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  1. Amazing to see how far the MGL has come from it's early days when there was probably 10 or less of us playing now and then! And I think a couple still playing who were there at the very start ? All credit to the enthusiastic, encouraging energy of @OOO in promoting classic comp gaming. AA is lucky to have this man !
  2. Just looking for suggestions for a Barcade competition i am thinking about running here on the South Coast of NSW once the virus restrictions lay off. (Location to be decided, but I'm looking at hosting at a Bar or Brewery) Looking for ideas on selection for 6 great, fun games for single player competition play, high-score based competition with a finals series of head to head playoffs. Thanks, Jed
  3. Hey mate, VR nowawdays is unbelievable. There are so many great games, for me it's where gaming is at now on PC. It's just so different to anything else, you really are in the game, not just looking at it. I've had gaming moments in VR that just bliss me out completely. I've not felt that kind of thing since the early days of Arcades ! And yeah pinball. VPX in VR is insanely good. It just looks and feels so real ! The tables really come to life in a full 3 dimensional space, like you are standing in front of the actual game. It really is crazy how good it is!
  4. orright back for this one noms are in, hoping to be able to play most games in VPX-VR. except for the obscurely bad EM tables that regularly get nominated for two weeks of torture :laugh:
  5. In case anyone else is a fan of amazing celestial happenings, here's a few pics I took of the recent Perigee / Blood moon. The last two are of eclipse totality - the beautiful Blood Moon
  6. never played a real one before, but played the VP version heaps. the first game on the real STTNG managed 1B just from learning the game on VP But at Pinfest I've been smashed by the real versions of games I think myself pretty good at in VP... the shortest game ever at Pinfest was on that ridiculously hard Capersville. walked away quickly from that machine :lol
  7. Yes me too :cryat the moment due to techmallogickal issues i don't have a PC that can handle VP. I hope to have it all ship-shape and jump back in for the second half of the comp though. Bummed i missed playing STTNG. The only time i ever played a real one was at Pizza and Pinball in Newcastle in the back room about 5 years back.
  8. Love Radiohead and Father Ted but they do have this effect on me sometimes too :lol [video=youtube_share;5-ManI1H9vA]
  9. sadly i'm out for this comp or at least a fair while, but i will watch with interest and cheer :cool: The early money seems to be on Kane and JoeSoap to butt heads again to the finish line!
  10. Do Mr and Mrs Staypuft ever fall down :D I remember when i first put in accelerometer nudge with the MS sidewinder, i had to remove everything that used to sit on top of my vpin... bang, crash.
  11. ...from the neutral zone ? one of my nominations first up, yes! Not that I am any good at it, just a massive fan of STTNG the TV series.
  12. OK, so now I see why people sometimes don't allow comments on for sale threads :lol
  13. No rush JAR, if you do want a break to have more time to do other things, we'll still be here when you return :cool:
  14. Wow, what a finish, never seen a tie and countback before. Well done to Kane, very consistent play and 6 wins is a lot. Really nothing between Kane and JoeSoap right down to the wire in the last game too. Well done to all players. I had a lot of fun and played quite a few new tables. As always thanks to you JAR for running an awesome tournament.
  15. had friends staying with us since thursday, have had no pinball time... everyone gone to bed and there's a good one and a half hours left. I'll give it my best shot. Edit: I couldn't get off the couch to give it my best shot :lol
  16. You can't argue with free! Great game in 2D, but truly brown trouser stuff in VR ! https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/alien-isolation
  17. A new game for me. This is the worst looking DMD game i've ever seen in VP. it looks like someone threw up all over it. Probably Pizza. Turdles is a good description I think... something wacky going on with my DMD. Gahhh! enough 3,705,630
  18. Close! DMD games are my achilles heel, i don't think I can claw ahead of Kane for that 2nd spot... and unless JoeSoap breaks an arm or two I think he has this one sewn up !
  19. using an Oculus VR headset, it is jaw-dropping how good VP tables are, rendered in a full 3D virtual space - like you are standing in front of/playing the actual machine. Unfortunately I can't play this game in VR cause i still can't get the score displaying. Still trying to figure it all out. Was playing Tron Legacy in VR last night and wow, just wow. With this game sometimes i feel like I'm flailing away and not hitting anything at all just keeping the ball alive. First game over 2M. hope to get to 3M by the end of the week 2,631,950
  20. 1.5 hours of bellowing at the sling/outlane madness and then a golden game... thought I was even going to take a run at JoeSoap but, not to be 18,541
  21. This is a great guide for helping set up vpvr. Is this anyone here on AA?
  22. yes, this pc should very easily handle emulators. i'm no expert on ps2 and ps3 emulation, but have run them comfortably on an i5/970GTX/8GB system under Coinops, also xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Wii U, and Switch emulators, so that system you link should not have any trouble.
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