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  1. Thanks to everyone involved in getting another great Houseball put together. Its always popular at Grant and Angela’s, fantastic hosts and some really nice games to play (badly) 😜
  2. Can you add Zanderzone. Sandy would like to come for the social but not play.
  3. Another great Houseball. Many thanks to Dave and Sandy and the organisers.
  4. Thanks for the info Jeff. The board is missing so I need a replacement. If I can get a dead one, that would be ok too 🙂
  5. Hi Peter, There are a number of Stern coil wrappers that have the ND suffix (no diode). you have it seems most of the standard labels but none with the ND suffix. Could you create them if I sent you a listing ? regards ray
  6. Looking for one of these Gen 2 boards, particularly for Pool Champion but any Gen2 power board. Also used on Robot, Magic Castle, Farfalla,etc.
  7. This was in my stash of “will never use “ pile. But someone may. part no 5772-15096-03 Free to good home, just pay postage, probably around $15. I have no way to test it.
  8. Didn’t even know you could spell transformer. 😎
  9. Game list for next week if anyone wants to know :- Jurassic Park home Ed. Mando Prem Tron Pro GBLE Creech and as always, FLASH 😀 5 others to play as well. List always subject to change.
  10. Hi All, Can I please ask that you do not park on the grass verge opposite my house. The guy there is weirdly defensive about his grass. Plenty of parking further up and down the road and less hassle. Cheers Ray
  11. You had better add Zanderzone and Sandy as I’m sure they will be coming anyway 😀
  12. Hi all, As per title, I’m looking for a kit for my Tron. It looks like they haven’t been around for a number of years but thought I might try my luck.
  13. I don’t use a grub boot loader but think this post may benefit others on the forum so gets a l thumbs up from me.
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