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  1. Hi Steve , really enjoy reading your updates . The timber slabs you brought has probably come from different suppliers . I know someone who works at Bunnings in Nowra and he said they have been getting timber from Germany ,Canada and New Zealand . He also said that the NZ is the worst quality out of the bunch
  2. Andrew , thanks you for the dmd for the Flintstones. It arrive quickly and was installed within 5 minutes. It also looks great.
  3. Thank You @Autosteve for the link to ArcGIS . I didn't know about this site . My holiday house is currently under threat .Just got sent a photo of the helicopter over the top dropping water .
  4. Holy S..T @Railways what a great memory . Back in the day I raced motocross. My son and I still ride and are fortunate to have 100 acres about 2 hours from home on which we have a motocross and supercross track. - - - Updated - - -
  5. Never played one of these in real life only VP .It is certainly a title I would love to get hold of. Congrats on your buy .
  6. Can anyone recommend a security system . I am looking to mount 2-3 sensors outside under the eaves on our holiday house . Will need a large hard drive and or capable of retaping on itself as kangaroos are quite often in the yard . Have got plenty of roof space to run cable and mount a hard drive etc. I also want to bust the old lady across the road walking her dog in my yard to shit as she does this to other yards when I am there and I keep finding surprises when I mow. Thanks
  7. That is beautiful work , it looks amazing considering what you had to start with.
  8. A lot of financial advisors usually recommend you invest your money with whoever they get the most commission off . But there are several good ones around . The good one should offer first up advice for free . Speak to a couple to get a good understanding before committing. A few people at work have been happy speaking to there super fund advisors . Ask them to work out a plan for your transition to retirement.
  9. Where we have a holiday house down the NSW south coast a two story house built solely out of 40ft shipping his just popped up . I have got to say I am impressed with the looks of it . Recently I run into a council inspector down there and was having a chat . He said that he did not really care what people done to there places , a sigh by me as I did not put in plans for a new larger veranda , but if someone makes a complaint then he has to take action .
  10. Congrats - love the mural on the door . Looking forward to see the photos when it is all finished
  11. Great work Steve . Only last week a work mate told me about the buy a bale charity . Have already purchased several bales and looking at buying some water next time
  12. Hi @Rat congrats on doing an Everesting - a huge effort . Not sure about the new knees as my surgeon keeps saying hold off. I know of several who have had it done and some are great with some having bad results . The one cyclists I know who had replacements said he feels like he has no more power in his legs and really struggle on hills . He is a very fit and activate man who has never taken any shortcuts with rehab .
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