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  1. Looking forward to seeing their next pin as this maybe my first NIB purchase.i am a fangs club member and could use some advice from any previous Spooky pinball buyers.What is the best way to pay Spooky and what payment types do they accept.I do not want to go through my bank ,as after doing some checking on my bank exchange rate today as a dummy run the costs are crap.i know the change over rates change all the time but what is the best and most cost effective way to pay the initial deposit and balance etc that Spooky accepts.I have never purchased a machine from overseas before so just needing some help.
  2. Spoke with him many times over the years,and always helped me with parts I required, or advised me where to get things he did not have.RIP Mark.
  3. Hi Matthew i cannot remember changing my username. I have been through the owners list and there is no username that was mine previously. Anyway thanks for adding the 2 games.
  4. Hi Mathew i have not updated my list in a long time.can you remove everything that was in there,then add centigrade 37 and countdown please.thanks
  5. I ordered 2 glasses from him in the first week in June.i had not heard anything from him at all so i sent him an email a couple of weeks ago and he replied quickly and advised me they were done and would be shipped in a couple of days ,and then gave me the tracking number ect and it cleared customs in Sydney ect last Friday.i am ordering a new glass for a countdown machine and if that is the waiting time again i would be happy.on a side note my 6 year grandson had his first game on centigrade 37 last weekend and standing on a chair he got over 150k,looked so cool watching him play.
  6. Looking forward to seeing the finished machine mate.your estimate on the new backglass arrival could be about that time, as mine will be here this week and that was 6 months from order time.agree with Tony i do not like the look of leds behind the bgresto glasses either and i use 47 globes also.
  7. Thanks mate i want to add another EM machine and this is a title i would like to own.
  8. Looking for a Abra Ca Dabra with a nice playfield and backglass.not after a project machine.If you have one you want to sell or any leads on one contact me please.thanks Tony.
  9. Looking fora new standard sized pinball machine playfield glass.Anyone dealt with glass suppliers in the wollonong area,or anyone have a new glass for sale that is coming to wollongong area .thanks Tony.
  10. ok thanks Tony will do that for the cards.
  11. I have just purchased a centigrade 37 so that is one off my list.before i put an order in to pinball resource for some parts i thought i would ask here first.i am after the schemetics and manual a set of the 4 drop targets and a set of apron cards.if anyone could print me out a copy of the schemetics and apron card set ect iwould pay for any costs.thanks tony.
  12. Thanks for the replies but after only viewing pics on my phone I had a closer look on my bigger computer.Machine is very nice but a few areas I was not totally happy with and decided to pass.Seller is a good bloke and said no worries.
  13. Just found out it was a member here Joker Poker old machine and the bloke who bought it off him had the playfield stripped,touched up and clear coated.anyway just need to find a good transport company.
  14. thanks mate i will contact him as well.
  15. lol ,the machine is in as new condition and with the price of pins these days i am very happy with the price.thanks for the transport info as i have to make a decision soon as who to do the shipping.
  16. Hi i just purchsed a collector quality royal flush and need some advise on who to use for shipping from murrumba downs in QLD to NSW.thanks
  17. I am looking to buy both of these titles.Only looking for machines in very good condition and not project machines.interstate Melbourne or Queensland ok ,knowing shipping would have to be organised.Pm me please if you have these titles and are looking to sell.Thanks Tony.
  18. Was hoping for ccr with updated code ect.looks like money will be spent on something else.
  19. Cab art pics up on pinside.Wow looks great ,cannot wait to see playfield pics.
  20. Reveal should be around 9am sunday aussie time.i hope they nailed it as this will be my first nib pin.
  21. I took the advice of a well known pin tech and friend a while ago,and that advice was to steer clear of anything stern with the spike system in it.i am cashed up and looking to buy my first nib and i would not even consider a any stern with spike.my money will be going on a tag if i am happy with the final machine,and i like what i see so far.
  22. I would also like to know how the total cost including shipping ect works with a spooky pin purchase.i also had the cost at around 9600 for this title,but having not purchased a title from them i did not know we had to go through an aussie distributor. I am on the interested list for not this title but there next release.if the aussie dollar was to stay where it is now i had the price of that landed for around 10000.
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