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  1. Board is a star invader , space invaders bootleg.
  2. i ended up going through noodle shirt to get control overlays in 4.5 mm thick and the glass underlay. now i got to find if anyone has the glass clips ?
  3. Western gun , that cabinet defiantly needs to be restored !!!
  4. Control panels look amazing , how can i get a set for myself ?
  5. yeah i saw this one too , at that price i would expect it in better condition... could have brought the classic remake way cheaper and its brand new , there is word going around that chicago gaming is going to do another batch of AFM pinballs.
  6. I know i must be dreaming here but thought what the heck , i might try my luck. I wouldnt mind a Attack From Mars pinball machine. Either the 1995 bally one , but i would consider the chicago gaming reproduced version.
  7. I know a user here by the name of yobs re created the original hankin control panels , but he hasnt been on since last year. i think i might be better off just buying a new cut to size glass , but i have no idea how to print that nice black lines that go around the edge and monitor onto the glass ? im not fussed about the logo name " hankin".
  8. Does anyone know if anyone has done hankin 20 inch table reproduction glasses , clips and control panels ?
  9. But will a older vintage scope 10 mhz be ok for older boards thou like space invaders , Pleiades, donkey kong etc? my plan is to have two oscilloscopes , one more modern 100 mhz , and thought it would be so cool to have a older vintage scope with the crt lol
  10. Thinking about buying a older CRT type oscilloscope for trouble shooting older boards around 70s erra like space invaders L shaped and three layer boards. will a 10 mhz do the job ? im thinking of something basic like this...
  11. Hi dave , i will be more then happy to give your boards a boot up on a MB someday..
  12. 10000000_312209307481751_2837772987682896079_n.mp4
  13. Artic made more games then what KLOV would give them credit for , because so many have been lost in the wild. That cocktail table would have been a conversion kit for one of many artics games , which they cloned from taito , stern etc to name a few. By looking at the art work on the control panel , it would have housed either a scramble or space invaders on their own hardware. thats such a sweet looking cocktail table , i wouldnt mind building one exactly the same lol
  14. Artic seamed to make many clones and boy did they do nice ones , i still have a artic galaxy wars im yet to restore.
  15. rampage has not been on here for well over 4 years :(
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