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  1. How much design did Richie do, if any, on mando? I thought it was only Eddy?
  2. I'd lost out on almost every machine sale i've ever done except for 2. This was my par for the course and was what I expected to a degree when I came into the hobby. For various reasons I'm seriously considering downsizing the majority of my machines and only keeping a select couple. I get sent pics of what people are "asking" for on facebook etc and I just cant believe what I'm seeing. Even if they're going to 75-80% of that asking price they're still so god damn high. Just don't know if I could look someone in the eye asking for that sort of pricing if I advertised them here. Even worse when then I just see it later sell for another few grand. I then think its money going to my family so I really should try and get what I can get. Still doesn't make me fell any better about the entire situation. I did do an experiment with one machine to see what sort of offers I could get and they weren't nearly what everyone claimed it could go for.
  3. god damn! lol Deadflips first design better than one of the oldest guys in the industry. ooof.
  4. ooops. Let me mark as sold. Havn't quite figured out how to get timely notifications in the new forum if i dont use the web interface. Sold to a local. Deposit has been sitting on this for a while but with continuous lock down has yet to be picked up.
  5. As soon as i saw the building moving up and down it reminded of that heighway angry birds pitch. source : https://www.thisweekinpinball.com/the-twipys/
  6. I had a random unexpected delivery last night. I wasnt expecting the machine for months so id just totally forgotten about it. I was under the impression that my machine was yet to be built. Unboxed. All posts had all the additional washers etc. Only had a couple of quick games, still needs slight tweaks to leveling but that seems about it.
  7. wait hold up ... surely thats a typo? $3250USD aka $4,425 dollary do's?
  8. Are you sure its not an additional parallel port/db25/LTP header? " excellent condition and everything works" How did you power it on? Front panel connectors AND the power switch should be connected to the same header.
  9. So Lyman left last year now Steve. That leaves Keith, John, Brian, George. Any others? Did Tim do design or was it rules only?
  10. They aren't bound to software. Open coin door and its on the inside. Outside it is on the back of the low section of the cabinet.
  11. "feb" yeah i saw that. *looks at calendar* "july" was just trying to shortcut that. After 10+ months waiting on a gnr thats nothing I suppose.
  12. Any vic premiums or ... dare i say LE's? Son is after one with a moving head so a pro won't fit the bill.
  13. Using the mobile app per chance? You cant use that link on mobile IF you have the gumtree app installed. Need to force it to open in a mobile browser instead of the app.
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