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  1. Shipping is nuts hey. I think it will improve once USPS removes restrictions into Australia, but who knows when that will be..... If you just want sling and outline protectors I think you'd get away with anything for a Stern if you can source locally. Even if it doesn't quite cover the sling edges, it should get you close (or you can dremel to fit).
  2. Interested in a Stranger Things, preferably HUO (or top condition). Happy with either version, and could potentially discuss a trade. Based in Sydney.
  3. After a non-mint Fish Tales. Ie just needs to have cabinet, mechs and wiring in good condition, not as concerned with playfield, decals etc.
  4. BSD for me. Onto my second one, and in the condition it's in I'd never be able to replace it. I love the simplicity of the rule set, the high (but fair) level of difficulty, and the fact that if you're having a bad game it's usually over with quickly 🙂
  5. Looking for this adaptor if you happen to have one spare, or can even swap you for my WPC/WPC95 adaptor (new) if you're changing machines and in the same situation?
  6. Selling my spot for cost if you're interested in Spooky's Ultraman Blood Suckers Edition! Build #396 of 500, and so with the estimated schedule being built alongside Halloween, the expected build time would be mid '22. Having said that, with Rick and Morty this was brought forward to coincide with the Australian shipment and so I imagine the same would be the case with this. If that happens it could well be late this year/early '22. Cost is $2,030AUD. Then when the game is ready for production, the balance of $6,495USD is payable to Spooky directly. Image included is their prototype but was missing the art blades (included with the BSE) at the time. I should elaborate, $2,030 was the deposit amount ($1,500USD) payable at the time to Spooky. Ie the machine is $7,995USD in total.
  7. Looks like the first batch are out in the wild now, should start to see more commentary soon.
  8. He's a loose cannon in his group hey. Pretty average. GLWS, bargain price for this especially with the gloss! Such a unique game and theme integration can't be beat!
  9. Don’t think he saw it coming either with those Uvex shades
  10. Interested in a HUO Aerosmith if anyone’s thinking of selling. Preferably Pro but would consider Premium. Thanks!
  11. It’s sounding a bit touch and go, so I may just dismantle mine and trace it out to be safe!
  12. This is a BSD - appreciate the input so far. Wayne are your CAD plans available or are they a licensed thing? cheers
  13. One of my machines could really do with a new cabinet as the ply is starting to delaminate. I could dismantle and then trace the panels, but thought I'd ask if anyone has or knows of a resource for the panels at all? This would save the downtime as it's a game I still play and would be great to have the new one done and just do the swap.
  14. Thanks for shooting this - love seeing the details under the hood, the playfield, things like that. Build quality looks really solid. Love those backbox hinges. Had to laugh at the glass hit lol :)
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