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  1. Cool game. Loved this cartoon as a kid. I've not played a lot of desktop pc pinball - can someone advise how to keep the DMD displayed in front ? I have to alt-tab to bring it to the game screen each time. Can kickoff multiball really quickly which is good :cool:
  2. Installed VPX on my old laptop. Seems to run really well. frustrating EM. Sling-Outlane, Sling-Outlane, Sling-Outlane :realmad: Fffffffuuuuuuu still made me go back for another game or 5 though. Even so my score is still crap.... 1075 table has a bug. After the game is over if you press the number 2 you can advance your score by 1 point each time... [billy Mitchell liked this]
  3. Thanks mate, Whether or not the cab sells, I'll probably still play, there's always desktop mode 😊�
  4. I've had this for about 6 years and it's time to move it on to a new home. Note! this does NOT include the PC. This isn't a turnkey solution for virtual pinball. It would suit someone who is looking for a project where all you need to add is the PC. The cabinet is in fair condition. It could do with a sand and paint in some areas, if you are worried about that kind of thing. It has a scratch on the left side. (see pic) INCLUDED ---------------------------------------------- Full Judge Dredd Cabinet ie rails, lockdown, glass, head unit, Coin Door (not JD) Glass has some scratches. Cabinet is rough internally but the whole thing is very solid. I bought this cabinet as a stripped unit from a pinball supplier for $750 6 years ago. 2 x40" LCD TV both working fine - 1x Samsung series 6 (1080p, playfield) and 1x Sony Bravia used for backglass (720p) both screens are circa 2006-2009 ish. Both are excellent quality displays and have great colour. (see vids.) The samsung includes remote, but the Bravia doesn't. Both LCD's have had the cases removed. 4x SSF (surround sound feedback) - speakers. These speakers are called 'exciters' and use sound to provide physical feedback that you feel through the cabinet and in your hands. This adds hugely to the feel and immersion. You feel flippers, slings, bumpers, etc etc just like you would on a real machine. 1x amp for the SSF system. 1x Subwoofer system - 2x sattelite speakers and 1x subwoofer (sits inside the cab) These are used for rom-based music for SS and DMD games. 1x MS Sidewinder (bare pcb mounted internally in the cab) this gives you the ability to physically nudge the machine and the gameplay will respond. Can be setup to react to forward and side nudges, etc etc, strength is tuneable in VP. All buttons, Plunger, Ipac2 interface board. ---------------------------------------------------------- Cheers, any questions or if you want more pics of anything just message me. $750 for the lot
  5. Just finished season 3 Star Trek Discovery, and I have to comment on this sh1tty direction this season of Discovery has taken. Everyone on the USS Discovery is TOO DAMN NICE. BY MILES. If I see Michael Burnham's oh-so sympathetic face nodding and screwing up her face in emotional sympathy hearing someone pour their heart out to her yet again, I'm gonna possibly be quite ill. The chubby redhead annoys the p1ss out of me. The gay Doctor and his flashback 1990's earpieces annoy the p1ss out of me. Fishface as Captain i'm not sure about. but he might scrape by with a pass. Even though he's already freakishly tall and they still put him in high heels. The gender identity and SJW issues being thrust in your face just has no subtlety and no value other than appeasing people who care about seeing this depicted on the screen. (and that's not old timer trekkers like me) Yes they want new audiences, I get it, but, man. Enough with it. Feck off. I just don't care about ANY of the characters on the Discovery. The show needs more blackhearts. The first season with it's hyper violent and often quite disturbing excursions into Klingon culture showed so much promise for this new Trek. But now I have little hope for the future of the USS Discovery and her crew.... and frankly, I don't give a sh1t either. End of line.
  6. We just finished The Queen's Gambit. Not anything to do with royalty no - it's about a young girl, orphaned, growing up into a young woman, chess prodigy genius and substance addict. It's really really good! The main actress is one of those you just can't take your eyes off, so compelling in what she does. Two thumbs up.
  7. How's this 2 a fortnight Both start and end same time You just maintain scores for one game, someone else maintains the other game, you only need to summarise at the end. That would give variety to them player and ease of managing for you ?
  8. @JustAnotherRat just to repeat I'm happy to help out with updating scores. I don't have the amount of time spare to actually play too much in tourneys lately. but I could always find time to help you out with scores or something else, if it means keeping this great comp going. You have done a brilliant job promoting and growing the comp from it's humble beginnings when we had like only 5 or so players in those early days! And the talent and standard of play has grown along with that. It would be a shame to let it fall off, if all you need is a little help here and there. If I have one suggestion to make running the comp easier for you - less is more. Longer breaks between tourneys. less games being played simultaneously. The current format has sometimes 3 games going at once - even 4 at times ? that's a LOT to keep track of. I know people like variety of games, but a single game (or max, 2) being played would give time to really get into that game. And would make your job HEAPS easier. I hope you stay mate and continue to run this great comp. but also understand if you can't. Everyone really appreciates the work you've done! Cheers Jed
  9. Any list of best female guitarists that doesn't include Aussie legend and guitar goddess Orianthi can't be taken seriously!
  10. thank you @OOO ! i really appreciated the time you put into testing and the feedback given too was very valuable :)
  11. Hey AA'ers, A retro PC game I developed and released in early 2018 is on 50% off sale for $1.47 for the next few days. If you like retro gravity-based shooters, it will give you at least $1.47 worth of fun I think :laugh: There's also multiplayer - co-op and versus, plus you can play co-op or versus modes online via Steam's Play Together mode. It's old-school style - single screen arena-based play, the enemy AI gets harder and smarter as you progress. Travel from Jupiter to Venus in 3 minute levels, rescue 15 comrades per level to open a the warp gate and escape to beat the level, while trying not to get hammered. Bonus stages inspired by GALAGA, gameplay inspired by some of my faves of the golden age of video games. (Asteroids Deluxe, Space Wars, Gyruss, Galaga, to name a few!) Online scoreboards to register your high score for posterity. Check it out :) This game was a project to teach myself game design and development, and in the end I decided I might as well also learn about Steam and release it. BUY IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/739890/Dogstar/ Here's the Launch trailer:
  12. Guys, Changing the physical characteristics of a game is a no-no for the vpin comp. Since we started we've always played tables as default download. No changing of table slope, physics, flipper strength, rubbers bounciness etc etc no changing of anything at all is allowed. This way, everyone is playing the same game.
  13. I have friends that work in Canberra in Public Service Departments and I think trust with their employees is at an alltime low as there are so many Public Servants that are totally exploiting work from home arrangements. I know of one particular APS staffer - very Senior - that has drawn his fulltime salary of close to 200k and used a lot of his time making home improvements instead of working. This is not uncommon from what i hear. Many APS departments are pushing to get people back full time at the office because productivity is way down and many people just aren't doing the right thing - and not doing the right thing while being paid by the taxpayer at their full rate of salary and superannuation :realmad: Makes me pretty angry to hear these stories as APS staff in Canberra are probably the best paid, best conditions, underworked workforce in Australia - but you'll find they always complain the loudest, too. I used to work as an I.T Contractor in Software analysis in Canberra and would go in and out of Government departments from the late 90's until 2016 when i left that line of work. The amount of useless dead wood hanging around always amazed me - and i can only imagine what that useless dead wood has been doing under work from home arrangements.
  14. A bit of time into this one tonight too, and after considerable effort and stress i managed to increase my score by 10k. Great. 102,440
  15. One last go of this tonight and i pulled this one out. Was in the zone, managed a few big fare jackpots on top of the million point santa shots. 19,603,790
  16. you'll have to be content with those two unhittable push things :lol
  17. the spoon is mine i can see why people like this game - it has a nice flow, but for me the theme is meh... not being able to get that !#$^%$# dozer blade up for whatever reason was a bit of a buzz kill, could never get multiball started. threw in the towel pretty quickly, next please 376,827,720 :sleep
  18. I nominated this table mainly to get revenge on @skids for some of his nominations :) No, but the real truth is, I have never played this before. I must have been thinking of something else when I nominated it :huh: 92970
  19. tried to play this again today, and i can't start multiball. ted's mouth hangs open, it says shoot ted, displays the bonus, but the dozer blade is blocking ted still. and the blade seems to react to when red is speaking. wtf ?
  20. Just keep hitting the ramps, left,right, left, right, and so on. The million point shot doesn't take too long to come around. That kickout sucks, but just nudge after it kicks out.
  21. Ah Geez, I haven't played a lot of this, and was struggling to come up with an EM that i have never nominated before.... did't expect it would come up. I haven't had that particular problem playing on my cab that I remember. Could always stick a little post in there I guess :lol
  22. geez, a lot of reading i just went through :lol very interesting though! I haven't had a crack at this one yet though I generally don't load up DMD games in VP much at all any more, i got a recurring issue with the software DMD i've been forxed to use since my Pin2DMD died. which makes every DMD game a PITA. Every time i reset the game (which i do a lot when playing, if i have a bad first ball, I generally reset and start again) - after a reset, the software DMD ends up back on the playfield, and tiny. I've used setDMD etc, but i just can't solve it :unsure
  23. The sound manager is a great thing, and handy to get to know. you'll always find tables where some sounds just aren't right, for eg really harsh, max-treble flipper sounds, or pop/sling sounds that just don't suit. It's useful to keep a small library of sounds that you like - older era and new (export from games you like) and just replace the sounds you don't like, or don't suit the game, with ones that do.
  24. 13,059,170 After a few sh1tty games of 3M or less, I started to dial in the ramps and Santa, about half of that score was million point shots. Whenever I get multiball started, i almost always lose one ball immediately. Driving me %^#@@#%^%@# bonkers! Did manage 1x EB ​​​​​​
  25. Released in June this year - a Seriously impressive NES Emulator, the results are dead amazing - converts standard NES roms into 3 dimensional voxel-like games ! Not sure how many games are supported yet and the app is still in early access on steam. I've not purchased it yet, but I probably will, looks amazing! if you want to skip the blahblah got to the 4:00 mark for the 3D rom-renderings of many familiar games.
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