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  1. im confused , the prices are in euro ?
  2. you people are a wealth of information and its people like you who help to keep this hobby alive , many would be lost. Transformer is fine , the moment i disconnect the transformers output 16 volt to the bridge rectifier it stops blowing the fuse. but of course , the bridge rectifier could be fine too , i have to check the two transistors.. the main issue is trying to get these damn rusted nut and bolts undone holding the transistors lol might be easier if i just unsolder the suckers and just run my multi meter into them.
  3. very tempting... any idea on shipping to Melbourne ?
  4. Am working on a black and white toei chassis gm120 for a space invaders. am trying to understand the chassis power brick. 100 volt goes into a transformer.... in the brick is a bridge rectrifier , two transistors both with caps and one large 300uf cap. 16 volts comes out of that transformer. the output to the chassis is 100 volt. what exactly is the entire purpose then ? couldnt i just bypass this stupid brick which keeps blowing the 1.5 amp fuse and just wire 100 volt straight to the chassis and tie a fuse on the neutral line anyway ? its AC going into to the power brick.. and AC to the chassis.
  5. The entire lot on photobucket is forever gone. corporate greed.
  6. Thanks leo , your a champ , finally good to see you in person too.
  7. what are the chances of doing another group buy container ? lol
  8. Anyone know where i can source a pre amp and amp for this jukebox in Australia ? I can get one set in the USA , but the cost and shipping is so ridiculously high its simply not even worth attempting. By time i pay for the set in the USA , and then shipping.. and then both units will need to be re capped , re serviced.. and then my jukebox will have to be repaired and modified back to the way it is supposed to be.. im looking at over $4000. For that amount i might as well buy a kick ass tube amp.. but me being me.. i would much prefer to get it back into its original state.. its a rather tricky situation becuase back in its original state with pre amp and amp boards the sound is not going to be as good as todays amps lol be buggered if i do and be buggered if i dont.
  9. im in melbourne , i can check both pcb and power board for you , i have 2 spare power boards here.
  10. was not sure because im in the eastern suburbs and i have no idea where you are located. but now that i know your in the western suburbs means more then a hour drive.
  11. Dragonlee where in melbourne are you ? not sure if i will pick up or just request post. i have a namco exceleena sitting here doing nothing with no horizontal boards to use on it lol
  12. what i should have asked is.. does it have all of these games ? https://www.phoenixarcade.com/sites/default/files/arcadesd_gamelist2016.pdf
  13. How many games is on the SD Card ?
  14. Just a few silly question i am unsure of. with the 48 in 1 board, if all games are turned off except for one.. does it boot and load automatically into that one game or no does the main menu screen still appear ? And , is there a setting in the board to flip plus mirror space invaders ?
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