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  1. It’s simple. You do it all yourself. Simply transfer your “coins� from your storage back to your broker/exchange and sell for $AU and transfer to your nominated account.
  2. I’ve done ok, not 100k though. Know a few who have. One of them mows lawns for a living and bought a house on the Sunshine Coast with his profits.
  3. Yeah I think I’m leaning towards that way of thinking too. I’d written off my money and ignored it all until recently.
  4. I’ve only just looked at mine the last few weeks after ignoring them for 2.5 years. Finally seeing some good returns. Of course now it’s the old take the profits and run or hold out.
  5. Sounds good. The Swiss are the ones to watch out for speeding. Very harsh penalties. I've done my third and final European road trip. Incredible roads, scenery and people.
  6. How's your travelling going ? Did you see everything you wanted to ?...
  7. My apologies. For overall :turd how could I forget Whoa Nellie !
  8. Reminds me more of Rebels Chevy in "Running on Empty" .
  9. I had a pro model many years ago. Nice soundtrack, multi ball and nice cabinet. 95% of pinheads back then wouldn’t even consider buying one. Had a real bad reputation as a flop. But then again I think TWD is the greatest turd ever released by Stern.
  10. How's your travels going ? I've put approx. 7500kms on the clock in three weeks. Finished my second Euro road trip last Saturday. Unfortunately I spent two hours detained and questioned by Border Force at the Eurotunnel at Calais. - - - Updated - - -
  11. Yeah they love those coin machines. I was at the Brighton Pier a few weeks ago and the arcade hall was full of them. Not a single pinball machine in sight. The only pinballs I've seen on my travels were two late model Stern games in a sports bar in Switzerland last week.
  12. Got back yesterday from my first road trip of the year. Covered 3800 kms over six days. Uk-France-Italy-Austria-Switzerland-Germany-Belgium. Incredible road trip again with some amazing people. - - - Updated - - - Off on another one in just over a week.
  13. I've got an Audi RS3 waiting. All depends on the insurance now, but I think we can get a deal done.
  14. She'll do the job. I've hit a snag with my plans. Insurance is a bigger drama for me compared to 2016. Seems the rules have toughened up for non residents and my choice of car hasn't helped either. Not looking good for my fully paid first rally that starts this month.
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