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  1. Price Drop on Hit n Run $110 Exerion $120
  2. I have the following for sale. all prices negotiable and pick up welcome and postage available. Mount Waverley 3149 located Melbourne East. Hit n Run ( bootleg of burning rubber ) works 100% with sound. $130 Also Exerion , works 100% from memory, original Jaleco board. I will make a quick adapter this weekend and test it. $140 Neither boards come with Jamma adapters ( make your own you lazy buggers lol ) I will be listed more boards , im having a clean up.
  3. I can quote i have been there and kinda freak out at just how many dedicated cabs he has , most of you would start drooling lol
  4. what if 5 of us pitch in 1k each ? lol
  5. Price Drop to $250 , i need this gone.
  6. I have decided to let this project go. Up for grabs is a Jatre Specter cocktail table. The CRT is good , you will need to go over the chassis , i am throwing in 3 , all compatable with the CRT. Keep in mind this is black and white. this is a neat project , regardless if you want to try and restore it and simply change it into something to run basic vertical games. the whole table can literally be picked up by just one person , unlike a hankin 20 inch. I think $300 is reasonable , happy to negotiate. It does not come with any boards. And yes the CRT comes with it , its just not in the machine at the moment. I may very well dig out the 2 Jatre Specter boards i have and list them separate , they will be offered dirt cheap , both are not working. Pick up is Mount Waverley , east of melbourne post code 3149.
  7. I will post proper pictures on the weekend. Clayton has first official dibs on this namco cab.
  8. Im letting go of my Namco Exceleena cab ( this is the blue one ) Its in good condition for its age , I am located in Melbourne in Mount Waverley post code 3149 which is a 30 minute drive east of melbourne CBD. I will add pictures tonight ( the picture at the moment is just to give you the idea of its looks.) I am open to offers , im thinking $1100. These cabs are not easy to come by. And before anyone asks , yes they can fit through a standard door , its a matter of removing the shell on the outside of the cabinet and the control panel.. I can do this in around 10 minutes. You are also free to come and inspect.
  9. Board is a star invader , space invaders bootleg.
  10. i ended up going through noodle shirt to get control overlays in 4.5 mm thick and the glass underlay. now i got to find if anyone has the glass clips ?
  11. Western gun , that cabinet defiantly needs to be restored !!!
  12. Control panels look amazing , how can i get a set for myself ?
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