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  1. Great game, the lower playfield is a love/hate thing though.. soon as you sort out how to keep the ball alive down there, it's not too hard to keep opening the top gate to save your ball. On a related note - the late Stephen Hawking said there was a black hole at the beginning of time, and a black hole at the end of time, and that time / history bounces back and forth between them. Ponderous, huh ?
  2. bit better, don't know if i will get to improve on this or not. 164,010
  3. Great score and well done Mozzie. I tried a few more times, but couldn't get past 2M again. I love this game though ! Emporer Ling ? Sounds fishy to me
  4. Yep roughly what happened, got it up to 5x and 1xEB , I think only 1 per game is possible?
  5. 2,464,170 Close but no cigar.
  6. Never heard of this EM. Had a couple of games, it kicked my arse. but I enjoyed it ! Ripping Spinners all day should enjoy this I think 51,570
  7. 927,430 More work needed. Great score Mozzie!
  8. Anyone using a Quest 2 and Airlink with VPVR ? After 18 months of serving my apprenticeship in VR thinking about offloading my Rift S and going wireless. No idea why this is a voting thing I didn't want that. Have not been on AA for a while and everything is different 😆
  9. 187,640 Almost every ball lost to the left outlane, arrrrgh ! This table is a nudge-fest, just keep it away from those outlanes soon as it gets underside of the bumpers it's nerve wracking A long way from my best on this but will have to do for now was really hoping for 200k at least. Couldn't figure out how to enter initials, flipper to choose, what enters ? Tried most things. Newly installed VP on a different PC, so I'm going from scratch again. Glad people are enjoying it. Such a classic of VP from it's early days in earlier versions of VP where it was also a standout... it's held up all this time
  10. I've upgraded to 10.7 and games are fine but I can't get this game running due to FlexDMD errors.
  11. An Obscure body in the SK system, your majesty. The inhabitants refer to it as the planet..... Earrrrth. Great Movie, great Pinball, great soundtrack from the mighty Queen. What more do you want ?
  12. Yeah, from the date on the VP file, I last updated VP in March 2021 I'll grab those files thanks @RusstyT and start messing about soonish. Happy to hear Deadpool is in VR 👍I know Abra ca Dabra is too
  13. Awesome. Love this game. A mate of mine had a real Abra Ca Dabra for a while, such a classic EM (when it was working properly, lol)
  14. I've been away since the comp started but back home now so I'll try to get 10.7 sorted out on my laptop. I've not updated VP for so long I'm kinda dreading the process Hopefully it will run OK. Wonder if there is a VR version of this... I emailed another old player @MrBungle and invited him to the comp.
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