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  1. A great Houseball meet. Grants machines are always such a pleasure to play (badly). Food was superb. Many thanks Grant and Angela for having us all over. Well done George on taking top spot.
  2. Replied in a PM. Sorry, no more kits available from me sorry. http://www.roygbev.com has them.
  3. I was wondering if this was still around 😀. Looks like you have done some nice upgrades. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Can you put me in the list please. Reen would like to come for the social if there is room . (And to make sure I get home) 🤣🤣
  5. Interesting as I just need one of these. No pics on Waynes site doesnt make it easy ☹️
  6. bump for Transformer 15B-6797. Thanks
  7. Thanks, this project has been put in the "too hard" pile
  8. you will have to come up to Brisbane. @Zanderzone has a really nice Defender.
  9. Wow, Inductors are normally difficult to measure and rarely fail, in fact I have never really considered one as a faulty component. Well done in finding such a quirky component fault. I am sure there will be others that will benefit from this advice.
  10. I know this is resurrecting an old thread but as there are minimal Hankin threads then we might as well follow the bouncing ball. I am working on an FJ. No boot, no lights at all on MPU only GI on playfield. I found no boot when 12V and Gnd applied to TP7 and 8 on the bench. The roms tested ok U2 is a prom and U3 is a TMS2516 but they read ok as TMS2516 and checksum compared to IPDB ok. U1, U10 and U11 were swopped with no result. It had original sockets so replaced U1,U10,U11,U2 and U3 sockets, continuity tested all connections using the Shark Schematic, (the FJ one is a little less readable) then I got 3 flashes on the bench. The chips were ok but obviously a bad socket. I didnt go through one by one just replaced all of them. I tried to bypass the Zerocross with 5v at the end of the circuit but no change. re installed and still no boot. Found ground connector was open circuit, jumpered from TP8 to ground and it booted fully for about 5 minutes then when I was going through diagnostics it just stopped. then would only boot to 3 flashes. I swopped the power supply with a Shark PS and it booted fine (no sound but thats another issue) Found the 24V connection was compromised on the power supply board. Replaced all headers on the power supply and all connector pins. Now boots ok. It appears that you may not be able to see past flash 3 on the bench, but its a good starting point. Ensure your power supply is really doing what its supposed to before assuming its all the MPU fault. The Sound board was a faulty 6802 CPU
  11. I'm looking for a transformer for a Flash. Part number as above. If anyone has one or knows of a machine being stripped for parts it would be much appreciated. I have been asked to repair a machine with this bit missing. Not a good start to the repair process 😃
  12. Hi Koops, Can I get one of the SAM knocker kits if available please. Can you post to Brisbane 4074 Cheers. Ray
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