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  1. Yeah don't get wrapped up making it like new, there's nothing wrong with what's there
  2. You might want to remove the power connector aswell, quite often creeps under there and causes reset issues after time.
  3. Are you going to bend a flat piece of timber or machine it out of a solid bock? The only way to bend it and for it to be stable would be to laminate many layers to a mould, making it out of a block of timber would not be strong at all because at some point the grain will cause weaknesses. The best way would be to make a steel control panel and laminate it with the same wood laminate you use for the main body of the cab.
  4. Are they regular rubber Doug or something else? The only issue with coloured rubbers and buying a selection to make a kit yourself is instead of just having white or black in all sizes, you need every colour in every size.
  5. Hi guys For a project I am about to start I need four yellow MCA buttons in good condition. The MCA ones have a slightly bigger flange diameter to the new ones I have here.
  6. Best to leave the 27,28 earth off in a generic cab as some mulitboards use that for controls and it will freak them out.
  7. Is the board non repairable?
  8. Have you done a complete switch test? Sounds like a switch is locked on, causing a ball to be launched.
  9. Probably about 90 well within the realm of the cheap 140amp arc welders Just have a practice on some scrap just doing a spot. Remember with stainless the flux on the rod expands as the rod cools. Best to do a run on scrap to get the rod nice and hot and then a quick spot on the wireform.
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