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  1. i didnt add a coin taker for it, as i didnt leave room for the coin box... i think they are around $50, so could be set up for Aussie Coin 😉
  2. Yes I was happy with it. Really sharp actually. Did a few test runs om some scrap first. A mitred rabet joint would be easier. The reason of two examples is that one is easily done with the hand router, ie lay the piece flat, clamp and route away, the second one, the opposite joining mitre must be done on the end grain. a real PITA to do as needed to add a few extra blocks to aid in keeping the hand router at 90 deg and hold the piece vertical as i dont have a routing table.
  3. RTX2070 that I had after I upgraded to 6900XT. and yes 4k playfields and no flipper lag, on the 43"4k monitor is Sweet.
  4. So, took the plunge to build a VP, esp given how far the software, gfx, pup pack addons, pinscape controller etc has developed over the years. Firslty, a huge thanks for Michael Roberts for the effort put into the Pinscape Build guide and invaluable resources, and all contributors to the software development DOF etc, NAilbuster, Terry Red, JPSalas tables, BigusMods, Orbital Pinball Scotty Wic, Freezy, Stuzza the list goes on and on for all those involved and how they have all contributed to the hobby. To build from scratch is quite involved for the first time, researching, reading, watching videos, sourcing materials, assembling, wiring, trouble shooting, etc, but very rewarding and gives you a real appreciation of the time, and manufacturing and costs involved with making a Pinball, either real or virtual. Williams wide body design, using 17mm form ply from buunings 3 x1800x1200 sheets, after construction, sanded down and spray painted with Matt Black before custom decal applied. Lock mitre joint used on edges. Playfield is ASUS 43" 4K 120Hz monitor. BG 32" LG monitor and the DMD Apron Screen 21" Lenovo Screen. PC is AMD Ryzen 7 with 16GB Ram and 1TB Nvmi SSD mounted on the MB + Creative RX5 7.1 sound card. 4x Daytona Excitors and Sub, Logitec Sound. 10x DOF Starter Relays for feedback, OzStick Williams plunger kit and KL25Z Pinscape board - reflashed and configured for output control of the DOF and more inputs added, Teensy 3.2 RGB LED board for LED strip control - 2 x 144 addressable LED strip each side playfield and 1x 8x32 RGB addressable LED Matrix and undercab LED. To source parts ends up coming from a number of resources. Willliams Legs, bolts, SS side rails, lock mech, coin door, leg braces, sourced from Pinball Spare Parts, New SS Lockdown bar sourced from RTTB. Daytona Exciters/Amps, Plunger and Pinscape board and buttons sourced from Ozstick, Chrome molding sourced from AustinAmusments. Decals printed by Hybird Signs. Jaycar/Bunnings for other bits and pieces. Core Electronmics for Teensy 3.2 board + Octoadaptor + headers Local plastic mob for the Acrylic backglass. Local Glass company for the WPC wide body glass cut and Tempered with no water mark. Ebay and Amazon for RGB Leds strips matrix / solenoids Cable, Cable Duct, wire marking all stuff I have laying around coming from Industrial controls background 🙂 Pinball Artwork design by me 🙂
  5. Might sound stupid, but has anyone ever thought of using something similar for a shaker motor as below ? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402956368363?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-139619-5960-0&mkcid=2&itemid=402956368363&targetid=1280421173919&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9071657&poi=&campaignid=12499394795&mkgroupid=123469081380&rlsatarget=pla-1280421173919&abcId=9300512&merchantid=7364522&gclid=Cj0KCQjwraqHBhDsARIsAKuGZeFElS_gWhftWXmIk_U-WvD2WjydYGMY9XeWWNY38H0CtSbv-ltL9KkaAmPbEALw_wcB
  6. as Flex..."Let the painful trickle of tid bit's of information and detail begin, going to be a looong journey, but hopefully worth it in the end.." don't you mean... "An Unexpected Journey"..
  7. Hey FLEX, Thanks for the links to the update of the ROM.... sounds fantastic.. and have just ordered one!... from some of the reviews it appears the the game play has changed considerably and the ramp is not the reward shot like it use to be, and more emphasis will be place on making the other shots to reap the rewards...can't wait...
  8. Jady is a top bloke and is certainly doing the pinball community a favour by offering these blades in gold and black for the aussie market at super rates... bought a gold for LOTR and black for Spidey, very happy with the results... regards install tape, you can get a super thin double sided tape from office works, just stick a few extra strips at the larger ends to support better.. have attached pics of "swinked" machines and tape.
  9. had a mate called wombat that was from tassie,we used to call him that because of all the girls he pissed off when he used to eat roots and leaves.. not me.. from tassie that is... it was either wombat or dilligaf.
  10. After getting the LOTR from fellow AA member knight76, could not help my self but to a number of mods to the machine. Firstly adjusted the orthanc tower divert per stern tech note...works a treat... went searching for the POTD figures on the bay... got legolas, gimli, borimer all as a single set, POTD figures set, witch king (part of a fell beast/Eowyn battle set.. also makes a great topper), orc rider, other nazgul if required.. gandalf on shadow fax... also purchased the POTD mounting kit from pinbits... service was great, the usps/aus post was as slow as.. ie 1 month to arrive... bought leds from pinbits, green and RGB and UV. Screw mounted figures, added borimr with pippin and merry, added the warg rider on the sword, added gimil and legolas on pop bumpers, added witch king next to the tower instead of the out of place urahki used the same mounting and new cable ties to mount the witch king.. then proceeded to do the POTD mod.. once bits arrived... the posts that were part of the kit were just not high enough for my liking and mounted four washes... to raise slightly.... the addition is a must ... also did not like all the predrilled locations for the figures.. so added a new location.. also predrilled then screwed the POTD figures.. this is a wiked mod to do... Also, mounted the gandalf on shadow fax... however, did not want to disregard surfing gandalf... so made a mount and added him in a fighting pose with Sauraman... happy with this as fits in with the ring mode.... Finally went about making my own led lamp for the Plantir.. the result is very pleasing... using a small RGB LED with UV LED and driving it with a 470ohm res with 47uF cap worked a treat... the most difficult was getting the old globe, busting the glass and removing the crap in side the holder and drilling out the hole of the bottom of the globe... (here;s a quick tip of a 6Vdc test source to test LEDS... get you hand on the large 6Vdvc battery, ie the ones that you put into a dolphin torch) The only problem now is that i get distracted looking at the eye candy and light show in the game now... Almost forgot.. also did the eye of sauron mod from pinlife.. supa cool also... plans.. might install RGB LED strips behind trasnlite ...
  11. Stumbled acrross a Indianna jones fertility god replica for those interested on fleabay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/INDIANA-JONES-RAIDERS-LOST-ARK-FERTILITY-IDOL-PROP-RREPLICA-LTD-ED-No-828-/150719588095?pt=AU_Action_Figures&hash=item23179666ff#ht_2607wt_922
  12. http://groups.google.com/group/rec.games.pinball/browse_thread/thread/e3ca8561f317c5ed Looks like others have caught on to Ryan's mod...Although they did credit Ryan from Aussiearcade. Looking at doing this my self and ordered bit from pinbits and found the figures on eBay.. Also ordered the eye of Sauron mod from pinball life... Looks great in the clips on you tube... Btw pinbits also sell a mounting plastic for the potd with spacers to mount the fingers as well.... Need to get gimli, legolas and broimer figures as well
  13. As the title says, do you guys use LED flashers on the on y2000+ sterns when replacing the #89 bulbs ? Is there a pref on colour selection.. ie do you always match the colour to the lens or does say a white LED flasher work better in a yellow lens then a yellow LED...or any other mix and match combos ? Just curious as will be replacing a few dead #89 soon and was hoping for some advice.. thanks
  14. Thanks for the great machine Jas, looks like I've joined the fellowship of owners.... Ah... My preciousssss
  15. Was scrolling through the web today, and after seeing the rollerball Yeti Mod, i found this picture and immediately thought - FURBALL
  16. Updated 3-ball 237,239,530 11/08/10
  17. I believe that you could call them MOLEX connectors, type in google and you will get a whole lot of results. Jaycar, RS Components, Farnell probably have something similar if you can;t find the exact match
  18. I have imported an item volume weighted - air freight - at over 400 lbs. I used a company called MyUs.com. Excellent service - I paid for the premium membership and have had no problems. Considering on the item i bought i saved well over 3800 bucks as opposed to buying locally, it was well worth it. The GST component sux for anything over $1000, as in England it is 18000 before they hit you with the VAT. For companys in the US that only will ship to the US this is the perfect answer as you are provided with a US address to which ship you goods to. :cool:
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