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  1. I have F.Tales playfield & mini playfield. $200 including postage to Queensland
  2. Hi , I have 2x 5 and 1 x3 drop targets bank maybe even some of the metal guides. 0402169319 .Thank you
  3. Hi ,I have a few ... Road Show apron,flat..
  4. Hi, can I have 49,50,51,52,53,54 and 56 Thank you
  5. Hi, I have one a pair for sale.Thank your.0402169319
  6. If pinball shed cant find one Im positive I have couple of them ..
  7. Doug is right.If you put on flippermarkt,de , Star Wars Data East for 2000 euros will last two min.before someone buy it
  8. Looking for Ball Through Kicker Assembly for Gottlieb.
  9. Hi,I have one for sale but unfortunately one scoop is broken but can be fix .I can send you some pictures.if you wish 0402169319.Regards Zivko
  10. Hi I have many parts from Road Show.Just check today eBay Im intend to put some parts.Thank you.Regards Zivko
  11. Hi we have it Nice condition $180.00 including postage Thank you Regards Zivko
  12. Hi I have some of the parts you aare looking for. 0402169319.Thank you.Regards Zivko
  13. Hi, I have a few Bally Saucer Hole Kicker Brackets for sale
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