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    Custom Built MAME Cabinet, Target Alpha EM Pinball, Atari Pong, Dragons Lair, Donkey Kong, Super Pacman, Baby Pacman, Atari Pole Position, Bi Plane, Gorf, Gravitar, Space Invaders, Ms Pacman, Xevious, Berzerk, QBert.

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  1. Wow. No love for Pong???? Price drop to $4000 Please PM if interested as I get email notofications for those. I no longer log in regulary so may miss your post.
  2. Price drop to $2800. Damn good price for a rare game like this with the upgrades it has. Please PM if interested as I get email notifications for those. Ino longer visit the forum frequently so may miss your post.
  3. Not Sure. You'll have to arrange your own transport. I believe a number of people use Bill big ass van and he seems reliable. Just dropped price to 500
  4. Price Drop $500. If interested please PM me as I get notifications via email that way.
  5. I believe so yes. Obviously you would need a space ace laser disc to do it.
  6. I am parting with my original Atari Pong. This is a genuine Atari that I imported a number of years ago. All original Fully working Currently running on 110V so will need a step down transformer Has original TV This machine has never been restored but still looks new. Put simply you will not see a better example. EVER! $4000
  7. I am parting with my dragons lair for anyone who is interested. All original Side art Original internals Refurbished original G07 Monitor replacing all parts that normally fail. Has upgraded laser disc player and Laserconn upgrade (original ones were flakey) Converted to 240V Brand new CPO. Screen printed just like the original. Comes with original boards and laser disc player if you want to convert it back to original condition. I would advise against it as the original laser disc players in these things were pretty crappy and un-reliable. Also have spare laser disc which is untested. Bottom of cabinet does need minor repair if your fussy (see pics). $2800 - - - Updated - - - Actually just noticed there are 2 for sale section. Can one of the mods please move this to the one open for replying as I don't mind people replying to this.
  8. Defender and Space invaders posters sold.
  9. I have a bunch of arcade flyers and artwork to off load. I'm going to sell the flyers in lots. Sorry no splitting them at this point as I don't want to be left with anything. Flyers ------------------------ Lot 1 ($25): Track and Field Gorf Pacman Shaq Attack Berzerk Lot 2 ($25): Spy Hunter Centipede Dig Dug Timber Brugertime Lot 3 ($20): Crystal Castles Frogger Super Pacman Reactor Lot 4 ($20): Marble Madness Tempest Rampage World Tour Rampage Posters $10 Each ---------------------- Defender Space Invaders Berzerk Marquees ($30 for all 3) ------------------------- Tank x 2 Pacman Plus Happy to post at buyers expense.
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