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  1. Found some, thank you John just what I needed 👍
  2. Thanks to everyone that pm me to have a look at a nba fastbreak for me which was located in Adelaide, after I asked for a video of the machine going with sound I never heard from him again, I brough one in Queensland , cheers
  3. Hello, just wondering if there is anyone in Adelaide that could look at a machine for me as I’m in Queensland. My wife is uncomfortable for me buying a machine site unseen and with scammers out there, PM if you are able to view and I’ll pass on the address , cheers peter
  4. Chasing a set of 28.5 inch Williams legs for my WCS, Doesn’t matter what condition they are in. Pm if you have any for sale, cheers
  5. just putting the feelers out to see if anyone might be keen on selling a NBA FASTBREAK in Queensland, cheers peter
  6. I brought a new mist board for my Dracula as my old one wasn’t working properly, I can’t seem to get the new one to work, when plugged in should I have 12v on pin3 on the J1 connector? I only get 4.9v but on my old board I get 12.9v?
  7. Hello just wondering where I can get these from or a scan of them for my machine at home, cheers
  8. Hello, has anyone brought from this company before? I just brought some parts for my BSD and received a receipt through email like every other place I’ve brought parts from, problem is I payed for express post and it’s been over a week, they haven’t sent me a tracking number. I’ve emailed them asking for one so I can track where the parcel is but haven’t heard back from them at all, thanks
  9. I’m after a set of used Williams legs for my BSD to buy, prefer 2nd hand , not to worries if rusted as I’m getting them resprayed, preferably close to the Fraser coast - Brisbane area so I can pick up .
  10. I just purchased a BSD and the coin door doesn’t open properly and the hinge broke, just realised someone replaced the Williams coin door with a gottlieb coin door . So if anyone has and old working Williams coin door they are will to sell I’m keen to buy.
  11. Hi just chasing the manual for bram stokers Dracula. Not after a photo copy of one , after a Genuine one that would have come with the machine. Thanks
  12. Tried the machine today, the stepper motor spins on start up but when a solenoid is fired the F116 fuse blows, so looks like I might need to swap it out for one from mr pinball.
  13. Thanks for that, I’ll give it a go, if it work might get another to from jaycar as they are on special for $24.95 each
  14. One of the stepper motors in the slot machine doesn’t work and needs to be replaced, I was at jaycar the other day and saw these stepper motors, which are 12v and fit the slot bracket. Problem is the original colour wires are red, yellow, brown and orange, this new motor has black, green, red and blue. How do I figure out what wire goes where to make the motor work for who dunnit. Cheers
  15. Just checked, the connector for J117 has the 3 wires which connects the DMD CONTROLLER and DMD.
  16. I’ve just had the main board cleaned up by Ken, just trying to work out where some connections go, I think I have got most of them sorted except J116, the book says there is 3 wires.. gray-yellow, black, grey, but I only have 2 coming from the playfield in gray-yellow and black. There is no gray.
  17. Cheers for that, thought I missed something , was looking everywhere for the other end, just have to sort out some wires to the head box now, 👍
  18. I’m about to put the playfield back into the cabinet and noticed a connection at the back of the playfield not connected to anything, I’ve looked around the wires but can’t seem to find where it goes, any help would be great , thanks
  19. I like the custom ones as I’ve seen really nice ones but didn’t know where they got them from What size do I print the cards too or they are the right size when printing them off pin side. Thanks
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