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  1. My psychiatrist make me lie face down on the couch cause I'm so ugly. 😞
  2. How old is the drill? I had a Panasonic, worked like a dream, but at a certain point the battery would not keep the charge, then the chuck broke. Then i decided on a new drill
  3. I bought cabinet art a long time ago, it was not a good reproduction
  4. I suppose they have been the same price since they first came out (?)
  5. I would avoid buying from ClassicArcades unless you really, really need to
  6. Cover of new Eminem album I think the art is great EDIT Oh yeah, look at the scores upside down
  7. The lock might be original, it might have been replaced. It might have been replaced several times Even if you posted a picture, each lock is differently keyed
  8. Last year we had to clean up my brothers estate, part of which was an extreemly project RX7 we still scored $12,000 for it
  9. I found the tie-fighter to be a tedious build
  10. Honk at the right time and you can drive under them
  11. Never a good idea to post your phone number hover over the persons avatar, down the bottom click on "messages"
  12. This popped up on my Facebook feed, might be worth keeping an eye out for "Still Standing, Pinball and arcade documentary" no idea when it is being released BGVC – Hand Crafted Films
  13. So aliens come to earth and they're Sooo nice. There's a huge televised event with all the world leaders in attendance. The Pope asks, "Do you know of Jesus Christ?" The aliens say, "Do we Ever? Awesome guy!! Swings by the planet every couple of years to say Hi!" The Pope exclaims, "Every couple of years?? What!!?? We're still waiting for his second coming!" The alien replies, "Maybe he didn't like your chocolate?" The Pope is flabbergasted, "What does chocolate have to do with anything?" The alien says, "Well when he came the first time, we gave him a huge box of chocolates! Why? What did you guys give him?"
  14. I have noticed a few people have been quiet lately
  15. One thing to remember, JJP only bring out one game per year, so that one game has to cover the overheads of the company Programming has become more complex since the switch to LCDs I dare say a license from Disney is expensive, plus Pat Lawlor gets a percent from each sale I do agree that $18k is expensive for a toy
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