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  1. Great night guys. Such a sociable bunch of people, that’s why I like Houseball so much. Many thanks Jayson and Danielle, and organisers.
  2. Travel, Cruise, travel. My wife and I both finished work 2 years ago with the thoughts of spending up to 3 months in Europe, COVID screwed that up but still hanging out to go. Cruising got a really bad rap after the Ruby Princess debacle but I figure they will have learnt a lot of lessons so am looking forward to going to NZ on a Cruise. We have been trying to get around but everything has just been getting cancelled. Both double dose vaccinated.
  3. Inspired by @Maxthecat and his Moon Flight, I have been on the look out for a project machine. I picked up this Game Plan cocktail pinball with a pretty much complete playfield but no boards or transformer. Michael (Maxthecat) has been super helpful with advice and photos of aspects of his build so you will see that I have copied his Arduino Shield layout for the mosfet resistors exactly. I built my own mosfet driver board but used his as a reference. I actually needed 11 drivers for the coils on this machine but only had room for ten resistor sets on the shield, so I have ignored the knocker. I had been wanting to try programming an Arduino for a while, having done ‘C’ programming for fun way back in the early days of home computers but not using it for a very long time so it was like a fresh start. This seemed like a good project. It’s not finished as I still need to add extra players and maybe do a bit of work on the sound. It’s currently running a Williams type 1 sound card out of my Flash. I had a wav player installed but it died. Interestingly enough the digitalWrite‘LOW’ I was using to trigger the Flash card wasn’t working but by putting a relay board in, driving the relay to ground the pins works fine, I can adjust the length of the sound by a delay. (As can be seen in the video at the kick out collect bonus). Hopefully the YouTube link works. The sound relay is the blue one on the left. The black relay in the centre is enabled for the 24v when the game is credited up. The +12 and -12 and 5v for the sound card and lights comes from a pc power supply, 5v is split and fused. The lower power supply is 24v for all solenoids. Sorry about the messy wiring but there is an awful lot in a small area 😀 The only issue I am having is that I am scanning a switch matrix that uses 8x4 to cover 32 switches, if any of those switches stick (drops dropping gently, rollover sticking eg) it causes the game to stall, I haven’t worked out how to test this at game start yet. The Start button is off the matrix so the software waits for this button before enabling the 24v.
  4. Wanted for a project, dead or alive. These boards were used in all Williams machines from Disco Fever System 3 to Black Knight System 7. Cheers.
  5. Yes, I did say to you that I was willing to do one but I have been busy and not going to get around to hosting anytime soon.
  6. You need to add a photo of the beer fridge Pat, puts it all into perspective. Deck to beer fridge to games room to beer fridge to projector games to beer fridge to deck. Perfect route.
  7. Sorry Jeff, I’ve been away fishing so didn’t see your post. Much appreciated but all done.
  8. A bit of isopropyl and a stiff brush will clean that flux right up. Well done, posts like these are guaranteed to help someone else in the future.
  9. No Worries, Give me an address an I will give you a price for postage. It’s a big item so postage suggestions welcome.
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