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  1. g'day and welcome aboard i remember playing "stunt cycle" when i was a kid. i reckon i payed off the one across the street from my house in a few months from all the 20 cent coins i found around the streets on my way walking to primary school:lol
  2. Happy Birthday Narf! may all your hard waste contain many great goodies for you to tell us about:)
  3. man thats a brilliant advert, thanks for sharing that one:cool:
  4. what a load crap:lol:lol you wouldnt last 2 seconds in the judicial system my friend now would you.:p what about apple sueing woolworths cos they reckon the logo is to close to the apple logo:laugh: http://images.theage.com.au/2009/10/05/770057/woolies3-420x0.jpg http://www.theage.com.au/business/apple-bites-over-woolworths-logo-20091005-ghzr.html WOOLWORTHS insists its new logo is a stylised ''W'' or a piece of fresh produce. Apple thinks it is an apple, and the California-based technology company wants to stop Australia's largest retailer from using it.Apple has mounted a legal challenge to prevent Woolworths from using the logo, arguing it is too close to its own.Apple will have to convince IP Australia, the Federal Government agency that governs trademarks, to knock back Woolworths' application - filed in August last year - to trademark its logo. Apple is spooked by the fact Woolworths has gone for a blanket trademark that would allow it to slap its branding and logo on every imaginable product. Woolworths' application includes a wide class for electrical goods and technology, putting it in direct competition with Apple should the retailer choose to brand computers, music players or other devices. Woolworths has gone into credit cards and mobile phones, so the likelihood of it going into computers is not too remote. A Woolworths spokesman said: ''While we can't rule anything out, we haven't got any plans at the moment.'' A lesser class of trademark application - that for retail stores - may also pit Woolworths against Apple, which is ramping up its retail presence. Since it unveiled its new logo a year ago, Woolworths has been at pains to avoid using the word ''apple'' in commentary. The man who designed it, Hans Hulsbosch, said Apple was taking trademark protection ''to the extreme''. ''Based on this logic, they would have to take action against every fruit-seller.'' Trademark lawyer Trevor Choy said it was common for Apple to prevent others from using anything that resembled an apple in a logo or marketing. ''They are just covering any eventualities,'' he said, adding that less than 5 per cent of such actions made it to court. Apple declined to comment.
  5. i was 17 at the time and got my first job and payed for it my self:)
  6. Leisure suit larry come again love the pun:lol:lol
  7. i picked up a suzuki across 250, 1991 model last weekend just to get me to/from work and so misses_zed can get her motorcycle licence, im too lazy to take a photo of it, so i used google images and found this, same bike, same colour http://suzukiacross.org/wp-content/uploads/2007/05/1991_across_red_chile_2.jpg
  8. i went to toyworld here yesterday to see if they had any tamiya rc's on the shelf and they were out:(
  9. thanks for sharing the photos of the frog in action. they are a great rc car:cool:
  10. cool, a new radio is a good thing, makes it easier to control your model. glad to hear it worked out for you in the end, now you can go nuts and buy more stuff:)
  11. theres a good chance i will be going to our toyworld today to get some stuff. i will have a lookie on their shelf and chat to they guys there who work in that section.i visit the shop regularly, i should be on their payroll:lol
  12. there was a hornet at toyworld townsville only a week or two ago as well Townsville216-230 Woolcocks Street Currajong, QLD 4812Australia [h=2]Store Phone Number:[/h]07 4728 8895
  13. no worries, its still in my shed gathering dust.i wont charge you for the dust either :lol:p
  14. bugger. oh well, was just trying to help
  15. if anyone finds a rear bike rack for a 1991 Suzuki across 250 in their travels can you please let me know thanks:)
  16. have a look at rc mushroom http://www.rc-mushroom.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=33 ---------- Post added at 09:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:12 PM ---------- here we go http://www.rc-mushroom.com/product_info.php/tamiya-the-boomerang-2008-p-16194
  17. that is a bloody fantastic advert i tell ya:cool:
  18. damn it!!! missed out by 11 minutes... fark!:( ---------- Post added at 10:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:16 PM ---------- i remember playing the board game as a kid.one of my mates had it and took it to school regularly, great fun.:cool:
  19. aaaahhhhh nothing that a bit of a warning of some violence happening/vandalism/crime goin on will make him shut up:lol:lol tell him you notice the crime rate in your suburb is going up each week.... be a shame if his house had a few smashed window in the middle of the night:lol:lol kidding
  20. signature. look where it stats of in my post box down the bottom and says ubuntu user 16304 keep reading that. thats my "sig" or signature. it comes up on the bottom of every single post i make on this forum. in there is a link that says looking for cabinet plans?click here click on the "click here" and be taken to a thread where you will find about 700 meg of cabinet plans for free
  21. out of interest. the c64 that wont tune. i assume your going via rf modulator.if you have a look at the rf modulator the c64 had ( i assume it does im not the familair with the c64 internals) does it have a small pot you can tune on the rf output the reason i say this, on the tandy colour computer there was a small silver box on the inside of the micro.it was the rf modulator.if you removed the cover from the tandy coco and looked at the silver box there was a small screw on top of it. if you twisted/turned this small screw you could change the frequency / tv channel it produced a picture on your tv on. so, do you have one of the rf boxes in side yout c64? can you see a small hole in it with a lot underneath it?
  22. certainly sounds like one is having dramas with video output for sure.
  23. go "digger" i used to have a game of it on a 1.2meg 5.25 inch floppy. i used a disc hex editor on it and modified the game and called it "drugger" when i was in high school over 20 years ago :lol:lol there was a few names for different things on the main screen i cant remember exactly what they were, but i changed everything to drugs and it was the most pirated game at school for a long time:cool::lol:lol
  24. The first traxxas buggy was a clone of the nikko bison f-10 frame buggy. the nikko was a clone of the hornet if i remember correctly and could swap parts between the two fairly easily
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