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  1. I dont think you will blow anything up. If the inverter cannot handle it , it will usually just shut down. I play pinball all of the time using an inverter 2000w. sometimes several machines are on without probs. EM, s included You really should earth everything. Cause you do not want to be the path to earth if something goes wrong. The inverter & controller would have an earth terminal I would think
  2. I have a poor looking , jukebox surround from a Diner pinnie. Not sure why the chrome has been damaged . Maybe a poor choice of cleaning agent in the past. It does not have an "edge" as it would of if it had peeled. Can this plastic be re-chromed ? Other ideas ? It has a few small decals / stickers on it that would need replacing also. ??
  3. Yes it is just a standard 18 watt (2 foot) tube available at bunnings
  4. Probably old stock. It is usually a tan colour. but is sometimes a bit redish
  5. I was only after a reciept. I contacted Damien today & should be sorted tomorrow
  6. I used same email as the one that sent the invoice It was order # then I requested same # machine as I was happy with that as a random #
  7. Looks great , although Im a little worried coz after paying in full weeks ago I have not heard or seen anything in the way of a reciept., even after asking by email for some acknowlegement of payment. Did anyone else get a reciept.?? Not really expecting the machine for a while as I was supposed to be machine 171 . Now after reading the 8 week thing Im not even sure why I was asked for bucks yet. But anyway it looks really nice. 👌
  8. Looking at that fbook link the words "terrorist funding" come to mind
  9. Use motorcycle covers. Large size
  10. There is also the " Goat Shed " lads up the road a bit at Glendale in Newcastle . Not far off the freeway.
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