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  1. Isn't as easy as fixing a PC? which.. is um easy for some. Not as easy as unplugging and plugging a dedicated board no but way more powerful and upgradable. what am i missing?
  2. yeah all the different versions is a bit rediculous... ok if a title gets a cult following then run a LE edition. imo
  3. He's won 2 world titles, who he ducking?
  4. LOL he really jacked up when whats his name kent had a crack... and he had nothing but circle talk. He called old Artie a "uncle tom" then tried to circle back and say he didn't. He is an absolute DH imo. but you know what.... he starts this rubbish up before all his fights. Its about generating interest which creates more advertising and money for him.
  5. LOL @ NIB is not mint... no its New, which is better then Mint! Mint is as close to new with very few defects. Um No... that is Extremely Rare! what do i base that on? um well you can't buy one from anyone or anywhere.
  6. 3K for a non working machine? how much do you think they are worth working???
  7. Nice one mate, i need an invite over for a game!
  8. nar no imitations! only Jack Daniels :P LCD on the machine looks cool with those modes. Hobbit could be a killer.
  9. Are they only re running the standard?
  10. The theme and look of this machine seems boring an un original. IMO sorry to sound negative but that is my honest opinion. At least the orginal theme while strange to me was at least original and not done before. How many "racing" style machines have already been made.
  11. If I buy something and its limited but them gets re made I would be PISSED!!! big time, you pay more for the stability in re sale price (being limited). remake standard machines all you like...
  12. No milk for me please, i would prefer a jack and coke or wt and coke!
  13. I have a CAANOO and i really can't see a reason to buy the NGX based on reviews i have seen.
  14. I could not recommend Vodafail to my worst enemy! I switched to Telstra and couldn't be more happy with the cost/coverage. I now don't get 3 drop outs everyday when I am driving. Barely had 1 since.
  15. No harm done IMO. I say retract rather then WIN and don't pay. What if a day before auction end I lose my job? I don't see a problem in retracting for the right reasons. Even a change of mind is ok so long as its not too late in the auction process.
  16. I dont think it will take 15yrs. MM is an overall package, visually appealing / good theme / funny humour / fun to play. WOZ has already lost me on its theme and visually, i dont really see how WOZ is going to catch up based on that. IMO
  17. I thought Fishy went for $2.2K - $2.7K , so if one was really trashed wear wise I couldn't it going for more then $1500 below that and they might part it out. I bought a really nice Getaway for $1900 and it was not trashed at all. I think if the OP saves up $2K they should be able to pickup something in reasonable condition and working. (unless the price of C grade titles have gone up while i was away)
  18. lol @ "its a trap" is it the fish eye guy who says that in Star Trek?
  19. agree with both knight76 and prktkljokr have said, buyers shouldnt suffer in silence but they should also allow the seller a chance to remedy to their satisfaction which should be getting what was paid for. Mike your reply re telling the buyer to "**** off" im glad we wont cross paths in business as that would be a childish reply to an unhappy customer and you would be taken to small claims court i can assure you. a sale is a contract, if the contract is not met you surely understand what happens to the party clearly at fault.
  20. Thanks for the reply and fair enough, some of the info you posted i wasnt aware of. For the record i dont think "The Hobbit" is a bad theme at all, actually I thought STERN would have snapped that up to follow on from LOTR but it wasn't to be. Jack is smart from that perspective. So with respect to buliding the machine more to what customers wanted, who were these customers who had a say, is there a special private forum for that discussion??? Curious to know how some of the stuff was discussed then changed etc. BTW my previous post was my opinion right or wrong as it is it only an opinion.
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