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  1. Thanks, I will use your workaround and do you believe, Jaycar stock 2n3055, hopefully problem solved.
  2. Would anyone in Brisbane or local have a couple of MPS-U45 transistors, and possibly a 2n3055 spare. I can order them but it would take weeks and I want this piece of crap out of my house. The 7 bank drop isn't working, Q29 tests as bad and Q45 looks like its been in a fire. I have the manual but still cant work out whether Q1,2,3 and 4 are used to swop into Q29. This is still not mentioning the wiring 'repairs' with twisted wires and insulating tape that I have yet to fix ....... 😭😭
  3. A friend of mine has a Wurlitzer CD jukebox that needs work. Wasn't there a service tech out Rosewood way, can't seem to find him now.
  4. Hi, Lights can be a bit frustrating but the light matrix tells you pretty much the whole story so here goes. (By the way I do not own an Addams so have no real reference). 1. Do you have the manual ? Download from IPDB. 2. Page 98 (Chap 2-page 40) shows a map of all the lights. you need to make a list of the numbers of the ones that are not lit. This also tells you which type of bulb is fitted to that point. I know this sounds stupid but I had a machine that was fitted with a number of 12V bulbs that lit but were dim. 3. Page 104 (Chap 3- page 2) of the manual gives you the light matrix. Cross off the numbers taken above like a bingo card, this will show if you have a row or column issue. That is probably a good time to come back to this thread. The info you gave above doesn't have enough info to make an assessment of what's wrong. Maybe scan the 'bingo card' and post a picture. They are normally a very helpful bunch on this forum.
  5. Already done, and Bridges replaced, although they tested fine.
  6. Thanks, That seems to be what Soren posted somewhere. I was looking for the write ups about V7 and on one of the posts it said it required original sound roms but I now believe this to be wrong. Will be burning V7 in the next few days. I think I have my answer, thanks to all that posted.
  7. Damn, shame I dont live in Vic. 😥
  8. Hi All, I have a question regarding the best Demo Man rom that supports Vulgar Speech, also allows coin credit. The H6 rom supports vulgar speech but is a Free play only Rom. Some research shows that LX4 says it supports it but although that rom plays fine Vulgar speech doesnt seem to work. The V7 rom says it requires vulgar speech roms but the write up for this rom says that it only supports normal speech roms. There are so many updates to Demo Man that I hope I don't have to burn all versions to find the right one. Can anyone clarify please. 😎
  9. Would love to see nixie tubes used in something like this. Sounds like a fantastic project. Looking forward to seeing the build thread. I was thinking of a Steam Punk project, but using them doesn't appear to be as straight forward as one might think.
  10. I think you should put Zanderzone and Sandy in. They are on holiday in Bali at the moment but how am I going to get a lift home if they dont go 🤣🤣
  11. Done, the invoice system works well, I didn't even have to hunt anything down just follow the bouncing ball 😁
  12. Nice, I'm quite impressed with the yoppsicles. Way better than those old bally sockets and non ghosting.
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