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  1. Yeah it has the ceramic ball, I am surprised no one has snapped this up it’s a great example of the game very tidy machine
  2. Hey guys, i am advertising this for a mate Avatar LE 69 of only 250 made. Chrome lockdown, legs and rails. Mirror Blades LEDs Home use only. $8000 or open to trades….. pm me if keen cheers
  3. Hey guys, I’ve got a few Pcbs I am selling atm Tested working Prices do not include postage Sega Naomi 1 motherboard with sega net dim for netbooting. Comes with raspi with lcd display and sd card with netbooting software. Sold Irem hammering harry pcb $80 King of fighters 2003 pcb version $80 Gaia crusaders pcb sold World rally pcb $60 Black dragon(tiger) jap pcb bootleg $100 Double dragon bootleg $150 Neo geo lot of carts Real bout fatal fury special Puzzle bobble Super sidekicks Kof 98 Mutation nation Super sidekicks 2 Samurai shodown $200
  4. Hey guys, I’ve got a Mate with a zback street fighter 2 ce cabinet he imported here. It’s missing tube and chassis and jamma harness. Everything else is there these are pretty uncommon here. Would be an awesome cab for resto Pm me for pics $1250
  5. Hey guys, trying top chase down a complete xbox original kiosk
  6. Yeah you can burn backups of original discs as long as the dongle is corresponding to the games they will work fine
  7. Added a few more thanks guys - - - Updated - - - Even if you have single carts guys happy to take them
  8. Hey guys, I am after a complete set of MVS carts, i don't care if there loose. Not looking for bootlegs this is my list so far so, anything you have that's not on the list just pm me. I have a few spare doubles of carts also so maybe able to trade also have pcbs of other systems too. Happy to pay for carts of course. Anyways here's the list. as i acquire more i will update the list thanks heaps in advance guys been a goal of mine to complete the list for years Art of Fighting Kabuki Klash Fatal Fury real bout special Samurai showdown Samurai showdown 3 KOF 95 KOF 96 KOF 97 KOF 98 KOF 99 KOF 00 KOF 01 KOF 02 Sengoku The Super Spy Fatal Fury Ninja Combat Baseball Stars professional Blues Journey Football Frenzy Metal slug x World Heroes Super sidekicks Super Sidekicks 2 Over top Puzzle Bobble Double Dragon Thrash Rally Soccer Brawl Puzzle De Pon Mutation Nation Goal Goal Goal Burning fight World heroes 2
  9. Hey guys, I’ve got a few cabs being restored atm to be finished before Xmas just gauging some interest here before eBay and gumtree Got a LAI Mk2 cab Full sideart and cpo marquee resto Chassis rebuild nice screen beautiful picture New sticks and buttons mk2 pcb all metal work powdercoated High end resto $sold LAI street fighter 2 world warrior in a LAI Tmnt these are how we got them here. Rebuild monitor chassis no screen burn gorgeous picture new overlay sticks and buttons All metal work powdercoated $sold Konami Tmnt 4 player USA cab Imported from the USA full resto artwork cpo Monitor rebuild cpo and sideart will be one of very few here $4500 These are probably priced out of this forum but these won’t need any work drop off and play Ok me if any interest Thanks
  10. Hey guys Golden tee cab $250 Working Astro city also nice 31k screen with new sanwa buttons Cga to vga converter also Just needs new sticks $600
  11. Hey guys Have a clear Addams family ramp made by mark c at pspa Don't have a need for it $60 needs ramp flaps as it didn't come with it
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