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  1. Looking for an Iron Maiden pro. I can offer up several new release Stern's as a potential trade option. If you have one you are thinking of moving on, drop me a message to discuss in more detail.
  2. Wow - Not many of these in Australia. $3.5k was a bargain compared to what they are being snapped up for in the US !
  3. Thanks, I did see those, but they would be expensive to import and I highly suspect that most of those games are going to be extremely over priced due to the massive publicity they have generated for the event beyond the pinball and arcade community.
  4. Looking for a Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Machine. Would prefer a working upright model, but may consider a project sit-down model with a non working monitor unit I can mod with an LCD. Please PM me if you have anything available.
  5. On the look out for a Swords of Fury pinball machine by Williams. If you happen to have one you want to sell please drop me a PM.
  6. Looking for a Swords of Fury (1988) by Williams. If anybody has one please drop me a message.
  7. Offering a super-nice HUO Walking Dead Premium with colour display, shaker, upgraded speakers, art blades, interactive under cab lighting and a bunch of other mods, exclusively for an Elvira Premium. If you have one you will consider trading, please drop me a message to discuss details. Sorry apart this trade opportunity, TWD is not for sale and I am not looking to trade for any other titles at this time.
  8. I'm looking for a project cabinet suitable to house this SFII control panel below. Ideally a red LAI cab with a decent working monitor would be great, but I will consider any options. .
  9. many thanks everybody. I appreciate the clarification. Saved me for wrongly ordering a US repro control panel which would not have fit. I'm now in touch with somebody who can help reproduce one locally - which is great for many reasons.
  10. Hoping somebody can help answer this question. I've got a green LAT TMNT cab in need of a new control panel. I have found an un populated panel in the US made for the US Konami TMNT cabs and I am wondering if the US panel will fit on my green LAI cab. Thanks in advance for helping clarify this.
  11. Anybody know if EB games or any other distributor has plans to release the 1up Star Wars unit herein Oz?
  12. I've been offered a few games from an Arcade collector / dealer in the US which I’m passing directly on to anybody here who may be interested. I can ship these games to Sydney for you for $480 aud each plus 10% gst (on the purchase of the game). I can also store them for a short while in Sydney until Bill makes his next round. Anybody who is interested I will put you in touch directly with the seller. It will be your responsibility to ask all the right questions and get all the pics you need to be confident about the purchase. While I've found this seller to be very honest and fair - it will be up to you to decide to buy the game at your own risk. He is getting in new titles all of the time and usually know’s where to find a game if it is not listed. If you are looking for a particular title he may be able to find it for you. I can also ship an arcade game or pin to Sydney if you find a game externally in the US you want to buy for $480aud plus 10% gst on the cost of game. It will be up to you to organise US ground shipping departure point in Ohio There will be a minimal $100usd handling / storage / packing fee to be paid directly to the collector for this option. I have about 4-6 game spots available. Games will ship in aprox 4-6 weeks time Here is the current Arcade games list available (prices are in USD) - Pole position - $750 Pole position 2 - $850 Pole position 1 and 2 - of board $850 Cowboys of Moo Mesa - $1500 Punchout - $2250 Splatterhouse - $2400 Super punchout - 3,300 (super rare) Ring king - $500 Crystal castle - $950 Carnival - 600 Klax- $500 Toobin - $1250 Sunset riders - $1750 Liberator - $1500 Dragon Spirit - $2500 Demolition Derby 4player - $2750 VS excite bike - $ 1200 Pinball - Comet (very clean) $1800 Coming Soon - Food Fight Feel free to PM me if you are interested and would like me to put you in touch with the seller directly.
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