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  1. looking to build an addams family pin and chasing all the parts required. I have a donor wpc game. main parts i'm looking for would be the thing hand assembly / bookcase assembly, but will look at any / all spares you might have. Send me a PM, thanks! It'll be a long term project.
  2. update for Toowoomba QLD: Club Glenvale : Avengers infinity quest pro big 4 garden city : Stern Star Trek Pro Met hotel : Data east GNR + Getaway HS2
  3. sounds like you need to up the machine rental prices Rusty!
  4. looking for the following part.. Bally NBA FASTBREAK pinball machine diverter blade. Reference: 04-10725.1 Anyone got one available new or in good used condition?
  5. Hi Tony, Can i grab the LW3 manual and Junkyard manual, the QL coin mech and the shadow and demolition man aprons please ? I'll also take a coin door if you have something that can convert a data east machine to a standard type coin mech. My data east door has a c220 mech in it, not sure how to replace the internals to suit a standard mechanical mech..
  6. find a low km zd30 from a d22 navara and drop it in. i've got an old bt50, been nursing it a couple years with a crook head. booked it in for replacement finally. needs new tyres and front wheel bearings as well so about 4k worth of repairs. what else are you going to buy for that money? i'll fix it and keep driving it. even if you decide to sell, there's plenty of buyers for used 4wd's and GU's are fairly desirable.
  7. Capitalist. Monster cans are $5.00 Davey boy.
  8. As dave suggested, just find a mechanical $1 machine. They're literally a bar fridge and don't require much power. Easy to work on and will take 375ml cans. Should be able to pick one up for a couple hundred dollars. I still run a few of them on site but set at $2 a vend
  9. I've been using a hakko fx600 for about a year. Very good quality and reasonably priced portable soldering iron with adjustable temp control. Always in my tool kit.
  10. Yeah, i happened to be in warwick when it was listed.. seemed scammy. thought i'd take a punt and "go inspect it.." Didn't take cash with me, it was only 10 mins away from where i was at the time. House was a vacant block in a future subdivision. there wasn't even a street sign. no seller to speak of.. and no pin.
  11. Nah I messaged and asked..
  12. Happy birthday Ricky. Catch up soon mate.
  13. Yep they're container jobbies from Europe.
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