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  1. Thanks so much for that. I have just message dee2eR to grab more details on the product. Thanks!
  2. Hi Team, Long time away but thought I would come somewhere I can trust for advice. Seen a few Raspberry Pi Jamma adapters and wanted to get onboard. I have no idea which is the best option. Going into a generic candy cab with 15hz monitor with 6 buttons each player. Want something fairly easy to play around with. Just want to download an image and away we go. Full mame set and Daphne is all I am interested in. Would also like to have video previews. What is everyone's go to for this? Thanks!
  3. Hi Team, I have had a issue with my Getaway for some time now and thought I would try and get it sorted. When the ball goes to the tunnel and gets ejected to the right, it seems to hit the multiball lock rails and bounces back into the eject hole. After a few tries it eventually pops out. Its like the eject hole is using too much power. Not sure. Anyone seen this issue or has any advice?? Thanks
  4. Funny you should say that. I started looking up videos on this and found out there are 8 actual prototypes that Steve Richie was going to include in the original pin but got dropped at the last minute. His ones looked more cartoonish that realistic like this.
  5. Installed. Must say I am very happy with the end result. I will have a couple to move on as my friend is painting a couple more if anyone is interested. Just message me.
  6. Yes it is. Just search om Thingiverse for Getaway Mountain.
  7. Found this mountain model for a William Getaway and decided to print it. Friend of mine who is an artist offered to paint it up for me. I must say I am so impressed at how it came out. Have not yet installed it but very excited to see it all up and running in my machine. Just needed to tell someone :)
  8. Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately I screwed one of the connectors. I will need to order another one now but if you have the tool and can help out that would be excellent!
  9. Hi Team, I am looking for a 11 pin locking connector for my Bally Party Zone. I managed to grab a 12 pin from pinball spares and tried my hand at crimping using a screwdriver. This did not go well. It works but too dodgy for my liking. Pinball spares does not have the crimping tools in stock and $33 for the tool todo 1 connector just seems a bit too much. is there a version that I can crimp using a normal molex crimping tool? The ones that you crimp the metal connector to the wires and slide it into the connector? I watched a US pinball repair video and they replaced using one of these. Below is the actual connector. Thanksk
  10. I have ordered more fuses so will wait till these arrive and go from there. At least I know its alive.
  11. OK. Got the meter out and started testing fuses. F113 on the driver board was blown. I had none on hand so I wired it up just to test for second (I know you are probably screaming at me now) Anyway she fired up fine. Only thing is my wire started to melt. I immediately switched off. I have concerns that there is something else wrong as I would suspect the fuse would blow quickly compared to a 22AWG wire. Anyone know what F113 drives and why it could be heating up? Thanks
  12. Thanks everyone. I will get the meter out and give it a good once over and start checking fuses and voltages around the place. The kids are old enough now that they are asking to play "ping pong". True what they say. Don't play your machines and they start to fail.
  13. Hey team, I finally fired up my Party Zone after a few years of sitting there doing nothing. I now get garbage on the screen and no other signs of life. I have reseated connectors etc to see if I can get her going but no go. I did notice a burnt out connector but I am not sure of this is from years ago or recently. It doesn't seem fresh. I cannot remove that connector now as its like fused with the socket. Anyway has anyone seen symptoms like this before? Any advice? Thanks
  14. I just bit the bullet and grabbed a Apple II VGA scaler from a2heaven. Finally they have some in stock today. Better be worth it. No more monitor issues and colour in everything.
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