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  1. Bump still looking for a unit.
  2. Looking for anything amiga related that people have left over or want to move on. Amiga 1200 Amiga 600 external Harddisk etc. newer accelerator cards for A500 etc Let me know
  3. Might wait for chips to be available then grab one. They have done a fair bit of work on the software side.
  4. Gemini2544 Thanks for the feedback. Mine will sit in an under house garage so temperature wise it is fairly stable. I have a fridge there at the moment so thinking the costs are about the same or less because you don't lose the whole fridge when getting a drink out. This way I also have some money coming in (50c or $1 per can) where the fridge is emptied out without any money on the fridge. Will have to have a look at facebook markets as well.
  5. who ever picked them up would be interested in a unit. happy to help move or store them :)
  6. Thought I would put it out there since I missed out on two units offered recently. https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/trading-forum/for-sale/for-sale-general/2145957-working-vending-machines-for-sale-550-for-both Looking for a can dispensing machine.(similar to the full size unit in thread above) Requirements to handle cans of soft drink/beer. Have selector buttons on the front to select Refrigeration side working as expected Coin/money collector not necessary but if anything was there it would be set to 20c or 50c only. Some artwork on the front of the cabinet (does not need to be coke etc) Mainly for garage to store cans cold during summer.
  7. shame none are selling in Aus. The super 64 seems to be on Alieexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000...p;gclsrc=aw.ds
  8. Looking for 2 off n64 everdrive or clone. Needs to play all games etc Would like to grab before xmas. If not will then will look around in ebay/gumtree.
  9. Gone off the keeping it original but not wanted to hack the original 500. Looking at getting one of those external cards with the Cf cards built into it. Really nice configuration
  10. Damn it. Would love to have a can vending unit for garage.
  11. Seen the ACA500plus cards out there that provide the same capability on a Amiga 500 If you have a spare you don't need let me know Actually anything amiga related i would be interested in.
  12. Looking for an Amiga 500 harddisk unit Can be a GVP or Original Amiga harddisk that plugs into slde slot. If there is a new hardware that can plug in and emulate the harddisk even better. i.e. adapter card. Looking around what is available as I want to load as much as I can onto external. Can ADFs be run from harddisk as well?
  13. Silly question. Is there any templates or ways to modify the displayed columns. For instance when I select new topics Trading forum. It provides Topics/Statistics/Last Posted. I would prefer Topic/Forum/OriginalPoster/Number of replies/When last Post.with no avatars This would be only 1 text line high only instead of 3 to 4 at present. Think of a compact display version???
  14. Alot of the older xxxin1 will probably annoy you if you already consider the pandora annoying in quality. Basically the babystar is a PC running software and outputting signal for CRT monitor. There are newer units you can purchase. There are people who repair the units on here but more as a challenge rather than money. You can give it away to someone who can use the parts etc on it.
  15. A while back I ended up selling all pinballs and arcade machine after having lost interest. I still miss them and have slowly started to get back into it. Perhaps I should offer a service to store pinball/arcade machines while you decide to get rid of them :) or buy them in a firesale with the option of the original owner having buyers remorse and being able to buy it back within 2 years of sale. Might be a worthwhile business and 2 years would allow rotation of games :)
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