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  1. My Pi setups have all been VGA. I use Dell 19" 4:3 LCD via VGA converter ($6) and flip the image in the Pi config.txt. Easy. I wanted to do the same with the Pandora (use the 4:3 Dell LCD via VGA) but it lacks the ability to flip the image. That box you linked is $500 🤣 that's more than twice what it costs me to make a full machine.
  2. That's why i want to flip the image, so i can mount the LCD upside down for the best view angle for a tabletop. Done it using Pi plenty of times and it's easy, but there is no option with the Pandora CX box to rotate the image in software Yeh, LCD... it's not possible to rewire VGA for LCD to flip the image unfort. Edit: There is a box that will do it - it's made for teleprompters and it costs > $1k 🤣 The problem when you don't have software to flip and process the image is your converter box needs onboard memory / ability to store the image, flip it, then display it again. That's a fail for this Pandora box I've been trialling not having the option to flip the image, it kind of makes them useless for anything bar Upright Machines or using with CRT. A shame, as the Pandora CX seems like a decent system really well priced, with great other options and a good menu system.
  3. Is this possible - is there a VGA converter/adaptor that will flip the image 180 degrees ? I have googled but without much luck. I'm not using Windows/Pi, so I can't rotate the image through software. (using a Pandora Box CX. No options to flip the output) The 4:3 Dell LCD I'm using doesn't have any option to flip the display either. Hopefully someone knows of a magic little box or something.... cheers
  4. Thanks Brad. I ended up buying a CX 2800 as you can apparantly easily add games to the microsd / replace with larger microsd. The Box I bought comes with a Jamma Harness so yeah I ended up thinking similar. I've been making systems for so long using Xinmo and Zero Delay encoders, force of habit I guess :) Back to Jamma....
  5. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/373543196299 I've been using Pi3B+ for years building Arcade/console projects but the scarcity of the Pi supply, and the sheer cost if you want one (due to the worldwide silicone shortage) has got me looking at other options. This Pandoras Box 9 linked above seems like a very affordeable solution for Arcade-only setup. Has anyone had any experience with these boards ? Any thoughts, pitfalls etc. I wouldn't be using the Jamma plug, more likely to use little USB Zero Delay encoders due to the cheap and cheerfulness of them, in the Pi I've been using 2P Xinmo USB but I don't know if the Pandora could deal with that board, even the Pi needs massaging to get it to recognise 2 players, and I'm pretty sure the Pandora not as flexible - ie can't get into the OS... Thanks. for any thoughts, opinions, or reviews. Cheers J
  6. For those of us lucky enough to own a working Vectrex.... This thing is fantastic.... way cheaper (and can still be bought) than the VecFever, and allows you to play Vectrex roms on your Vectrex, and lots of other stuff. I've been living with a multicart for years for my console, but this thing is just next-level. It basically is an interface cartridge that allows you to add A Pi Zero as the engine for your Vectrex, allowing you to do things on your true vector monitor that you previously only dreamed about. (Say play Arcade rom versions of Battlezone, And Empire Strikes back...) The PiTrex is Australian made by Ombertech in Victoria. http://www.ombertech.com [I am in no way afilliated with Ombertech... just think Kevin's work is brilliant for the Vectrex] Here is a video from youtube showing Battlezone played on Vectrex via PiTrex, this user created his own controls using a pair of Atari 2600 sticks, and made his own overlay. Just GREAT !
  7. For fans of VR and Half Life. If you've completed (the honestly brilliant, and one of my GOAT games on any platform, any era) Half Life Alyx, and still hankering for more in the world of the Combine, then you could do a lot worse than the just-released-today VR mod for Half-Life 2. The mod converts the original base game of Half Life 2 to VR, with full motion controls, everything, Full immersion in the Half Life Universe as Gordon Freeman. It's Open Beta and early access. You need to own the base Half-Life 2 game on steam, and the community-made mod is FREE. And it's absolutely brilliant. The Devs roadmap includes converting Episode 1 + 2 to VR as well in time. https://store.steampowered.com/app/658920/HalfLife_2_VR_Mod/ Some of the most fun experiences in VR are community-made mods of existing games - such as "The Outer Rim" mod for the psychopathically fantastic Blade and Sorcery. The Outer Rim is a full Star Wars conversion for Blade and Sorcery, and if you haven't lived out your wildest fantasies as a lightsaber / blaster wielding madman running amok in VR, then I totally reccomend it. But it is not for the squeamish, sensitive, or easily offended, and you might find yourself a little disturbed at what you are capable of as a Jedi given total and free reign to do - whatever you want. https://www.nexusmods.com/bladeandsorcery/mods/528
  8. Great game, the lower playfield is a love/hate thing though.. soon as you sort out how to keep the ball alive down there, it's not too hard to keep opening the top gate to save your ball. On a related note - the late Stephen Hawking said there was a black hole at the beginning of time, and a black hole at the end of time, and that time / history bounces back and forth between them. Ponderous, huh ?
  9. bit better, don't know if i will get to improve on this or not. 164,010
  10. Great score and well done Mozzie. I tried a few more times, but couldn't get past 2M again. I love this game though ! Emporer Ling ? Sounds fishy to me
  11. Yep roughly what happened, got it up to 5x and 1xEB , I think only 1 per game is possible?
  12. 2,464,170 Close but no cigar.
  13. Never heard of this EM. Had a couple of games, it kicked my arse. but I enjoyed it ! Ripping Spinners all day should enjoy this I think 51,570
  14. 927,430 More work needed. Great score Mozzie!
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