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  1. Fark. I'm away doing shit elsewhere... Come grab my Ice Cold Beer for the night. Thank you. You welcome.! xxx
  2. Happy Birthday AceJas on the Case..! Of beer...
  3. In.. Road trip @kramer and @Arcade King Beer fridge and swags in the ute.!
  4. Hey Andy, Drop in and and Gavin at Peerless Sandblasting, Pentex St, Sailsbury, He'll sort you out,
  5. Thanks all. Its been a fun couple of days. Can't believe is now Tuesday and I'm just starting to feel human again..! You people, and you know who you are..! Fun times. ;)
  6. Where in QLD is this machine.? Pics of the internals would be good, power supply type etc..
  7. @kramer Chime in when you want.! I saw elsewhere that someone did actually fall for it and deposited 4k sight unseen. Oops.
  8. I didn't break one.. I had one safely placed away up high and its just started flaking up on me. Now, anyone have a lead..?
  9. Desperately looking for a lead on an original TMNT back glass.. Anyone have one or know of one for sale. Save my bacon please.! D.
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