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  1. I always like seeing how stuff worked Across the street from where we lived as kids was a fish & chip shop that had one pinball machine (looking back, they had games that were new releases, mainly Gottlieb from the end of EM to the Sys1 era) One day i was playing and the ball got stuck, the guy behind the counter had the keys so he took off the glass and encouraged us to hit the targets with our fingers
  2. Actually that is Liberal plan for Snowy Mountain Scheme use off-peak power to pump water up at night, then release the water during the day to generate more profitable power
  3. I have no idea what the future holds Up until yesterday, I had hoped to get back and reopen my bakery, that is now not possible I guess I will find out
  4. Well, after getting amputated two and a half years ago, and spending all of last year trying to get a prosthesis to fit, yesterday I saw a new team of doctors, their opinion was that due to the surgery four years ago (the gory ones at the start of the tread) the skin at the bottom of the stump is too fragile, A prosthetic limb was never going to work for me. So, that is it, life on crutches or in a wheelchair from now on 😞
  5. just thinking, maybe try a company that makes burglar proof screen doors and ask for offcuts?
  6. Looking for somewhere to get some chrome plating done in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne The quality of work done by my usual guy slipped last time, so I am looking for somewhere new
  7. Thanks, there seems to be plenty of youtube videos, I will watch them and give it a go
  8. most of my collection were that price or lower
  9. new Pirates Of The Carrabian topper moving waves and tenticles only $2499 USD
  10. Monopoly, on the left ramp where the "Free parking" sign is attached, the plastic is broken away on both sides any suggestions on how I can fix this up? I cannot attach anything under the ramp because it is over the playfield
  11. you still need to remove your batteries if you put your game into storage the photo above, the acid had traveled down the negative wire and had traveled along the associated negative traces on the board
  12. to preserve the RAM memory they have removed the Nicad battery and are using 3 AA batteries instead
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