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  1. I've always found the idea of speedrunning interesting... but bugger if I'm going to put that much dedication in :) but I found this an interesting intro video on it. Can appreciate a niche community doing its thing and there's plenty of skill and competition involved.
  2. I love Mat Mania, I remember I used to play it (and Ghost n Goblins) on roller skates a lot as it was at the local skating rink as a kid :). Watching WWF was all about Junkyard and then a little later playing WWF Wrestlefest with The Big Boss and Earthquake. But I knew this game looked kind of familiar but not quite right, especially when I saw Haggar fighting a Luchador. Like @DoomsDave said it looks like it was released over here as Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters 2. I played a bit of the first one, Saturday Night Slam Masters, and that was a more of a traditional wrestling game (2.5D?) beat them down and then pin them to win. Then for Ring of Destruction/ Super Muscle Bomber they must have followed the crowds and switched to straight 2d, 3 rounds and health bars. Apparently 3 SF2 characters (Zangief, Balrog and Honda) can be seen in the crowds at different stages, does that ring any bells? Anyway its pretty cool how a game like this shows some of the stuff that was happening in gaming at the time.
  3. I've been using it for a month or so and I'm still not a fan though it does what it needs to do and as usual the longer I use it the better I get at setting it up for the way I want to use it. Plus like others have said at least you can't say Microsoft is gouging on this one, its cheap enough and I assume more about market share then stand alone profit. I'd stuck with xp till now mainly as it was free and handy seeing as the mame cab was xp, bought a new laptop with the option of 7 or 8 and thought seeing as I'll be relearning anyway might as well go 8. If it's a touch screen I reckon it'd be worth it but for a standard laptop most of the apps like the reader, media player etc are just a pain. Like I said I've now got most of the default programs sorted so it's not killing me but it just seems like they didn't have the confidence or time to create a really synced OS with one set of programs/apps that could be used with either touch or mouse. Instead they took windows and then took a smartphone OS and quite literally squished them in side by side and then just tacked on a few commands to bridge between. Some of the stuff is good, my laptop certainly runs quick enough with it and if I put more time into it I'd probably learn better ways to do things. Overall it does what I need it to but imo it kind of feels like the prototype and wont be surprised if W9 follows along quickly with some more polish.
  4. Craftfrom MDF $150 Touchscreen Bezel $135 Collaborative building with mates.... f**king priceless :rolleyes I'm not going to bother with a full build thread for this one, which is a shame cause imo we got it most of the way there but I'm just not happy with the finished product. I built this with two mates, we each contributed different things and although the photo doesn't really show it in detail as far as I'm concerned we were badly let down by the guy responsible for the music, paint work and finishing. Luckily it's his jukebox but it still kinda sucks because like I said it was almost there. The sounds good. Zenpoint is a decent frontend and works well with mixed media The infinity mirrors on the side are awesome and look great when set to change with the music. Everything is wired up tidy and you could drop it on its head and I doubt you'd damage more than paint, everything inside would be where it should be and it'd fire up again no worries. So it's not like it's all bad and I really hope he's happy with it but it is not as good as it should have been. Still like always it's created opportunities for other projects so although me and the mate who held up his end are both busy with other stuff now, hopefully at some point there might be another jukebox that we can do right from start to finish. http://i896.photobucket.com/albums/ac170/games76/jukepurple1.jpg http://i896.photobucket.com/albums/ac170/games76/jukegreen1.jpg http://i896.photobucket.com/albums/ac170/games76/jukesideyellow1.jpg http://i896.photobucket.com/albums/ac170/games76/jukebackblue1.jpg
  5. Yeah they are but you're ruder than your dad so its all good :) Like others have said there are heaps of really good kids out there just like there always was but I'm getting to the age where I'm seeing the teenage kids of some of the real drop kicks I knew at school and my f***ing god, I feel more angry than anything because they never had a chance. I mean I'm normally a positive sort of person but seriously there's a scary percentage of people who we'd all be better off if they just weren't here.
  6. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to John for running another great MGL, gotta say I liked the 8 game format. Study started up during the last few weeks, first in a long time for me so I kind of locked myself in a back room to get started, hope to be back in the next one once I start getting on a roll with this stuff :).
  7. 29,760 Didn't mind this one but if I'm playing a tank game I always prefer to be using two joysticks with buttons on the top :).
  8. I'm about to do some study again and my old vostro1510+xp combo has limped along long enough. It's time to upgrade, which I hate because I've got bugger all idea of what I'm looking at. I'm doing the usual trawling of other sites but was also hoping to throw out some ideas of what I need it for and what I'm considering and then it's any advice appreciated :). It's for study, general assigments, internet and downloads, sorting out mame and music (stored elsewhere), nothing too intensive. Doing most of the study externally so it's for at home, portability and weight aren't big issues. Lots of typing so keyboard needs to feel nice and solid. I'm excited about Baldur's Gate:Enhanced Edition coming out and that's about the extent of gaming it'll have to handle. Only reason I'm not looking real basic is I want it to last 2-4 years at least. So the wish list would probably be something like: Intel i5 or equivilant, 6GB+ Ram, SSD+HDD (want it, dont need it). Budget: Under $1000 (Although also wondering if I'm not better off saving some cash and keeping it around 600-700 considering what I need?) I wont use it for movies but being my main computer I thought I better keep a disc drive for the odd time it'll be needed but what about an ultrabook and an external disc drive? Was thinking maybe something like this: http://www.officeworks.com.au/retail/products/Technology/Computers/Laptops/Business-Laptops/HEENVY6UB I dont know how the battery life compares? But not being able to replace the HDD also has me a bit worried. This seems like a lot of laptop for the price but I know nothing about the company? http://www.logicalblueone.com.au/store/543-horize-w550eu-ultranote.html Anyway I'm looking to buy within the next few weeks so any advice, either in general or specific sites/offers would help.... cause I got a headache already :lol
  9. Got one sitting outside (oval shape) ready to set up a few days before Chrissy, Friends of ours have had one for years and have always been really happy with it. A net curtain in front of my amazingly not-maintained garden beds is not really a deal breaker and the first kid to complain about the bounce gets told to piss off, get a job and buy their own :).
  10. I always thought it was only cheap if you were going to buy it anyway but there's a whole heap of people who seem to disagree with that idea. Mind you I still signed up....... just in case ;)
  11. 110,900 Been distracted by Grobda this week and almost forgot to have another go at this one.
  12. I was thinking about putting a SSD in the next mame setup, if nothing else just to boot it up quicker and keep windows out of the way. Will need to keep roms, music etc on a HDD so would their be any benefit to keeping Mame and Hyper Spin on the SSD and directing them to the HDD or will it work out about the same as if everything was stored on the HDD?
  13. Awesome goal and even nicer when it goes with a hat trick.... and unless Sweden is different to most of Europe even nicer when it's against England ;) Extra special because you can see it wasnt a mistake or a pass, it was a deliberate shot on goal, albeit one he'd never hit again if he stood him there all day.
  14. 165,840 Apart from the rediculously fast power ups this is a suprisingly well balanced game imo, I like the spread of weapon power ups and how you can still survive with just wings which is ok thanks to the friendly balloon on death :) But yeah please not a shooter next
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