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  1. Confused, yes, but im glad it’s working cos I’m out of ideas too. You’re a smart cookie and know only one will illuminate in circuit but have you actually tried to test each led with a couple of volts on its legs to see if they actually illuminate? TX side is basically 12v and a resistor to the board its the RX that has more circuitry and generally where the issues exist.
  2. That could be the case with the board sets as the wires will be addressed to the switch matrix however its the LEDs at a component level that it makes no difference. Same as the Bally/Williams opto TX assembly it doesn’t care one way or another if actual TX IR’s are swapped around as long as the RX it gets its light source. But replacement boards eg great lakes opto boards really want the matching pair as per switch matrix specs because of the diagnostic features.
  3. @robm Hi Rob, OK I know the original LED is MT5000UR Ultra Bright T-1 3/4 Marktech optoelectronics it may be discontinued now but I know with the specs given you will find a replacement or NOS. Now is the type your chasing a through hole design or is it the SMD? SMD's I have. The schematic is out of Baywatch as I was repairing Independence Day but as you can see the write up and operation is exactly the same. I also replaced the LM311N comparitor and 2N3904 I just did at the time. It was a long time ago. I did experiment at the time but the LED really needed a precise focal point to work effectively. So using resistors or trying to increase light output wont work but probably fail prematurely. It's all about narrow beam so you don't get flooding or interference from near by light output. It's a much better design than IR as you can visually see if the TX is working. Both sides use the same LEDs. Attached is the link to the MT5000UR data spec. it's safe to click. Hope this helps mate. https://www.datasheets360.com/part/d...9802010253818/
  4. I will have a look generally I document these things.
  5. @robm i had an LED opto issue with the alien head on Independence day. The optos are bright clear lens red light standard looking LEDs not I R so shining a torch into the RX should trigger a switch I also repaired a WPT that are surface mount . I purchased the LEDs from RS components and rreplaced them on board they were on. They do have a particular wave or focus spread.Hi
  6. You sure its not Richard Clapton impersonating Steve Ritchie?
  7. SR is there to repopulate G n R playfields to send to existing buyers, its part of his internship with JJP.
  8. ​ Luv it, well put. JJP discussing what all the fuss is about.
  9. Well that explains the cricket bats as the final clue...... It’s Spinal Tap
  10. And to be fair under some duress they handled it differently too with a much better outcome.
  11. I’m confident its Spinal Tap as the cryptic slogan in the OP ‘To 11’ refers to the band member explaining that his amp dials go all the way To 11. It’s 1 louder. Also the 7/11 reference ties in with a promo that the store uses in an advertising campaign, “Take it to 11�
  12. What about a DC to AC inverter and then use a standard arcade power supply? Depending on power requirements could be as little as $50
  13. I’ll help her get rid of your stuff, and show her that note you wrote telling me to take a couple of machines because Ive been such a good friend 🤣 I bet you’re warning her right about NOW!
  14. Yours is now Sold! I have a buyer who’s willing to pay $130,000 after talking me down from $185000. Should I trust this guy he even wants free delivery? Come on Shannon this whole deal stems on free delivery 🤣
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