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  1. For me, I have found that i am too heavy handed with buffing and end up removing all the plating. A tumbler does not wear off any plating
  2. Just got back from the afternoon session. The event was fantastic. Congratulations to all involved Looking forward to coming back
  3. No, by the time I was venturing into Melbourne arcades, the video craze had taken over Even the local arcade in the 70's would have only has 12 pinball machines along one wall
  4. Looked at the weather prediction for the weekend, might go to the beach instead 😄
  5. I did find it surprising that there was not a lot of DMD era games
  6. I am hit or miss with a lot of drugs Panadol does nothing (and the hospital hand them out like candy) they did send me home with a strong painkiller, when it worked it was amazing (I can understand why people get addicted) but it only worked half of the time
  7. It is strange, 20 years ago I was against using cannabis But then stuff happens and I find that cannabis is effective with phantom pain, and since that is a pain I am familiar with, if it works, use it
  8. Part of what got me through was Aussie Arcade
  9. Sadly, that has not been my experience I have reached out, but when the depression is bought about by medical reasons, they have no advice, or suggestions on how to cope
  10. What are the odds that AMD can get a James bond machine to expo?????
  11. Maybe next year, put that question on the site when we buy our tickets "Where did you hear about Pinfest?" Facebook Aussie Arcade Past experience
  12. What does a woman have , that starts with "V", that will get her what she wants?
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