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  1. at this point in time the dog appears to be reasonably normal appart from the permanent kink it has to its head of looking at me swideways thru the fence seeing me dance naked and do the makarena and "nut-bush city limits"at it, other then that, its going just fine.im sure we can make a few extra jokes about this post yet:lol:lol i was talking to misses_zed just a few minutes ago on the electric wirelress telephone and she informs me that they will start heading back home in the next day or two.
  2. nah not bored, ben busy round the place getting a few odd jobs done man its bloody quiet:)
  3. i just got an sms from my wife who is with my son playing at Qld titles he has been asked to go play in october this year to play in Philadelphia in USA!!! need to come up with 10 grand by october!!:o
  4. i need to build a bigger vac former to do it with and im going to needa much bigger oven then the one i currently have in the kitchen. i have no doubt this would work to vac form bodies on a bigger scale. i have abandoned making a bigger one though as i have got a steel roll cage for me erevo now and its tough as nails.i can stand on the cage on one leg and it doesnt even look like bending http://www.vgracing.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=VG-DEV&Screen=PROD&Category_Code=Roll_Cages&Product_Code=VGR-E-Revo delivered to my door $100, saved me a lot of time stuffing round thats for sure.
  5. if anyone in brisbane wants something to do, go here tomorrow and the next few days http://www.digiskating.com.au/ my eldest son is playing in the Qld state titles for Inline roller Hockey:cool: ---------- Post added at 08:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:10 PM ---------- his game is 6.45 AM tomorrow morning
  6. tons of plans in my sig below vvvvvvvvv if you want, get them laser cut and you will have nothing to worry about:cool: make sure you brace the cabinet very well on the inside.hate to see you build it in your shed and then second you move it it falls to bits cos it wasnt strong enough:(
  7. aaaaahhhhh the thread that started it all here at AA:lol ---------- Post added at 06:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:34 AM ---------- well in my underground cave i have under my house with my 100 odd poker machines, and the rest of the casino i have running there is a dance floor and a stage and multiple stippers getting their gear off at any point in time. they are welcome to use my pole anytime they like:cool::lol
  8. just got back from visiting a few local markets round town on my motorcycle.....bugger back to reality and get some jobs done round the house while no one is here to interrupt me might even score me a few brownie points with misses_zed:cool::lol
  9. its cool, plenty of stuff for me to do while family away and im not at work to keep my busy.lucky for telephones i guess:) ---------- Post added at 07:47 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:46 AM ---------- :lol:lol i was joking about dancing infront of the neighbours dog naked
  10. Misses_zed has bundeled up the kids and shoe-horned them all in to our kia carnival grand (which i might add is still going well, i love tha car, magic stuff it is) and they are going to brissy. i got an sms of misses_zed anout 10 minutes ago, they are currently in rockhampton and staying there overnight before heading to brisbane in the morning. they are going there cos our eldest son who is 14 in grade 9 at high school is going to play in the queensland state titles for "inline roller hockey" im not sure if the competition starts monday or tuesday. anyhow, im at home on me own, its a pitty im on call cos i cant get myself all tanked up on booze, but i can walk round me house naked, watching porn with a boner i suppose for the next week or two:lol:lol pitty the neighbours are in their yard i could go and dance naked infront of their dog and see it it goes nuts or what?:lol ---------- Post added at 04:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:46 PM ---------- i wanted to go but im only 7 weeks in to my new job, so theres goes my chance of going on holidays for a while
  11. why not get him to look for a rc car for u. i think you were looking at a tamiya boomerang a few months ago in one of the threads in the rc section if my memory serves me right
  12. remember, you dont have to spam away, you can sign up for a small amount of cash and go and sell stright away click "site navigation" and then click upgrade account:cool:
  13. :lol:lol better off with one of these http://www.fruit-machine-emulators.com/ and save your coin to buy a digital pinball machine:cool:
  14. i have scanned my manual, its 23 meg in size and its actually readable compared to the 7 meg scan availible on the net for years.if anyone wants it, let me know and i will shoot you a link
  15. i hope you get it sorted out.however if i knew someone had sold bootlegs in the past and was known for it, i would not buy from them in the first place.
  16. wow, what a cracker of a game. well done NSW for the win, good to see NSW get their act together and play as a team. not over yet, i believe the last game is in Brisbane, and it will be one hell of a game, Go Queensland:cool:
  17. very interesting first half, the wet ground from the rain is making it difficult for both teams. qld 6, nsw 4.could go either way, but i still reckon qld for the win by 4 points Queenslander
  18. i beg to differ there Baz i like public holidays thanks:cool:
  19. Qld to win tonight by 4 points, thats my tip for this evening:cool:
  20. man, thats a pretty sad story there from the o/p. what a pitty:(
  21. yes, the lead is so damn good i swear i watched Freddie live on stage last night.absolutely sensational perforance, i cant recoomend it highly enough, as the old saying goes Do yourself a favour and go and watch this if your a Queen fan, you wont be dissapointed:cool:
  22. http://taqts.com/ watched these guys play last night at "the venue" here in townsville. wow amazing stuff. the guy who sung as freddie mercury was amazing and his performace was sensational.did many of his moves and even dressed just like him. the best bit was when they played "i want to break free" and he came on stage wearing the same pink top and boobs freddie did when they made the film clip, the crowd went nuts when he did this, we all laughed to begin with, then we all clapped and cheered, sensational stuff if your a queen fan, you need to go and see this, actually , its a *must* do fantastic night, i cant tell you enough how much i enjoyed the show, the songs were just spot on, and the stage performace from them all was amazing. loved it:cool: would gladly go again:)
  23. ah 2600 units total someone there must be an old atari fan:cool:
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