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  1. Looking forward to the CPS1 multi, what's the latest timing on that? Cheers
  2. I use these sticks and buy them from Arcadeworlduk.com They are as reliable as you can get and shipping prices pretty reasonable They also stock all the colors
  3. Ratchet and Clank PS5 may be the best game I have ever played, graphics will blow your mind
  4. Nice one, thanks I'll send you a FB msg
  5. Hi, Does anyone happen to have files for Frogger side art? I have found the right side easily enough online but not the left. Not possible to simply flip the images in photoshop. I need the files as I have an irregular cabinet and need to resize the images to fit. Thanks!
  6. Spray-painting the seat section and starting to put it all back together
  7. Yeah I thought only the upright had a shaker. Seems SEGA did that with Afterburner and Outrun uprights too
  8. Got all the parts back from the powdercoaters, makes such a difference. The seat section just got sandblasted as it has a large bearing in the center I couldn't remove, I'll need to spray paint it. Then to figure out how the whole thing goes back together...uh oh
  9. Yee was such a good guy, very welcoming to any new comers who were interested in the scene His Trademe account has 2543 positive feedbacks. Not a single neutral or negative mark. Nobody has a score like that. Just goes to show the caliber of person he was. I'm glad I got to know him
  10. Thanks for that, I have already printed a manual off the net but will let you know if I'm keen. The printed version's schematics are pretty poor.
  11. Thanks mate, I'll check out your threads re After Burner. The test program will be a great help!
  12. Pretty sure mine are both blown as well. I think will have to be some sort of LED solution, guess will figure it out towards the end :-)
  13. Now the machine is fully stripped. The metal parts (x29) will go off to the shop for sandblasting and powder coating - satin black Wiring looms will get a clean in the dishwasher Seat has cracks in it, that will need fixing, which I don't have a lot of experience with but it shouldn't be too bad Might be a bit of a delay from now till the next update Let me know if anyone else has one of these or recalls playing back in the day?
  14. Some more pics so you can see how the machine goes together. I was surprised that there is no motor, purely mechanical movement with the joystick. 2 pots provide feedback to the PCB So many rusted bolts that stripped, it was a pain!
  15. Here's the PCB and PSU/Transformer area, both located under the seat.
  16. Tested the cabinet fuses, all good. Disconnected the PCB and switched on the game - its fires up! PSU putting out 5.32v. Reconnected the PCB and switched it on. Monitor seems OK though PCB has issues, comes up with a glitchy red screen, so it will need repair as expected. Couldn't help myself, started stripping it down. Better get onto it before I buy something else and lose motivation..
  17. I recently picked up a Thunder Blade DLX which was stored in a garage for a number of years. I never thought I'd find one in NZ, so was pretty happy when it arrived! I know most people don't have space for these units but I have fond memories of playing them back in the day. To me, they were the pinnacle of the arcade experience. Obviously it's filthy but pretty much all there. The throttle cover is missing (they had an ice cream container there lol). It's going to need a full strip down. I usually don't document my projects but thought this one was worth it. I'll do my best, I don't claim to be a professional but it should look pretty nice when complete. Cheers
  18. I've used them and they do work but can be finicky, particularly on Midway or medium res games. E.g. I had them in a T-Mek twin and it would occasionally drop out to a black screen, then it would reconnect What board are you using them on? Couldn't quite tell in the video I think people are making mods for these boards now also, which may help
  19. I'll back you up on your choice to use an LCD, sometimes you have to run with what's available. 19-20" CRTs are hard to source in this part of the world. Can I ask though, what model LCD did you use and how do you find the viewing angle? I built a replica Pac-Man a while back, same cabinet style as Galaga. I used a cheapo $10 19" 4:3 PC Monitor and the viewing angle was just OK. It looked washed out when viewed from the sides. I'm interested to know if you used a new IPS LCD and what the angles are like. Cheers
  20. I'm currently working on a LE2 in an original Japanese Konami Cabinet The CPO is a bit beat-up and there doesn't appear to be any other options online. I've scanned and joined the image but not an expert in Photoshop Anyone out there willing to give me a hand? Looks to be a fairly simple design.. Thanks! Luke LE CPO New.tif - Google Drive
  21. I used Happ Competition's on a recent MK build, the cornering didn't seem quite right. I've just bought a set of these for a Final Fight build and they seem great, come with Cherry switches as standard: https://www.arcadeworlduk.com/produc...oswitches.html
  22. This is an amazing project, well done If anyone ends up selling completed boards, count me in for one. I just built a replica DK cabinet, I'm having to run either a 60 in 1 or Groovymame set-up in the meantime.
  23. Great watch, thanks for posting Makes me want to build an NBA Jam cabinet!
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