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  1. Man, you guys are setting the bar high! I've been playing this in VR and it's freaking amazing ���, but, I'm having issues getting the scores displaying in VR, I'm a a n00b to this brave new world, so hopefully I can get it working...
  2. Should have though, maybe just a little run around in the bumpers would have bumped me off! I had a couple more games, but could not do any better, Kane's score is too huge...
  3. Gaming PC for sale, good for 1080p gaming on high graphical settings for most games. Also a good entry level PC for Virtual Reality. Specs: GPU: 4GB Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 970 GTX - this gives performance on a rough equivalent to a Nvidia 1060, see comparisons online. Fantastic card! HDMI, DVI, Display port CPU: Intel i5 4690 Ram: Gskill Ripjaws PC2133 8GB DDR3 Motherboard: Asus H97 Gamer Pro System Drive: 256GB Kingston SSD Coolermaster Thunder 600 watt PSU Windows 10 Pro Case: Corsair, multiple fans and vented windows for excellent cooling. 4x USB3 rear, 2xUSB2 rear, 2x USB3 front. Windows has been reset to stock and updated to latest, Graphics driver updated to latest. See pics from 'Speccy' showing running system temps all nominal. NB: specs show a secondary 2TB HDD drive, this is not included. Is in excellent order, very clean - i built the PC into the new case only about 12 months ago. $400 plus postage, contact for postage quote. Can deliver to South Coast NSW and Canberra/surrounds. Pickup OK too (Narooma area, South Coast NSW)
  4. VP in VR is 100% jaw dropping :o just seriously amazing, like standing in front of and playing the actual machine and the detail is insane. now i need to build a 'stubby pin' for VR, fark it never ends. Just when i thought i was out.....I get dragged back in.
  5. OK, so this is amazing. WHat an awesome job. Hats off to the creator ! Standalone, free game for VR, so you don't need anything else installed first https://bit.ly/3d4TBQT https://youtu.be/DHh5rWWEuiM
  6. Another credit, you get to continue 😊 happy birthday
  7. And then Ghostbusters was pretty short-lived online when it was done, and has now passed in whispered requests from player to player... ;) Since gathering VR versions of tables lately (there's a large amount being uploaded to VPUniverse in the last day or two) i'm noticing some snowballing from randr's little tantrum, now some content creators are pulling their work from sites... which is just stupid, punishing the whole community because of the actions of a few people selling pincabs. And so the Visual Pinball drama queens have a whole swarm of bees in their bonnets again :rolleyes
  8. Great, this one is available in VR too I think. Will give me excuse to get it setup.
  9. didn't think I took the lead? Kane already had passed 13k unless I'm losing my mind, which is possible.
  10. 12,895 Not sure I really want to play this one again :sleep The BELLS..... The BELLS.....
  11. I followed VPGL Legend @kane advice for this game, it worked :023: 2,681,700
  12. Half-Life was the first FPS / game that felt 'alive' in the way NPC's looked at you, followed your movements with their faces and their eyes, talked to you... it added so much to the immersion of being in the Half-Life universe. Yeah amazing how long Counter-Strike has been around! Must be the most successful mod of an original game ever made. Even though it doesn't scrape into this list - by one year (made in 2000) i want to mention Soldier of Fortune ! First game I ever played with location-based damage, blowing off legs and arms and heads with shotguns etc! Horrifying and yet so satisfying at the same time :blink:
  13. kind of, after i noticed my simple questions about Pin2DMD got censored by his forum code [because he sells a competing product] i created a new user with the name Pin2DMDrulesOK :lol it got his attention, he banned that username, and he must have looked further into it and found it came from my IP address, as he banned my main account too :blink: Didn't stop me logging in and downloading via use of a private browser window though.
  14. would be good to have another option apart from vpforums, where i got banned for 12 months for mentioning I used a Pin2DMD :lol not to mention the auto-censorship that guy puts into his forum code so you can't post articles about products that compete with his. not sure if this is still the case. i don't download a lot of tables any more, just if I don't have the current comp table.
  15. i usually just add folders (like mp3 folders) to an exclusion list in the gallery app. This stops them from showing but it doesn't solve the issue of the app storing loads of pictures on the phone. thought there might be a setting to turn that off at the app level but doesn't look like it.
  16. Maybe vpuniverse will come back from limbo now...
  17. slight improvement, felt like i had to grind to get this score, let alone what the top scores are, omg Have not managed or even seen where to get an EB ?:unsure 1218660 Agree :) JP is one of the best to author games for VP and has put out so much. He always nails the physics.
  18. Very similar game to the last EM we played with a string of kickouts in the middle that passed the ball along....
  19. From the message he's posted, seems he's p1ssed about the businesses making and selling pincabs using the games developed by the community for free. The games are so good in visual pinball, better and more flexible / versatile than commercial software. We've had it pretty good in the vpin community with the application and all games developed and provided for free by people doing it for fun... TBH the owner of that site while a great contributor and site owner has caused his own fair share of damage to the community in the past by effectively hunting down and crucifying some of the best table developers in the history of vp, and effectively making them lose so much heart they had to shut down their awesome site. (talking about the TT & Ninuzzo debacle a couple years back). And losing those guys was a huge loss to the community. What's gone on here seems a little bit like karma to me.
  20. Many happy replays 😊
  21. Could be I've never noticed it before... I installed a new gallery app on my phone, and the AA thread pics all show up in the gallery app now, sometimes dozens of them, in their own folder. I get what you are saying about caching, but wouldn't I also get browser cached pics showing up in the gallery app too (I don't)? Anyway, no biggie. I'll just keep deleting them from the gallery after using the app.
  22. Wondering if there is a setting I am not seeing, but using the AA Android App, whatever images have been uploaded in a thread get auto - saved to my phone, and I need to go in and delete them all when I've finished using the app. Anyone know how to stop this from happening?
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