our Retro Podcast which you can check out here. http://www.retrodomination.com/rd-podcast-episode-19-the-video-craze/ And before admin jump down my throat, if you listen to the Podcast i talk about Aussie Arcade and have nothing but praise for them! So all in all, check it out, looks like a really cool doco and we're fully behind it. Would be good to see it come to life :)
  8. What retro stuff did you add to your stash this week? Thought you might like this one Kane Turma de Monica (wonder boy 3 hack) From Brazil. Very excited by this one :) http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/01/19/ha3yra4u.jpg
  9. Time for a little Sega love My faves are the Tec Toy releases with the photocopied covers! But they still want $120 sadly!
  10. Time for a little Sega love Repro for sure. Seen a few if these around.
  11. Aldi Onix 7" 16GB Android Tablet Will be getting one of these, just to use as a glorified iPod touch. Will be nice to play around with android for a change. Hmmmmm mame perhaps?
  12. What retro stuff did you add to your stash this week? Awesome man! The search never rests! Hope your having a ball, sick Nomad as well!
  13. What retro stuff did you add to your stash this week? Man, there you go, I've been flat out with Master System stuff for ages and still had never seen that one! I usually use an app on the iPhone called SMS collector to keep track of my stuff, and even that didn't have it on its list! Mind you it did have Smurfs 2.... Hmmmm. Well regardless.... Very good finds!
  14. What retro stuff did you add to your stash this week? Cheese cat- astrophe Kane... what region was that released in, I can't find that anywhere? Is it one of the rarer ones? Or am I just blind lol...
  15. What retro stuff did you add to your stash this week? Grabbed Pro championship wrestling for the Sega SG1000, the ninja for the Mark 3, y's 4 and 5 for the Super Famicom. :)
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