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  1. Hi Rob, I have a set of 4 x 31"you can have. They are a bit rusty and one of them is a little warped but they are obviously better than the ones you have. No charge if you want them just pay postage and pay it forward. I am in Brisbane. Looking for a pair of 27" myself 😎 Ray
  2. Why is it the last few Gottlieb I have come across dont have the right 27" legs. Where did they go? Does anyone have a pair, I just need two so my grandaughter can reach the front 🤣 I'm at Westlake in Brisbane. Thanks
  3. I would imagine quite a few people have seen the code updates on Pinside for Meteor 2021 and Trident 2020. There are other game updates but I have only worked on Meteor and Trident so far. These updates allow you to switch the games between old code and a totally new game code with full stereo speech. The latest Trident code also adds multiball with a number of hardware modifications. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/meteor-2021-new-code-for-stern-meteor-1979 The codes were created by Dick Hamill and are available on GITHUB as open source. The Gerber files are also available for free. Instructions are also available on GITHUB. I have been playing with Arduino for a short while and have started doing a few mods driven by the Arduino platform. I was asked to modify a Meteor setup as the code needs to be modified if there are variations in your machine. All this is documented freely on Pinside but I thought it would be a fun project to play with. The parts are available from the USA via RoyGBev on Pinside, and one or two other providers. I have built a few full kits for friends, and I have some spares. so thought I would offer them locally (OZ only) in various forms. The Rev 1 board works with an Arduino Nano and is a Trident 2020 install only. The Rev 3 board uses a Mega 2560 Pro and is for Meteor 2021. These boards are $35 each if anyone is interested in starting from scratch. The next level is fully populated and programmed to your machine The programming adjustment is regarding types of displays and credit display and type of MPU . These work with all Bally/Stern versions and Altek. Weebly boards are not currently supported but under investigation. Either board populated and programmed is $120 . The next requirement is a Wav Trigger board, these cost around $110-$115 on their own so you might find one cheaper. Otherwise, populated and programmed with the latest firmware and the right sounds on an 8Meg SD card is an extra $130. The last thing to make a full kit is the wiring to the Wav board and to a switch that sits in the base and allows you to switch between the old code and new code. Your job to install this is to cut one of the speaker wires and route it through the switch (wiring and connector provided) to disable the on board speaker when the mod kicks in. You can make this up yourself or I can make it for $30. The costs are only related to the parts I buy and a small labour charge to put it together . The software is free as are the gerber files and instructions. I only have a small number of parts left and I would be happy to discuss installation and support in Brisbane. Postage for any parts at buyers expense. If anyone is interested please contact me to discuss options.
  4. Thanks to everyone involved in getting another great Houseball put together. Its always popular at Grant and Angela’s, fantastic hosts and some really nice games to play (badly) 😜
  5. Can you add Zanderzone. Sandy would like to come for the social but not play.
  6. Another great Houseball. Many thanks to Dave and Sandy and the organisers.
  7. Thanks for the info Jeff. The board is missing so I need a replacement. If I can get a dead one, that would be ok too 🙂
  8. Hi Peter, There are a number of Stern coil wrappers that have the ND suffix (no diode). you have it seems most of the standard labels but none with the ND suffix. Could you create them if I sent you a listing ? regards ray
  9. Looking for one of these Gen 2 boards, particularly for Pool Champion but any Gen2 power board. Also used on Robot, Magic Castle, Farfalla,etc.
  10. This was in my stash of “will never use “ pile. But someone may. part no 5772-15096-03 Free to good home, just pay postage, probably around $15. I have no way to test it.
  11. Didn’t even know you could spell transformer. 😎
  12. Game list for next week if anyone wants to know :- Jurassic Park home Ed. Mando Prem Tron Pro GBLE Creech and as always, FLASH 😀 5 others to play as well. List always subject to change.
  13. Hi All, Can I please ask that you do not park on the grass verge opposite my house. The guy there is weirdly defensive about his grass. Plenty of parking further up and down the road and less hassle. Cheers Ray
  14. You had better add Zanderzone and Sandy as I’m sure they will be coming anyway 😀
  15. Hi all, As per title, I’m looking for a kit for my Tron. It looks like they haven’t been around for a number of years but thought I might try my luck.
  16. I don’t use a grub boot loader but think this post may benefit others on the forum so gets a l thumbs up from me.
  17. I have already been asked for some cabinet bits if it didn’t go complete, but I don’t think that includes the boards. When It’s ready to go I will take some snaps and see what you want.
  18. Spanish Lap by Lap full cabinet including legs free for pickup. Cabinet has a bit of damage but could be recovered quite easily. Backbox has a bit of damage but again I would call it recoverable. Would be an ideal candidate for a virtual pin especially with its interesting shape cabinet and legs. Pickup from Westlake 4074. Ray
  19. Free to good home, selection of Capcom boards, all with some fault or another. 10 boards all up. Pick up only from Westlake 4074 or off to the dump they go.
  20. There are a few threads that can be followed to a large extent. Maxthecat and his project Moon Flight is by far the most helpful and detailed. My comment above was a little simplistic. You would still have to learn some coding, as even if I gave the Arduino code for mine it would still need to be changed for the applicable project. However the code is pretty much broken down into segments for pop bumpers, switches, lights, drops, outhole etc. I would like to try to put a bit more information together on what I used for mine, and how I went about making it work, but this was also my first foray into an Arduino project and I am far from being any sort of expert and probably only just scrape into the Novice category.
  21. Another great night. Excellent food, great company, fantastic machines, ( I love that Alien, but it didn’t like me ) 😎 Many thanks to Sarah and Travis for hosting, Rusty for organising, and Cranky Dave who takes the reins next year, and any other helpers. Hopefully 2022 will see us having some more good Houseball meets, without the struggles of the last couple of years. Merry Christmas all.
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