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  1. Count me in too please Leigh ... sounds great! Also, my 2 brothers & a mate would like to go too if that's ok ... all massive pinheads
  2. Count me in too ... it will be great to catch up & play some more pin
  3. Hi, I've been shopping my Shadow ready for sale and finally got it nice and was playing a few test games and mid game it just stopped completely and went blank As you can see from the photo, the MPU board's centre LED is not flashing yet it seems to be receiving the 12 & 5 volts from the Driver board. I have tested voltages at the test points which seem fine but I'm no expert I've tried reseating all the chips, even the ASIC chip and problems continue ... any suggestions? If it does need repair are there any suggestion on who to contact for this & while I'm at it I'd get the driver board reconditioned too btw .. I'm in Inner West Sydney Thanks in advance ... Paul
  4. lots of people not working as would rather get job keeper instead eg next door neighbour is a Taxi driver and hasn't been on the road for close to a year. Said he'll start working again this March as Job Keeper payments will end I'd like to think things will go back to normal but not betting on it
  5. I'd love to drop by again - last time must have been close to 10 years ago!! I've signed the door
  6. I think you'll lose your bet & I'm a Tesla/EV fan Battery production constaints will be the inhibiter
  7. Get a Mac .. second hand MacBook Air for about $400
  8. Happy birthday mate ...you're a legend. Always there to help
  9. The angle of the vid was perfect to show off the most awesome lightshow ever on a pin (including the topper)
  10. I only have physical, otherwise I'd be joining in for sure
  11. Thanks Andrew & family for having us mob of 30 or so pinball freaks around to spend the night playing pinball and talking shit. Had a great night.... see you at the next meet
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