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  1. Hey Guys I have a mate who wanted to buy one of my upright cabs with a 60-1 in it but I had already sold it. I told him I would ask around as he is new to the hobby and isn't on here and this will be his first cab. Anyone in Brisbane (western suburbs) have a nice, tidy upright with a multi board or Mame? Thanks Lefty
  2. Which isle is that in?! [emoji38] Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  3. Hi all, thought I'd drop an update on this post. We ended up buying a house in Sippy Downs and moved in 4 weeks ago. Not sure how I feel about it, missing Bribe, and feel like we were pushed into buying up here by the in-laws. Not much room in the new house for all my arcade and pinball stuff. Will need to put in a big shed I think! Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  4. That's kinda my question, what is a reputable brand?! The Bunnings stuff has a 15 year warranty but not sure how reputable it is. I would consider Caroma reputable but their range is really lacking... Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  5. I'm not sure what that means? But, thanks... Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  6. Thanks, where did you get them? Yep, always like to go for the Aussie made product. Not even sure the Caroma stuff is made here anymore, it had 'Australian designed' on the box which I think is code for 'Made in China'! Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  7. Hey Guys Just bought a new house on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Showers are pretty dated and leaking, taps aren't much better and many towel and hand rails are missing or don't match. The wife is complaining about her shower head, it is pretty crappy and leaks and doesn't stay up (She says the same to me! :p). So time to replace. Happy to do it myself, just wanted some advice on what brands to go with and what to avoid. And best place to get them. I did the same thing at our last place and thought I got awesome bargains at Masters when they were shutting down. Got everything I needed to replace the entire house with their Splash! brand. No problems installing it, looked and worked great until the main bathroom taps were dripping about a year dow the track and the hidden nut under the taps was seized on and couldn't be removed to replace washer! Plumber had to cut it off and replace the whole thing and said it was a common problem with that brand! Didn't have any problems with the rest of them but they didn't need a new washer yet! So don't want to get crap again but seems to be so hard to find a decent looking range at a decent price that has all the matching accessories. I was keen on the Caroma, I love their stools so thought go that way. I liked the Caroma Quatro range but they don't make matching hot and cold taps, only mixers. Bunnings had the Mondella range, these actually looked really good, had the entire range of everything I needed and at a good price. I was pretty excited with these but a quick google showed they get crap reviews. Product Review gave them 1.5 stars. But on Whirlpool they got mixed reviews. Many said they are great for the price and just as good as the expensive brands. Others said cheap junk to be avoided. Any experts on here that can give me some advice? Thanks, Lefty
  8. Any interest before it goes to the dump? Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  9. For 400 you can get a pretty decent size house on a good size block in Ningi. 700sqm range, 200sqm house. Nothing amazing but a similar spec house in Sippy Downs would be 550! I'm shocked at the size and prices of houses in that new Harmony estate outside of Sippy Downs. Lovely houses but all the blocks are 300sqm range and prices are 500ish. And they sell like hotcakes too! I'll show my wife that Nambour link but I know she hates Nambour with a passion! She went to high school there and said she would never live there! [emoji28] Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  10. Haven't had any success fixing these up. Would be happy to pay someone if anyone on here fixes them. Only really need one fixed for my lai lowboy as I use it for various Jamma boards and many can't be set to freeplay. I The other is out of a dedicated Atari Badlands that I have now set to freeplay. Being small they are easy to post. Let me know if anyone on here can get these back up and running. Thanks. Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  11. That's just for a block of land? We may still end up there. In-laws don't want us to buy at Ningi, they say it's a low capital growth area and should be somewhere nicer. But that's all we can afford. Suspect they will offer to chip in more to get us to move to Buderim area. Fine by me! Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  12. Yeah, we could get a shoe box in that new estate in Caloundra or something out the back of Nambour for that! The property price crash doesn't exist on the Sunshine Coast. Seen some homes drop 40k around Sandstone Lakes on the other hand! Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  13. Update: We ended up moving to Bribie Island. Technically, just short of the Sunshine Coast! We are renting atm and starting to look for homes to buy. We may still end up moving further north, but the Sunshine Coast is so expensive we will most likely have to stay around here. 500k doesn't get you much in the Sippy Downs/Buderim area, if anything! A very nice house can be bought on the mainland side of Bribie for that. Plus the kids are just settling in to new schools so wouldn't want to have to move them again! Any members here from the Bribie region? Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  14. Thanks guys, will start with the clean up. Opened one up and was surprised how dirty it was! Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  15. Hey Guys I have two coin mechs that have failed suddenly, both around the same time after years of trouble free use! What's the normal procedure here, just bin and buy new ones? Repair? If repair, does anyone here repair them? Or any simple things I can try myself? I have tried reseating the plugs, and ribbon cables to the credit board. Money just goes in and comes straight back out the return shoot. I have removed them and opened the coin return door and checked for any foreign objects (with twin two year olds, I am always removing something from all the coin mechs. Pulled a paddle pop stick and bits of plastic out of my Shinobi cab the other day!). Thanks, Lefty Sent from my X9009 using Aussie Arcade mobile app
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